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Chapter 2716: Infinitesimally Close to the Realm of Divine and Physical Destruction

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Some deaths were lighter than a feather, while others were heavier than

Mount Tai.

As for a top-tier Immortal like the Heavenly Emperor, it would be unreasonable for him not to blow up a few stars when he died. Perhaps they would have to blow up a solar system to make it lively enough?

“Don’t worry, Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon,” the Celestial Thearch said with a smile, as if she had guessed the White Dragon’s thoughts. “I’m not a person who likes to destroy things. Even if I die a grand death, I won’t blow up a few stars. ”

The White Dragon was speechless.

She stretched out her small claws and tried to scratch the air. The White Dragon wanted to scratch her face to see if she had been infected by Song Shuhangs ‘facial caption’.

Recently, he felt that it was very easy for others to guess what he was thinking. It must have been Sixteen who had stayed with Song Shuhang for too long, causing her to be indirectly infected.

Maybe I should make a dragon mask for myself?

“I’m not joking,” Golden Trigram said, stunned for a long time. “Are we really going to die?”

“Of course, if I don’t die once, I will never be able to gain true freedom,”

Celestial Thearch Fairy said. “Even if I teach you the Dao of the Ancient Heavenly City, it’s still not enough. Therefore, I must truly die once. It’s best if you can achieve a level that is infinitely close to the level of ‘destruction of the soul and body and completely cut off karma.”

It was infinitely close to ‘both body and spirit being obliterated,’ but it couldn’t really be ‘both body and spirit being obliterated.’ This degree wasn’t easy to grasp.

The white-robed Golden Trigram was speechless.

“Then, the next time we meet, if I’m already dead, please remember to place a fresh flower on my Emperor’s tomb,” Celestial Thearch Fairy waved her hand.

Even if she had decided to face death, her expression did not change.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget your anniversary every year,” the White Dragon curled up into a ball, trying her best to keep her dragon face straight so that her expression wouldn’t leak.

“Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. My memorial day will not be held every year.”

“It’s 365 days a year, and every day is a memorial day, right?” the White Dragon replied.

Celestial Thearch Fairy was speechless.

She was certain that the ancestral golden dragon had really gone astray recently. Not only was his brain in a mess, but he would also steal other people’s lines, leaving them with no lines to say.

“Anyway, let’s meet again alive. Also, help me bid farewell to Fellow Daoist Su.

I look forward to meeting her next time and having a good drink with her,” Celestial Thearch Fairy kicked open the spatial gate and disappeared into it. “Fellow Daoist Su?” the white-robed Gold Trigram looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen in confusion.

This little girl was the only Concubine Su here, right?

Although Fairy Su Clan’s Sixteen had the Eighth Stage t.i.tle ‘Profound Sage Su Shan,’ her true realm was undoubtedly only at the Fifth Stage Realm.

A Fifth Stage fairy, yet the Heavenly Emperor addressed her as ‘Fellow Daoist’?

The white-robed Golden Trigram didn’t hide his confusion, and the White Dragon immediately heard it.

[Your familys Retired Emperor Celestial Thearch once called a young cultivator of the Fourth or Fifth Stage ‘senior,’ and even called an Eighth Stage cultivator ‘father’. What’s so strange about calling a Fifth Stage cultivator ‘fellow daoist’?] The White Dragon rolled her eyes.



The Heavenly Emperor had addressed Su Clan’s Sixteen as ‘Fellow Daoist Su Clan’ twice.

The White Dragon slowly coiled around Sixteen’s body, frowning.

Could it be that something had happened to Sixteen’s body that even she hadn’t noticed?

Song Shuhang was addressed as ‘Senior Song by the Heavenly Emperor. Firstly, it was because of Soft Feather’s influence, and secondly, it was because the Heavenly Emperor had jokingly called him ‘Senior Song.

Profound Sage Spirit b.u.t.terfly was an exception.

Sixteen was addressed as ‘Fellow Daoist’ by the Heavenly Emperor, so it was very likely that her strength had been acknowledged by the Heavenly Emperor?

After pondering for a moment, the White Dragon’s body merged into Su Clan’s Sixteen’s body and began to examine her inch by inch.

On the other side.

After Song Shuhang confirmed that there was a delay in the communication between him and the head, he became even more cautious, in case he suddenly died.

“It’s Fairy Skylark’s turn next,” Song Shuhang sent mentally.

Young White nodded and said, “Actually, 1 feel that Fellow Daoist Skylark might not need our help.” However, let’s drill a Tribulation Transcender node for her.’

“Then I’m ready. Senior White, use me!” Song Shuhang said heroically. There were many hards.h.i.+ps in the world, so Tyrannical Song would bear them all!

Little White thought for a moment, then shook its head. “This time, you don’t have to drill into this Tribulation Transcender node. Fellow Daoist Skylark is a bit special. We’ll directly use her primordial spirit to drill into the Tribulation Transcender’s void. In this way, the Tribulation Transcender node that came out would be more compatible with her primordial spirit. You just need to help from the side and consolidate the Tribulation Transcender’s void node.” Senior White’s choices were often on the path of greater benefit.

With a thought, Song Shuhang dispersed the ‘Immortal Drill’ and turned it into a cloud of smoke.

Then, he suddenly thought of something. “Senior White, do you think that if we use Fairy Skylark’s primordial spirit to drill through the Tribulation

Transcender’s void node, we will be able to drill through the Scholarly Sage’s Tribulation Transcender node?”

When the Scholarly Sage was still alive, he had laid out layers upon layers of backup plans for Skylark. He always felt that the Sage was like a father, working hard to pave the way for his daughter’s future.

Perhaps the Scholarly Sage had also set up a backup plan in the void of the Tribulation Transcender Realm. Fairy Skylark could open the node of the Scholarly Sage’s primordial spirit with just her primordial spirit?

The young white ponytail jumped up and down. “Although the Scholarly Sage is mysterious, his body and soul were destroyed back then. So, how could his primordial spirit be entrusted to him in the Tribulation Transcender void?”

The destruction of the Scholarly Sage’s soul and body meant that the primordial spirit that the Scholarly Sage had placed in the void of the Tribulation Transcender had long been slashed by the ball of liquid metal, leaving nothing behind.

As Little White spoke, it stretched out its hand and gently pressed it on Fairy Skylark’s body, branding the special rune of the disposable flying sword on her body and turning her primordial spirit into ‘disposable flying sword 001’.

It was different from Song Shuhangs spiraling flying sword model. The brand that Young White had left on Skylark’s body was the most primitive ‘small black room-breaking flying sword’ brand.

Little White stretched out his hand and formed a sword seal.

“It’s decided to be you, Fairy Skylark!” Song Shuhang said.


Fairy Skylarks primordial spirit stabbed into the void like a sword.

Soon after, Song Shuhangs primordial spirit was also shot out at the same time, closely following Skylark’s primordial spirit… After all, when the void node opened later, Song Shuhangs strength would be needed to stabilize the node.

“It’s decided to be you, Tyrannical Song!” the virtuous lamia changed the name of Song Shuhangs lines and read them aloud.

Karma came so quickly.

The slap in the face did not even take a second, let alone overnight.


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