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Chapter 2715: Are You Seeking Death?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Ah, ah, ah—I’m going to die, I’m going to die,” the virtuous lamia inside him said while holding her cheeks with both hands and conveying her feelings through Song Shuhangs voice.

“Record this, let’s record this scene… and then sell it to the senior fairies of the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group,’” Song Shuhang secretly transmitted to the virtuous serpent beauty.

The senior fairies in the ‘Nine Provinces Number One Group’ would definitely be willing to pay spirit stones for this scene. Oh, right… he couldn’t forget Yellow Mountain. Mama Yellow Mountain might also like this scene, considering he too had a maternal mindset.

At this moment, Little White, sounding wise beyond his years, said, “However,

I haven’t yet met Soft Feather’s mother. Before I went into seclusion, Fellow Daoist Spirit b.u.t.terfly was still a single Seventh Stage Venerable. Now, just coming out of seclusion, I find his daughter Soft Feather has already grown into a beautiful young girl. Seclusion is good, but sometimes it means missing out on some interesting events.”

“Right, that’s why I think it’s good to go into seclusion for a few days like I do,” Drill Song said, slightly tapping the tip of his drill.

“You were sleeping, weren’t you?” Little White asked, puzzled.

The virtuous serpent beauty timely played Cheng Lin’s lines: “Promise me, please don’t discredit the word ‘seclusion,’ okay?”

Song Shuhang was speechless.

“So you were actually in seclusion?” Little White stepped forward and gently patted Drill Song while consoling him, “Don’t be down, Shuhang. You’ve already worked hard; you just lack the talent for seclusion.”

Tears streamed down Song Shuhangs face.

“Why did you suddenly ask about Soft Feather’s mother?” Little White asked curiously.

Song Shuhang shared with Senior White what he had seen through the ‘primordial spirit pillar’ at the Tribulation Transcender’s spatial node and what happened to the G.o.ddess-like mother of Soft Feather, standing behind Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly.

Moreover, as far as he knew, when Soft Feather’s mother was pregnant and gave birth to Soft Feather, she was pregnant for the duration of seven or eight Nezhas.

It was indeed difficult for a Seventh Stage Venerable to give birth, but that wouldn’t extend the pregnancy period to nearly thirty years. Therefore… Soft Feather’s mother’s race must be very special.

“Hmm, that does sound interesting. We’ll ask Fellow Daoist Spirit b.u.t.terfly about it later. I’ve become curious about his Dao-companion too,” Youbai said, stroking his chin.

“Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly has kept his Dao-companion hidden so well; I wonder if he’d be willing to introduce her to us,” Song Shuhang mused. He then casually opened the ‘cultivation chat’ feature and called the Celestial Emperor’s ‘friends of scoundrels.’ “Heavenly Emperor, I have a question for you.”

“Sorry, Senior Song, but I’m no longer the Heavenly Emperor,” the Celestial Thearch replied cheerfully—her succession was successful, and that other guy with the surname Song hadn’t come to disrupt her plans, which made her feel content.

After pondering for a moment, Song Shuhang replied, “Then, the fairy maiden who’s no longer the Heavenly Emperor?” The Celestial Thearch was speechless.

“Senior Song, you really have a talent for naming.”

“What’s the matter?” the Celestial Thearch, in despair over Song Shuhangs naming skills, quickly s.h.i.+fted the topic to the main issue.

“May I ask if, when you were taking care of the injured Senior Spirit b.u.t.terfly, you fell in love with him?” Song Shuhang probed.

Isn’t that how it’s often depicted in TV shows and movies? The hero is seriously injured, and the beauty takes care of him. During the caregiving, does she not develop feelings for him?

The Celestial Thearch was confused.

She had antic.i.p.ated many questions Song Shuhang might ask her—perhaps about the ancient Heavenly City or its secrets, or when she would return Soft Feather’s ghost spirit, and she had prepared some responses.

However, not even if she had a hole in her head did she expect Song Shuhang to ask this question.

“Senior Song…do you believe I’ll come to your main body right now and crack open your skull to see if there’s water in it?” The Celestial Thearch gritted her teeth.

Song Shuhang paused, then decisively apologized, “Sorry, fairy maiden who is no longer the Celestial Emperor… Perhaps it’s because my head is now elsewhere, so some thoughts haven’t fully processed. Sorry to disturb you, goodbye!’

After placing his head in the Tribulation Transcender’s void node, although the connection between the primordial spirit’s body and the head still existed, there seemed to be a delay when some thoughts were transmitted to the head.

Normally, even if he had some doubts in his heart, he would never directly ask Celestial Thearch this question without any subtlety!

Celestial Thearch was speechless.

In all the heavens and worlds, only Song Shuhang could so readily admit that he was temporarily ‘brainless—and that too in a literal sense.

After sighing deeply, Celestial Emperor Fairy sent another message to Song Shuhang: “Senior Song, if you have nothing to do, just focus on your cultivation. Don’t spend all day thinking about these random things. I’m still waiting for you to advance to the Ninth Stage, entrust your primordial spirit to the void, and then collaborate with you on a big matter.”

“What’s the big matter?” Song Shuhang inquired, always on his guard regardless of what Celestial Emperor Fairy planned.

“That matter… let’s wait until you place your primordial spirit in the Tribulation Transcender Void,” the Celestial Thearch replied.

“Alright, I’ll contact you tomorrow,” Song Shuhang replied.

The Celestial Thearch was confused.

Contact me tomorrow?

“Don’t tell me Senior Song is already studying how to entrust his ‘primordial spirit’ into the Tribulation Transcender’s spatial node?”

She knew that Song Shuhang and Sage White had temporarily sent their primordial spirits into the Tribulation Transcender Void due to their fortuitous encounter in the Dream Realm. A few days ago, when Song Shuhang entered the dream of the white-robed Golden Trigram, he mentioned wanting to build a house in the void of the Tribulation Transcender Realm.

However, entering the Tribulation Transcender void and entrusting his primordial spirit to the Tribulation ‘liranscender node are two different concepts. Without reaching the standard of a new Tribulation Transcender, it would be impossible to open a Tribulation Transcender void node.

“It shouldn’t be possible to open it, right?” Celestial Emperor Fairy was somewhat uncertain.

However, if Song Shuhang really managed to entrust his primordial spirit into the Tribulation Transcender’s void node, she would have to make some preparations in advance instead of continuing to leisurely drink tea on the mysterious island.

Celestial Emperor Fairy ended the conversation with Song Shuhang. She opened her eyes and stood up. “l have to go. Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon, Golden Trigram.”

“What are you going to do next?” The White Dragon glanced at the Celestial Emperor.

“Didn’t expect Fellow Daoist Golden Dragon to be interested in me. Do you like me?” the Celestial Emperor asked shyly.

The White Dragon was speechless.

“Next, I have to find a quiet place and choose a poignant way to die,” the Celestial Thearch said, pressing her left hand to her chest. “l want to end my sorrowful life by his hand, to die in his arms in the most beautiful way, making him utterly bewildered and doubtful of his life.”

“Are you seeking death?” The White Dragon asked.

“Yes, exactly,” the Celestial Thearch happily declared. “Not only do I seek death, but I also want it to be spectacular.”

A big shot like the Celestial Thearch speaking of a spectacular death—could it be that she wanted to blow up a planet?

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