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Chapter 735: In the Valley Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Divine Dao in the Spiritual Realm ranged from the most inconspicuous nether guards and soldiers to Day and Night Patrol G.o.ds to the Earth and River G.o.ds. A City G.o.d was already considered quite high-ranking

Of course, the true strength of a City G.o.d still depended on the Deity Position's area of influence.

For the City G.o.d of Xi Nation, he held onto a whole country's sacrifices and possesed remarkable strength. Earth Immortals had no way to deal with him, and he could even compete against Heaven Immortals. Of course, this was provided that he was within Xi Nation.

Once he was out of the country, his prowess would plunge. If he was even further away, he would be no different from an Essence Soul Venerable.

Above the City G.o.d were the Mountain G.o.ds and River Earls of famous mountains and rivers. With many G.o.ds uniting, they could form a network of power that covered all human activity.

This was the system of the earthly Deity Positions. If they were promoted, they would be various G.o.ds of the stars, as well as have a position in the Heavenly Court.

Due to the uniqueness of a Deity Position, all of the Earthly G.o.ds were very important. Some of them even had a very ancient past and widespread wors.h.i.+p. They did not even give face to the Celestial Thearch's decree.

Interesting! They're completely different from the G.o.ds of the Monger World!

Fang Yuan himself held onto many G.o.dhood rules. At the moment, he could discern several things from the City G.o.d. “Just a mere City G.o.d, but he takes charge of so much wealth and luck, has rule symbols for protection and so on, and can even judge a soul. He's basically a combination of a G.o.d of death, protection, luck, and more… What's even more fearful is that all City G.o.ds, even Earth G.o.ds, are like this!”

The Divine Dao of the Spiritual Realm was obviously different from Monger World's. It had its own unique branding.

These two different types of Divine Daos had similar logic, but also obvious difference. This sparked Fang Yuan's desire to further explore.

He was very clear that his foundation and acc.u.mulation would definitely be improved if he could be clear on the laws within.

“Greetings, City G.o.d!” Even Human Immortal Red Sun quickly greeted him.

Although this G.o.d was affiliated with the Divine Dao, his strength was potent. Even the Earth Immortals of the three sects would be unable to defeat him if they joined forces.

To be willing to hand out a few Deity Positions was completely to give face to the 72 immortal sects.

There's truly something wrong with this Valley of Fallen G.o.ds… For the previous battles, Xi Nation's City G.o.d only sent out a few G.o.ds under his command. However, he actually came in person this time…

At the moment, even Cheng Fei felt that something was amiss.

“Everyone, no need for formalities!”

This G.o.d sat upright on a chair. With just a lift of his hand, a G.o.dly light flew out into the mouth of the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds to open a path.

“I have already opened the barrier of this valley. Each of the three sects can have an Essence Soul Venerable enter the valley to hunt the vicious monsters. The Deity Position will finally be a.s.signed by the amount of prey they obtain. Begin!”

Xi Nation's City G.o.d waved his hand again. Luo Liyi, Fang Yuan, and the Essence Soul Venerable from the Sun Leaving Sect stepped forward to bow before entering the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds together.

The G.o.d was truly very straightforward in doing things. There seemed to be no sloppiness in his actions.

“While they're battling, everyone can wait here!”

Xi Nation's City G.o.d released his magical strength and sealed the entrance. Promptly, the light of a domain spread, splitting apart the inside and outside.

This was the G.o.ds' magic domain that could form another world. It was similar to a domain, but had many more incredible uses.

One could say that if Xi Nation's City G.o.d wanted to hide anything within the magic domain, even Heaven Immortals would be unable to investigate.

“Your Majesty, please try this tea!”

Inside the magic domain, the G.o.d functionaries became busy. They arranged spiritual tea and fruits for the City G.o.d to consume.

They also addressed the City G.o.d very strangely. It was not a normal superior-subordinate relations.h.i.+p, but had the hints of a master-slave one.

“The taste of this ‘three-in-one tea' is really better the longer you brew it! That time I had a bet with City G.o.d Wuyi, I only won a half jin of it back using 30 azure ocean moon pearls…”

Xi Nation's City G.o.d blew out steam. His every action made him seem like a real person. He was very carefree and leisurely. “With the Divine Dao, lifespans are nearly unlimited, allowing one to live in the moment and enjoy boundless wealth.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The G.o.d functionaries at the side nodded continuously.

An Essence Soul Venerable's soul would not immediately cease existing and could reincarnate a few times. Human Immortals had firm physiques and longevity, but also had limits.

On the other hand, even the most unremarkable G.o.d had no problem living for hundreds or even thousands of years as long as there were no external factors or their incense did not halt.

Moreover, the G.o.ds did not need to cultivate. Aside from managing their work, it would be to enjoy life.

In fact, in the aspects of enjoying life, many Immortals and patriarchs might not be comparable to a mere City G.o.d.

“And for this small matter, why trouble Your Majesty to personally go into action? The three sects only sent out Human Immortals and Essence Souls. We could do it casually and still be able to manage the situation!” said a G.o.d functionary by his side ingratiatingly.

“You don't understand…” Xi Nation's City G.o.d smiled profoundly. “Tossing out some low Deity Positions to attract battles between the immortal sects is just a method… but it's different this time!”

He looked toward the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds, his gaze suddenly unhappy. “Do you know… why this place is called Fallen G.o.ds?”

“Fallen G.o.ds, fallen G.o.ds… could there have been G.o.ds pa.s.sing away here?”

A few subordinates were slightly horrified.

“Not bad… Moreover, it was the great G.o.d, Lord Bright Jade, who had a heavenly n.o.ble t.i.tle!”


Only the Celestial Thearch could bestow this t.i.tle. A G.o.d with this t.i.tle would be much higher and more brilliant than a City G.o.d.

Xi Nation's City G.o.d leaked a huge secret. “In the past… Lord Bright Jade had pa.s.sed away here, transforming the environment and causing a wasteland. Even I can't go in. Although the restriction has now weakened, only those in Essence Soul, which are like low-level G.o.ds, can go in… However, I recently secretly altered fate and devoted myself to divination. I discovered that the power of the restriction has loosened and apparently reached the time when the inheritance is born!”

“In that case… why let the True Cultivators in?” A few G.o.d functionaries were shocked.

“This is obviously the idea of the higher-ups…” The expression of Xi Nation's City G.o.d was solemn. He pointed to the sky and said, “I couldn't understand beforehand, but after seeing the three that entered the valley, I can slightly understand what upper management is thinking. Among the three Essence Soul Venerable that entered the valley, the representative of the Vast Ocean Sect is only a scapegoat; the representative of Sun Leaving Sect is a wolf in sheep's skin, but is nothing much; only Luo Liyi has very good luck and fate with Lord Bright Jade… Only she can possibly attract the inheritance and cause it to voluntarily appear!”

The inheritance's appearance would cause the protection restriction outside to be flawed. This would be everyone's chance.

And among those outside, none could compare to Xi Nation's City G.o.d.

“I see. Your Majesty will most certainly obtain the inheritance of Lord Bright Jade and promote once more!”

A few G.o.d functionaries solemnly nodded. At the same time, they had hope in their eyes.

Lord Bright Jade was a great G.o.d of the Heavenly Court. There might be that Deity Position in the inheritance.

Of course, they could not desire that, but Lord City G.o.d would obtain the greatest advantage. Even if he gave a peanut to them, it would be enough to enjoy.

At the same time, within the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds.

Although the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds looked like just a mountain valley on the outside, the inside was very s.p.a.cious. Moreover, it seemed to have a spatial s.h.i.+fting ability.

Once he entered the valley, Fang Yuan was instantly separated from the two compet.i.tors from the Sun Leaving Sect and Luo Water Sect and was transported to a gra.s.s plain.

Here, there were groups of black mountain goat-like monsters. They were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a ferocious air as they surrounded him.

These mountain goat monsters were as tall and large as a cow or horse. They had black bodies and scales. There was a slight in between their brows, as though a third eye was growing there.

Of course, the most drastic difference from mountain goats was that they grew sharp teeth, and they were unexpectedly chewing on raw meat.

“They are indeed vicious monsters!”

Even as an Essence Soul Venerable, it would also be very dangerous if he was surrounded by such a large group of vicious monsters.

However, Fang Yuan placed his hands behind his back, seemingly having no fear at all.

Ignoring the nature of his Body of Origin Power, just with the material he had just obtained, it was enough to supplement his Elemental Spiritual Energy Cultivation Technique and give full play to the strength of an Earth Immortal!

The vicious monsters could obviously not see this.

“Most importantly… the formation of these vicious monsters, as well as this weird s.p.a.ce, seems to contain a big secret! It actually restricts existences above Essence Soul from entering, but of course, this doesn't affect me.”

With a thought of Fang Yuan, a spiritual field was released, having a hint of the G.o.d's magic domain. Instantly, all the vicious monsters stopped moving, as though they had become sculptures.

He waved his hand again, and a black mountain goat was sent before him. Its skin and veins were separated as he traced its origin…

“Hmm? This vicious monster seems to have evolved from the contamination of some form of magical strength…”

Fang Yuan eyes glistened and strengthened his technique.

Ping! Ping!

Suddenly, all the monsters exploded. The blood mist spread and was then continuously concentrated to form a blood ball.

Shortly after, a scene of ruin appeared.

It was a terrifying warzone. Who knew how many Immortals and G.o.ds had fought and fell like meteors.

In between the meteors, a sparkling and translucent jade body had also fallen down from the sky, landing upright in the depths of the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds.

The G.o.d's blood had splattered and landed on the mountains, rivers, plants, and the beasts. They suddenly evolved…

“So this is the truth behind the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds?”

Fang Yuan withdrew his spiritual will. “It seems that… the inheritance of this Lord Bright Jade is still lying somewhere deep within the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!!!”

At another side of the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds, the Sun Leaving Sect's good-natured Essence Soul Venerable had unleashed his murderous nature once in the valley.

Many white bone giant birds called out as they dived, but were immolated by a large crimson red flag in his hands, finally leaving nothing behind.

“Hehe… What's a mere low-level Deity Position? The sect has sent a secret message that there's a huge lucky chance here. There's even a heavenly n.o.ble t.i.tle! This is something so great that even the Earth Immortals and Heaven Immortals want to s.n.a.t.c.h it. If I can obtain it, I'll immediately be promoted!”

This cultivator's eyes glimmered with greed. His drive was the secret treasure, charging all the way forward.

Suddenly, the front opened up as he reached a plain.

Many black monsters with goat heads and human bodies were standing upright and staring at him with their blood-shot eyes. They exposed their ferocious glare.

“E-Essence Soul? So many… Why is there a hint of nether guards on these monsters? Unless they're the spirit guards kept by a highly skilled existence?”

This cultivator's face, which was originally arrogant and wild, changed immediately. He felt gooseb.u.mps on his back.

Although he had the protection of a secret treasure, he was still in Essence Soul! If there were too many ants, they could even kill an elephant!

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