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Chapter 736: Successor Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I was born to bear the Jade Spirit. When I was born, my mouth contained Five Colors Spiritual Jade. Master said that I would have fate with jade my whole life, and I can try my luck in the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds!”

Compared to Fang Yuan and the Sun Leaving Sect's unlucky lad, Luo Liyi's journey was rather smooth.

She strolled through the valley casually, not even encountering a vicious monster. Instead, she discovered many exotic flowers and plants, some that Human Immortals and Earth Immortals would be envious of.

“This is… Green Mythical Jade Gra.s.s, the main ingredient to produce the Cultivate Element Pill. Even Essence Soul Venerables can use it.

“There's also such a large block of Cold Jade Essence. With just a few grams, the magical weapon forged by it will be cold for a great length of time, being advantageous in battle.

“This is… Bury Jade Flower?”

Luo Liyi looked at a colorful jade stone-like flower. Even though she had been pleasantly surprised before, she could not help but widen her eyes. “This is not a spiritual material anymore, but an immortal material. Even Heaven Immortals would have a use for it. Even if I can't use it, there will still be many benefits if I bring it back for the sect!”

She looked around and did not see the trace of any vicious monsters. She walked forward and extended her hands to hold the flower roots gently.


Suddenly, a restriction was activated and s.p.a.ce rotated.

Luo Liyi was immediately s.h.i.+fted. When she came to her senses, she was already in an unusual s.p.a.ce. There was a giant palace in front of her, and above, a few Flower Bird Yun Zhuan 1 characters wrote ‘Bury Jade Palace'!!!

“Bury Jade Palace? Was this left behind by an ancient power as their inheritance?”

Luo Liyi's eyes lit up. “I originally thought that the lucky chance master mentioned were the precious materials here, but it looks like it's the Bury Jade Palace!

“However, this palace has a distinct Divine Dao style. And not from a common low-level G.o.d, but a Heavenly G.o.d, a great G.o.d! There might be restrictions beyond my power inside!”

As she was hesitating, the palace before her detected her presence and roared, opening the palace doors. Inside, the pillars were made from green jade and red jade was used as lighting. The floor was also jade and so much more luxurious than a mortal's imperial palace.

“Do not worry, my successor!”

Like the cry of a jade chime, a great and powerful voice directed transmitted into Luo Liyi's ears. The entire palace seemed to be enhanced in its beauty.

“You're… the owner of this palace?!” Luo Liyi's pupils contracted.

“Indeed. I am Lord Bright Jade and not some Evil G.o.d!”

“A righteous G.o.d from the Heavenly Court…” Luo Liyi's expression changed and immediately bowed. “Greetings, Senior. I have seen Senior's name in ancient books before… is Senior perhaps trapped here? If there's anything I can do to help, I'll definitely help to the best of my ability!”

“Hehe… You don't have to probe for anything. I've already pa.s.sed on, and this is only a part of my will. It isn't even counted as the remnants of my soul. I don't have any bad intentions, and even if I wanted to, I can't even take control of the residence,” said Lord Bright Jade's will, completely honest. “My mission is to find a successor for Lord Bright Jade. Now, you have finally arrived.”


Luo Liyi's fine eyes glistened. I am from the Immortal Dao, but Lord Bright Jade was a great G.o.d, even possessing a heavenly n.o.ble t.i.tle. Any Earth Immortal that obtains his Deity Position would rise to the heavens. Even Heaven Immortals would be attracted!

“But why me?” She was straightforward. “There's a difference between G.o.ds and Immortals… If you wanted a successor, there are naturally many G.o.ds to choose from, even the City G.o.d outside.”

“This is because… you are my descendent!”

Lord Bright Jade's will said bluntly, “You were born with a hint of innate Jade Spirit. Do you know where it came from? When I fell, a hint of my essence leaked and wandered between the heavens and the earth. After who knows who long, it merged with the power of creation and coincidentally landed on you. Thus, you can be counted as my descendent!”

“So that's it!” Luo Liyi's body shook. “No wonder I feel an indescribable familiarity here!”

She did not doubt her own senses at all, believing most of what Lord Bright Jade's will said.

“Alright, what should I do now?” She made a prompt decision.

“Great! I'll help you. Before I fell, I endeavored to enhance this palace because I was thinking of bestowing it to a fated descendant. The restrictions in the Bury Jade Palace won't be effective to you. You can walk non-stop to the main hall. There, I will open up Lord Bright Jade's true inheritance. In it contains my lifetime experience as well as Deity Position… But you have to be careful. The refinement of a Deity Position is extremely difficult, and once the center of the main hall is activated, I can't be distracted. The restrictions outside will stop, and that waiting City G.o.d will come in. You don't have much time!”

Lord Bright Jade's will made a clean breast of everything.

“No wonder… Xi Nation's City G.o.d is a senior who enjoys his luxurious life. So that's why he came here today! Is there a way out?”

“There's no way. The only way is to be fast! Although the restrictions outside will vanish, the remaining power will be enough to stop the City G.o.d for some time. You need to absorb everything before he arrives and then urge the heart of the Bright Jade s.h.i.+fting Large Array to escape!”

Lord Bright Jade's will said, “So? Do you dare gamble?”

“Why wouldn't I dare?” A smile bloomed on Luo Liyi's face. “I am the successor that Lord Bright Jade has chosen and have innate Jade Spirit in me. With this and your help, I'd let myself down if I didn't take what was given by the heavens! This is my test. If I can't even pa.s.s such a simple obstacle, how could I cultivate to become a Heavenly Lord?”

“You want to be promoted to a Heaven Immortal? My t.i.tle of being n.o.ble Bright Jade is comparable to Heaven Immortals,” Lord Bright Jade's will said. “But you are the successor. Whatever you want. You can use my treasures as you wish.”

“Alright, let's go into the mail hall now!”

Luo Liyi ‘s foot slid against each other as she pounced into the Bury Jade Palace.

Buzz Buzz!

The palace continually roared as different brilliances escaped, transforming into white, red, gold, green, and other colors as they slowly rose.

At the heart of the brilliance, a giant golden jade hall appeared.

“This… the restriction is broken? Not only at few places, but completely vanished…”

Outside the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds, within the magic domain.

Xi Nation's City G.o.d stood up in amazement, toppling the table. Delicious food scattered all over the ground. “Someone is inheriting Lord Bright Jade's Deity Position? There really is one of those three Essence Soul Venerables that can proceed to this step?!”

He waved his hands and the magic domain vanished. His whole body became a ray of golden light that lunged toward the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds.

“Lord G.o.d?”

This scene caused those of the three sects outside to be stunned.

“Looks like something shocking must have happened in the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds. I'm concerned about my disciple, so I'll make a move first!”

The eyes of the Human Immortal Red Sun moved, summoning the dragon-horse carriage. It followed closely, fast as lightning.

Old man, who doesn't know that you're concerned about the treasure… This Valley of Fallen G.o.ds truly isn't to be underestimated. A lucky chance was probably born here!

Cheng Fei scolded in his heart, but was a little hesitant.

He was only an Essence Soul Venerable. He did not have any possible advantages no matter who he was up against, Xi Nation's City G.o.d or Human Immortal Red Sun.

“Cheng Fei!”

At this time, what felt like a vast ocean flew over from the east, its wave surging forth.

As the vast voice transmitted, the blue ocean instantly vanished and transformed into a precious blue pearl.

“Vast Ocean Pearl? The sect treasure? It's already been refined by Master into a body outside the body?”

Cheng Fei was shocked and immediately bowed.

The blue Vast Ocean Pearl seemed to have an ocean inside. Light flashed, turning into an elder wearing a broad blue gown. “Right now, the treasure is unearthed and the radiance that shot into the sky could be seen from fifty kilometers away. I had already divined that the inheritance of the Heavenly Court's Lord Bright Jade was going to be born and originally gave you this chance, Cheng Fei. Although it was risky, you might've able been to ascend to the heavens in a single step. But you're afraid of death and actually found an outsider!”

“Ah… I didn't know Master's intention. It's a crime!” Cheng Fei kneeled down in terror, truly feeling regretful.

“Forget it! But my sect still has a fallen adjunct elder in the valley. This is also fate. As the sect master, I also have a responsibility to save him!” said the Vast Ocean Sect's sect master, and then glanced at the people of the Luo Water Sect.

This was the rules of how the righteous acted.

Now that a mystery of the heavens appeared, that treasure would logically end up with Luo Liyi. Even if someone wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h it, they had to be a famous master.

Having a fallen disciple in the valley was just an excuse!

As for whether that person was adjunct elder Fang Yuan or core disciple Cheng Fei, it did not make much difference.

Cheng Fei looked on in respect, but in his heart, he trembled coldy.

“Hehe… Curmudgeon Vast Ocean, you're really sly, but the Sun Leaving Sect's Earth Immortal performance was uglier. One of their Earth Immortal incarnations has already entered the valley.”

Within the female disciples of Luo Water Sect, someone's face changed suddenly, a painful look appearing before smiling adorably.

“Good… Sect Master's emotional possession divine power has improved again!” Curmudgeon Vast Ocean complimented.

“Not as good as our cooperation, right? As long my disciple Liyi can inherit, the other benefits will be divided up and given to you,” said the smiling Luo Water Sect's sect master.

“Haha… we're all part of the Immortal Dao. Looking out for each other is an uns.h.i.+rkable duty!”

Curmudgeon Vast Ocean's eyes rotated. No one knew what he was on his mind, but he actually agreed with a smile.

“Hmm? The restriction disappeared?”

Within the Valley of Fallen G.o.ds, the other two could better feel the difference.

Casually touring, Fang Yuan stopped and promptly saw the haze vanish. He clapped his hands. “I initially thought that I'd need to calculate for a short time before I could enter the heart. I didn't expect… that you'd deliver it over yourself.”

Roar! Roar!

Aw! Aw!

At the moment, large amounts of vicious monsters were surrounding him, releasing a terrifying murderous air.

Even if it was an Essence Soul Venerable, it would be extremely dangerous if they met this situation.

This was of course set up purposely by Lord Bright Jade. Although the restriction was lifted, he deliberately attracted large amounts of vicious monsters to kill the others.

After all, these two Essence Soul Venerables were closest to the Bury Jade Palace. It would be a little troublesome if they were near the palace when it was time to inherit.


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