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Chapter 2979 - 2979 Fighting Against Shatter Mountains

2979 Fighting Against Shatter Mountains

Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains appeared, staring coldly at Ling Han. There was a foreboding chill in his gaze.

For someone at the Seventh Tier, there was virtually nothing they couldn’t accomplish. However, Ling Han had managed to escape from his grasp time and again, and even destroyed one of his doppelgangers. This was a great disgrace for him.

Moreover, there was a chance Ling Han could threaten Feng Wuding’s position as the Son of Destiny. This was all more a reason for him to want to eliminate Ling Han.

After plotting for all these years, this rascal had finally fallen into his trap.

Ling Han smiled. “Stinky old fart, long time no see. You’re as annoying as always!”


Wasn’t that the case? They were having a long-awaited reunion between friends and family, but Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains just had to stick his nose in.

“Hmph, I will kill all these people in front of you one at a time. Let’s see how you’ll laugh then!” Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains coldly declared. Even though he was talking about the lives of Heavenly Venerates, his expression was unperturbed, as though they were no more than mere pests.

Ling Han’s expression turned cold as he said, “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, are you that eager to die?”

Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains scoffed, and didn’t reply to Ling Han. As a Seventh Tier, why should he even bother arguing?

He quickly struck out, but not towards Ling Han. Instead, he reached for Ling Xi.

He had already declared that he would kill them all one at a time in front of Ling Han, and a Seventh Tier was not one to joke around.

“Scram!” Ling Han shouted. He punched out towards Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains.


After an intense shockwave, Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains’s blow was stopped by Ling Han. However, he didn’t completely disperse the force, but rather he just deflected it off course.

There was no helping it. Ling Han’s battle prowess had only entered the Seventh Tier, and he was much like Zhou Heng and Chu Hao back when they had just broken through, and they were not able to compete against a veteran like Shatter Mountains head-on in terms of power. Aside from that, Ling Han had a bigger handicap still as his physique had not reached an indestructible state yet.

“Go on ahead!” Ling Han yelled. His power was weaker than that of Shatter Mountains, and he didn’t have an indestructible body to fall back on. The situation would only worsen if the battle dragged on. Moreover, the objective of this mission was to rescue the hostages. Now that he had succeeded, why should they dally around?

Ling Han would definitely kill Shatter Mountains, but it would definitely not be now.

Ling Xi and the rest nodded as they knew that they wouldn’t be much help if they stayed. It would only be a hindrance to Ling Han, so they quickly went on their way.

“Little Han, beat the s.h.i.+t out of that old fogey!” The large black dog did not forget about verbally a.s.saulting Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains before he left.

As expected, Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains’s expression darkened immediately after hearing this. That black dog had always acted very obediently. Shatter Mountains never imagined the former would have such a dirty mouth once he was released.

If he had known, he would have slapped him to death a long time ago.

“No one is getting away!” Shatter Mountains coldly declared, emanating the strength of a Seventh Tier. He planned to go on a killing spree.

Shatter Mountains completely ignored Ling Han. He was a true Seventh Tier, and had an indestructible body. So what if Ling Han were to get a few punches in? Not even an existence as terrifying as Hysteria would be able to kill Shatter Mountains, much less Ling Han and his newfound Seventh-Tier battle prowess.

He would rather take Ling Han’s punch than let any of the hostages go. Otherwise, he would fail to make true on his declaration.


Under Ling Han’s Fist of Fury, Shatter Mountains couldn’t help caving and flew back from the force.

Boom! Naturally, his attack was also heavily sent off course and canceled out.

Using this opportunity, Ling Xi and the rest ran far away. A Heavenly Venerate’s speed was incredible, and they could traverse a great distance with a single step.

Shatter Mountains had missed his chance, and was beside himself with rage.

Even when he had just become a Heavenly Venerate, his word had been the law, and everyone had had to follow suit. This was even more so now that he was a Seventh Tier.

However, it seemed like the prestige of a Seventh Tier was completely worthless in front of Ling Han.

He wanted to kill Ling Han, but couldn’t. And when he wanted to kill the people beside Ling Han, he also failed.

Why was it so difficult?

“Hmph, you’ve made something of yourself. I regret not taking your life when I had the chance!” Shatter Mountains said coldly. Truthfully, he had had plenty of opportunities to get rid of Ling Han, but he hadn’t thought much of him at the time. By the time he figured he should erase him, he was stopped by Lin Luo. And when he really wanted Ling Han dead, the boy was gone without a trace.

Now Ling Han was back, and he had a Seventh Tier’s battle prowess. It would be extremely difficult to try and kill him now.

Ling Han laughed. “I’m sure your daddy regrets giving birth to an animal like you too.”


Even though Shatter Mountains possessed a will unshakeable by anyone else, his expression still couldn’t help twitching. Ling Han’s words were extremely damaging to his ego.

This kid had a very poisonous tongue. There were no other Heavenly Venerates who insulted someone like he did.

Even though Ling Han didn’t care for a Heavenly Venerate’s prestige, Shatter Mountains had a reputation to uphold, and couldn’t reduce himself to hurling insults with Ling Han. What would become of him then?

“Good! Very good!” Shatter Mountains said menacingly as flames shot out from his eyes. These were karmic flames birthed from the intense friction between six types of fundamental powers. Even a Sixth Tier would suffer severe injuries by a mere touch.

Shatter Mountains no longer cared for arguments, and simply let his actions do the talking.

When it came to insults, the only person who could keep up with Ling Han was the large black dog.

Boom! The rage of a Seventh Tier struck out with terrifying force.

Ling Han didn’t dare to take it lightly. He immediately channeled all of his seventh-grade seals, and struck back at Shatter Mountains.

There was no room for error. After all, he didn’t have an indestructible body.

When both their attacks crashed into each other, it generated a ma.s.sive explosion. The shock waves alone caused the entire Hundred Frost Valley to tremble and quake.

This area was reinforced by Shatter Mountains’ mystical power. Even if a Sixth Tier were to fight at full strength, it would displace a few rocks at most. There was no way they would be able to do any severe damage. However, against a Seventh Tier’s power, this protection was practically non-existent. Even a single strike would be able to cause widespread destruction.

Shatter Mountains fell back over 50 km with this single blow. However, his whole body was soon enveloped in a bright light as the six different fundamental powers coalesced to become six pairs of wings. He flapped all of his wings, creating a powerful counterforce that allowed him to regain his balance and stopped his momentum.

“Die!” With a powerful beat of his wings, his body immediately rushed forward at an unimaginable speed.

This was a Seventh Tier.

When Ling Han channeled his seventh-grade combination seals, his strength had already surpa.s.sed that of Shatter Mountains. After all, the difference between a peak Seventh Tier and an early-stage Seventh Tier was nowhere near as terrifying as 2,000 folds. However, Ling Han’s physique was too weak, and the ma.s.sive rebound created from the clash caused his entire body to tremble and his expression to turn pale.

Ling Han couldn’t deny that there wasn’t much of an advantage to be had just by having the upper hand in terms of power while his cultivation had yet to reach the Seventh Tier.

He was a prime example of this. Even though his power was higher, he was still the one who was trembling from the shock wave, and not Shatter Mountains.

Ling Han grew even more alarmed at the fact that Shatter Mountains hadn’t channeled a single Heavenly Venerable Seal.

Would a dignified Seventh Tier not have a single Heavenly Venerable Seal?

That was not possible.

A Seventh Tier would definitely have a first-grade seal. The question was how many they had, and whether they could form a set of combination seals.

However, Heavenly Venerate Shatter Mountains didn’t use a single Heavenly Venerable Seal. Why?

The old man was definitely intending to kill Ling Han, and not give him the chance to escape into the Void.

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