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Chapter 3350: Hong Tianbu versus Hou Qianhua

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han had always thought that Feng Xianxian only had some paltry tricks up her sleeve.

Otherwise, she definitely wouldn’t have become hostile with him. As Feng Zisheng’s daughter, she should know that Ling Han also had talent in alchemy. If she broke off relations with Ling Han like this, not only would it not be of any benefit to her, it would be greatly disadvantageous to her instead.

It was the same now. On the surface, the Demonic Race was incredibly powerful, and any Imperial Prince that came was an Enlightenment Tier, capable of “matching” the Holy Emperor. However, when the Demonic Rat was rampaging, Feng Ruoxian was also present. She had personally witnessed Chen Fengyan’s might, and now, she was still publicly siding with the Demonic Race. This was really too stupid.

Perhaps, in Feng Ruoxian’s eyes, an Imperial Prince of the Demon Race was stronger than Chen Fengyan’s sons, so the Emperor of the Demon Race was also stronger than Chen Fengyan.

Perhaps, Feng Ruoxian wasn’t satisfied with hooking Chen Jingye, an Imperial Prince who obviously couldn’t inherit the throne. However, if it were Chen Taiqing and other older Imperial Princes, she wouldn’t be able to hook up with them either. Thus, the newly appeared Demon Race Imperial Prince became her best target.Please visit fr??wn.?o? website to read fastest update

Ling Han couldn’t be bothered to guess the reason. In any case, Feng Ruoxian had chosen this path herself, so what did it have to do with him?

“You’ve seen the Fifth Prince, so why aren’t you kneeling?” A bull-headed man from the Demon Race stepped out. There were two ma.s.sive horns on his head, which formed an exaggerated arc. There was a long spear in his hand, and he pointed it at the people on the mountain, exuding a terrifying aura.

This was an Inscription Tier Demonic Beast!

The Demon Race was indeed br.i.m.m.i.n.g with talent. They were only envoys that had come with an Imperial Prince, and they were all members of the younger generation. However, they would frequently come across Inscription Tier elites, Enlightenment Tier elites, and so on.

How many Inscription Tier elites were there in the Imperial Capital now?

“Hehe, you are quite courageous, to actually dare make us kneel?” The Third Imperial Prince, Chen Wenhua, smiled calmly. Boom, he too released his own aura, which instantly blocked the presence of the bull-headed man.

“Old Bull!” The Demon Race’s Prince, Hou Qianhua, called out softly.

The bull-headed man immediately retreated, incredibly respectful.

Hou Qianhua swept an eye over them, and asked, “Has Hong Tianbu come?”

No one answered.

He was only an Imperial Prince of the Demon Race, and now, the Majestic Empires had the possibility of a war breaking out between them. Who would deign to answer him?

“In reply to Your Imperial Highness, he should not have arrived yet.” Xiu, a large bird streaked down from the skies, but it was a birdman. Who else could it be but Ying Changkong?

Hou Qianhuan humphed. This so-called Hong Tianbu was actually putting on more airs than him?

He didn’t lose his temper. Instead, he said calmly, “Since Hong Tianbu hasn’t arrived yet, let’s settle another matter first.” He paused, then continued, “Where’s Ling Han? Get the h.e.l.l out here.”

Ling Han faltered upon hearing this. Yi, why was he being targeted again?

His halo of trouble was too awesome, wasn’t it? They clearly hadn’t even come into contact yet.

“Your Imperial Highness, he is Ling Han!” The snake woman pointed at Ling Han.

Hou Qianhua looked over, and said balefully, “You actually dare to secretly learn my Demon Race technique. Hurry up and hand it over to me!”

“Hehe, you have come to our Empire, and still dare to be arrogant?” Sixth Imperial Prince Chen Wenbin asked calmly. The other was clearly an Enlightenment Tier elite, yet he was completely unafraid.

“A mere barbarian race dares to commit violence!” the Seventh Imperial Prince, Chen Taiqing, also said disdainfully.

Judging by the auras of these three Imperial Princes, they were truly worthy of being Chen Fengyan’s sons. They were truly domineering.

“Feng Ruoxian, as a count of our Empire, what do you mean by hanging out with the Demon Race?” Chen Wenhua looked at Feng Ruoxian, and his tone suddenly became harsh.

Feng Ruoxian was instantly intimidated, and she felt her delicate body go weak, almost falling to the ground.

Hou Qianhua humphed coldly, stood in front of Feng Ruoxian, and said, “Speaking so harshly to a woman, is this the prestige of your human race?”

Chen Wenhua stared at Hou Qianhua, and after a while, he said, “If it weren’t for the fact that you still have to battle Hong Tianbu, I would have immediately suppressed you. Do you believe me?”

Hiss, these words were domineering.

However, Chen Wenhua was only at the Inscription Tier, so how could he possibly rival Hou Qianhua?

Hou Qianhua laughed loudly and said, “Humans don’t have any other abilities, yet their ability to brag is something that I can only admit that I’m inferior to.” “No matter which aspect, the Demon Race can’t compare to humans!” A voice rang out, and a figure slowly walked up the mountain. His white robes fluttered, as if he was a Celestial.

Hong Tianbu!

When had he arrived?

Hou Qianhua immediately looked over, frowned, and asked, “Hong Tianbu?”

“That’s right,” Hong Tianbu said with a nod.

“Alright, I’ll suppress you first, then suppress those who don’t submit one by one!” Hou Qianhua said. He stared at Hong Tianbu and asked, “Where’s Hu Sihai?”

Hong Tianbu smiled and said, “I’m very satisfied with this steed.”

Hou Qianhua was instantly enraged, and the other Demon Race elites also looked furious. That was the fourth son of their Great General Hu, and now he had been captured and used as a mount. How could they not be furious?

“All right!” Hou Qianhua was extremely furious, but instead calmed down. He said balefully, “At first, seeing that you still have some talent, I wanted to take you in as my subordinate, but from the look of things now, it would be best to kill you!”

Peng, this Demon Race Imperial Prince charged out. With a bounce of his feet, his speed was astonis.h.i.+ngly fast.

Four times the speed of sound!

No, it should not be just four times, but rather 4.5 times, or even 4.7 times.

This speed was too fast, and it was as if he had turned into a streak of light. Only after he had rushed past did a terrifying sonic boom sound out, setting off a powerful wave of impact.

Hong Tianbu leaped off the mountain.

There were too many people here, so he couldn’t really go all out.


The two of them began a fierce battle. One of them threw a punch, while the other threw a palm strike. They were both fighting head-on, and there was no tricks at all.

After watching a few moves, Ling Han had no choice but to admit that this Hong Tianbu was really impressive.

He was clearly only Three Patterns, yet was capable of matching Enlightenment Tier. He was practically like a myth.

The members of the Demon Race were also rendered completely speechless. They looked down on humans in every way possible, but first, there was Ling Han, who had won stronger opponents with a lower cultivation level, and now there was Hong Tianbu, who could similarly battle their Imperial Prince with a lower cultivation level.

Humans were weak? What kind of joke was that?

“Merely so-so!” Hong Tianbu said calmly. “I can defeat you within a hundred moves!”

Hou Qianhua was so angry that his fur stood on end. He was in the middle stage of the Enlightenment Tier, so how could he be humiliated by a Three Patterns cultivator like you?

He roared loudly, and used a fist technique. Instantly, his battle prowess increased explosively.

Hong Tianbu, on the other hand, was still calm, his white robes fluttering, agile and aloof.

However, his palm technique was extremely domineering, and like a giant axe that opened the sky, with a single palm strike, even heaven and earth would shake.

Ling Han tried his best to capture it, and saw that there was a layer of golden energy enshrouding the tip of Hong Tianbu’a palm. It was precisely this layer of indestructible energy that gave Hou Qianhua a powerful pressure.

The might of this palm technique was too great. When he channeled it to the extreme, a ma.s.sive shadow actually appeared behind Hong Tianbu. It was a golden Buddha in a Buddhist robe. As Hong Tianbu pressed out a palm, the Buddha also pushed out a palm, which descended from the skies, golden light filling the skies.

This phenomenon was too shocking. In just a few moves, blood was already seeping from Hou Qianhua’s body. He looked extremely miserable..

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