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When the Flowery Monk and Jing Xu Zi was faced with Xu Jing's Territory's technique, they consolidated each of their own Territory from their True Origins.
The Flowery Monk's Territory emitted a bright golden light.
Naturally, compared to the 10,000 Swords Territory that Duan Ling Tian consolidated using his Sun True Origin, the golden light enveloping the Flowery Monk's Territory was not as dazzling. The golden light from Duan Ling Tian's 10,000 Swords Territory was as bright as the sun, it was dazzling and splendid.
In comparison, the Flowery Monk's Territory was not as dazzling. However, this did not mean his Territory was weak.
One could faintly see the faint images of Buddhas inside the Flowery Monk's Territory. These Buddhas appeared like statues. Some of them were standing, and some of them were sitting cross-legged. Some were elegant and graceful with their palms placed together devoutly while some made a Buddha hand sign. It was remarkably life-like.
With just a glance, there seemed to be at least a thousand Buddhas in the Territory.
"Thousand Buddhas Territory?" Duan Ling Tian raised an eyebrow. Although he was standing in the distance, he could still see how extraordinary the Flowery Monk's Thousand Buddhas Territory was. It might not be able to compare to his 10,000 Swords Territory, but it was still a cla.s.s above the other Territories.
The statues of the Buddhas emitted a sense of pressure. Some of them had a kind expression, some appeared ruthless, some had a smile, and some had a dark expression as though someone had owed them money.
Meanwhile, Jing Xu Zi's Territory had also been consolidated.
Blue color appeared in Jing Xu Zi's Territory. The color in his Territory was similar to the blue of his dopo.
In this blue Territory, one could faintly see two gigantic swords that were moving continuously.
Both swords were more than thirty meters long and two meters wide. They revolved around Jing Xu Zi in a speed that was neither fast nor slow as though they were guarding him.
"The Two Qis Territory!" At the same time, Duan Ling Tian heard somebody exclaimed in a deep voice.
"Two Qis?" Duan Ling Tian's heart jolted. The words 'Two Qis' were not unfamiliar to him.
In his hometown on Earth, in his past life, there were many Taoism records that mentioned the words 'Two Qis' in that ancient and mysterious eastern country.
One Principle, Two Qis, Three Powers, Four Forms, Five Elements, Six Harmonies, Seven Stars, Eight Trigrams, and Nine Palaces.
All of these were recorded in the books of Taoism.
Although Duan Ling Tian did not know what they meant, he remembered them well.
"Although Jing Xu Ji's Territory is not as ridiculous as the Flowery Monk's Territory, the pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords inside his Two Qis Territory have a force that's by no means weak. Previously, he had used this pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords to overpower the Flowery Monk's Thousand Buddhas Territory and won the Flowery Monk by a narrow margin." A voice entered Duan Ling Tian's ears soon after.

"I've heard about that match as well… However, I also heard the Flowery Monk had used his Thousand Buddhas Territory to restrain Jing Xu Zi's Two Qis Territory and used his rich True Origin that was slightly stronger than Jing Xu Zi to overpower him as well," someone else chimed in.
"The strength of the Flowery Monk and Jing Xu Zi are on par with each other. Usually, their battles would either end in a draw or one of them winning by a narrow margin. This is not a secret in the Rising Sky Mansion's district."
"Even if that's the case, if it's based on force alone, Jing Xu Zi's Two Qis Territory is actually much stronger!"
"I think so as well. The pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords in Jing Xu Zi's Two Qis Territory is by no means inferior to his own Saint Weapon."
"That's right! For an occasion like the Rising Sky Ranking Battle that doesn't allow the use of Saint Weapon, he has the advantage by using the Yin Yang Two Qis Swords in his own Territory."
Duan Ling Tian heard the discussion around him, allowing him to learn more about the two gigantic swords in Jing Xu Zi's Territory.
"Yin Yang Two Qis Sword? Interesting." Duan Ling Tian's eyes were trained on Jing Xu Zi's Yin Yang Two Qis Swords.
At this moment, whether it was the thousands of statue-like Buddhas in the Flowery Monk's Thousand Buddha Territory or the pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords that was rapidly revolving around Jing Xu Zi, both of them had begun to make their moves.
Faced with the terrifying tornado Xu Jing had cast in his Territory, the eyes of the thousand Buddhas in the Flowery Monk's Territory gleamed brilliantly. For a moment, the two thousand lights that were flas.h.i.+ng seemed like miniature suns. In the next instant, these Buddhas charged out like a swarm of hornets.
Along with the sun-like radiance that illuminated the place, the crowd noticed a golden Buddha had suddenly appeared before them when they regained their senses.
This huge golden great Buddha was like a towering mountain. Even the huge tornado Xu Jing had cast in his Territory seemed small in comparison. It did not even reach the waist of the golden great Buddha.
"This…" Upon seeing this, Duan Ling Tian was bewildered. Although he knew this was a Phenomenon cast by the Flowery Monk, he was still dumbstruck! This was because it was just too big, giving off a sense of pressure.
The pressure did not solely come from the force contained inside the Phenomenon, it also came from its size.
Imagine having a towering mountain appearing before oneself without any warning.
When the Flowery Monk's Thousand Buddha Territory consolidated this golden great Buddha Phenomenon, Jing Xu Zi's pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords had also moved. When it was close to the edge of the Territory, they began to devour the Territory Energy in a frenzy, causing the blue in Jing Xu Zi's Territory to fade quickly.
Under the watchful gaze of the others, that pair of Yin Yang Two Qis Swords had also undergone an earth-shattering transformation.
First, their size expanded. Although it was nowhere near as ridiculously big as the Flowery Monk's Great Buddha Phenomenon, it was still bigger than the tornado. This was only the size of the swords.
Apart from this, Duan Ling Tian also noticed these two swords suddenly underwent a huge transformation. One of the swords turned completely black as a black mist spread in the surrounding, appearing devilish. However, its aura was one of n.o.bility and righteousness. It was obvious it was not the aura of a devil.
On the other hand, the other sword turned a dazzling white. Its surrounding gleamed with a white splendor. Those with a lower cultivation base did not have the courage to stare at it directly.
"No wonder! I was wondering why this pair of identical swords are called the Yin Yang Two Qis Swords… As it turns out, these are their true forms. The Yin Yang Two Qis Swords indeed live up to their names!" Upon seeing this, Duan Ling Tian finally understood.
His eyes gleamed suddenly. As it turned out, the Great Buddha Phenomenon that was formed by the Flowery Monk's Thousand Buddhas Territory had suddenly waved its right arm. A mighty slap that was like a lofty mountain brought wind and thunder in its wake as it slammed toward the huge tornado.
At this instant, as a heaven-deafening noise reverberated in the air, the Great Buddha Phenomenon's slap landed on the tornado. Two waves of powerful energies collided, causing the air to vibrate and airwaves to roll out. A flurry of hurricanes charged out in all directions, making a noise that sounded like wails of despair.
In the next moment, under the watchful eyes of others, the Great Buddha Phenomenon that was like a lofty mountain suddenly quaked before it shattered.
At the same time, colors drained from the Flowery Monk's face immediately. The moment he opened his mouth, he threw up a mouthful of dark blood. It was obvious that he was heavily injured.
As for the tornado, it had almost faded after being slapped by the Great Buddha Phenomenon.
However, it was strange that Xu Jing who was also at the Mastery Refined Saint Stage did not suffer any injuries, unlike the Flowery Monk. Instead, the tornado that seemed as though it was going to fade away once again regained its force.
"T-This…" Upon seeing this, the Flowery Monk's eyes turned as wide as saucers. Disbelief was written all over his face. He was not the only one. Even the spectators were dumbfounded.
What did this mean?
This meant that even though they were both Mastery Refined Saint Stage Martial Cultivators, the Flowery Monk's strength was actually inferior to Xu Jing.
Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+
However, the bewildered crowd was soon distracted by the sound of two swords whistling in the air as it slashed across the sky. As it turned out, Jing Xu Zi had made his move with his Yin Yang Two Qis Swords.
The two swords that were black and white respectively slashed across the sky, bringing wind and thunder in its wake. The airflow also seemed to have stopped in its wake. Naturally, it did not really stop, it was just that the speed of the gigantic swords was so fast that it made it seemed as though the airflow had stopped.
In the next instant, Jing Xu Zi's Yin Yang Two Qis Swords clashed with the Xu Jing's tornado that had begun to sweep out again.
It must be said that in terms of offensive ability, Jing Xu Zi's Yin Yang Two Qis Swords were much greater than the Flowery Monk's Great Buddha Phenomenon. Both swords swept out in unison, and the tornado was shattered in just a split second. The Yin Yang Two Qis Swords, on the other hand, still had some lingering force.
"What a powerful attack!" Many people's hearts jolted when they saw this.
Jing Xu Zi's Yin Yang Two Qis Swords was quite an eye-opener to the crowd.
The people from Pure Yang Shrine smiled immediately.
They did not need the Flowery Monk. Just the Pure Yang Shrine's Jing Xu Zi was already enough to overpower Xu Jing, the Young Mansion Master of Rising Sky Mansion.
When everyone thought Jing Xu Zi had defeated Xu Jing, Xu Jing voice sounded in a timely manner, "Jing Xu Zi, your Yin Yang Two Qis Swords are indeed powerful! However, it's time to put an end to this!"
Xu Jing's voice now contained hints of wickedness and coldness, causing the people who heard it to shudder without a reason.
Before they even realized what was going on, they felt an aura that was even more terrifying than before surged out of Xu Jing's body.
For a moment, a more powerful and vast tornado that was laced with a heinous Devil Qi swept out in a terrifying speed. It was so fast that even the Flowery Monk and Jing Xu Zi could not react in time.

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