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Chapter 2664: A Gilded Cage

Cheng Fei seemed to want to trap Ai Yun in a gilded cage.

Cheng Fei had always treated Ai Yun like this, since the very start of their marriage. His consideration had not faltered in the slightest even after two years.

Persistence was the hardest virtue to practice.

So perhaps Cheng Fei really did love Ai Yun.

Ai Yun thought that her husband killed her and her parents, though.

Ning Shu thought about it for a bit, then packed up and prepared to go back to her parents’ house.

The original host’s parents lived in a university-provided residence. It was an ok-sized house.

Ning Shu walked into the campus and headed towards her parents’ place.

As she walked by the court, a ball was thrown straight at her.

Ning Shu tilted her head and dodged it.

Hahaha… How could she possibly be hit by a ball?

A boy, who was wearing a jersey, ran up to Ning Shu. He scratched the back of his head and asked, “Are you okay? Did the ball hit you?”

His friends were loudly jeering at them.

Ning Shu shook her head. “It didn’t. Also, don’t you ever throw a ball toward a girl’s head again. Have you ever tried throwing it against your own head to see how it feels?”

The boy: …

The crowd: …

This unfolded a little weirdly.

Ning Shu expressed: what pick-up strategy hadn’t she seen before?

The original host was indeed really attractive, though. Even after she got married, students would throw b.a.l.l.s at her to get her attention.

It really had to be attributed to her unique aura.

“Sorry.” The boy timidly went to pick up the ball.

Ning Shu carried her bag and continued on her way to her parents’ house.

In the original storyline, Ai Yun’s parents had died in a car accident. Emergency treatment hadn’t been able to resurrect them.

After they died, Ai Yun also died, without knowing where, or even how, she died.

There was surely a motive or meaning behind any murder. Was it a vendetta? Love? Money? s.e.xual a.s.sault?

Ning Shu felt that Ai Yun had tunnel vision in this regard. She was too focused on Cheng Fei being the culprit and didn’t really consider anything else.

However, there must be a reason behind every action, right?

Why would Cheng Fei kill Ai Yun and her parents?

Ning Shu rang the doorbell. Mother Ai was the one who opened the door. Seeing her daughter, she immediately said happily, “What brings you here?”

Ning Shu entered the house. She put down the fruits and nutritional supplements she brought on the tea table. “I just came to visit. Where’s Dad?”

“He’s teaching,” Mother Ai said. “Will you be having lunch here?”

Ning Shu nodded. “Yeah.”

“How are you and Cheng Fei nowadays?” Mother Ai asked.

Ning Shu nodded again. “We’re fine. Everything’s fine. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried about Son-in-law, I’m worried about you. Cheng Fei is a good man. Do you know how hard it is for a woman to meet a good man? Let alone someone like Cheng Fei.”

Mother Ai made a fruit platter and put it in front of Ning Shu.

Ning Shu: →_→

“Am I that unreliable in your eyes?” Ning Shu couldn’t help asking.

“It isn’t that long ago that you kicked up a fuss about wanting to get divorced. You tell me, what were you thinking? You insisted on giving up such a good man to someone else,” Mother Ai bitterly said.

“What did I say to you last time? Why did I want to get a divorce?” Ning Shu asked.

“You said that you had a nightmare of Cheng Fei wanting to kill you, so you insisted on having a divorce.”

Ning Shu: …

“Did you believe me?” Ning Shu asked.

Mother Ai rolled her eyes. “Of course not. Why would Cheng Fei ever do something like that? Your brain must’ve gone rusty, to think that he’d ever do such a thing.”

Ning Shu chatted with Mother Ai for a while. Mother Ai praised Cheng Fei throughout their talk and told Ning Shu not to be impulsive and do something stupid.

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