Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Chapter 2665: AI Yun Had Been the One Creating Trouble for No Reason

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Chapter 2665: AI Yun Had Been the One Creating Trouble for No Reason

Ning Shu listened to Mother Ai’s nagging. She basically told Ning Shu to stop being stupid and making things hard for herself by constantly talking about getting a divorce.

If she kept kicking up such a fuss, by the end of it, she’d exhaust all love there was between her and Cheng Fei.

Ning Shu ate the fruit and listened to Mother Ai sing Cheng Fei’s praise.

How Cheng Fei was so great and amazing this way and that…

From the sound of it, it seemed that Ai Yun had been the one creating trouble for no reason.

Since everything was good between them, why was Ai Yun kicking up a fuss about getting a divorce?

Normally one would try hard to hold onto a good man like Cheng Fei.

Ning Shu sat cross-legged on the sofa and began to cultivate, turning a deaf ear to Mother Ai’s nagging.

She was repeating the same things over and over again anyways.

When Professor Ai returned, he saw Ning Shu on the sofa and immediately asked, “What is it this time? Why are you here?”

Ning Shu: …

“Nothing. I just wanted to see you guys.” Ning Shu spread her hands. How worried about her marriage were they?

Thanks to Cheng Fei’s behavior, in contrast, she became a textbook unreasonable troublemaker.

The exact kind of troublemaker that made people watch out whenever she was on the way.

Professor Ai was dressed in a modern Tang suit and looked very scholarly. He glanced at Ning Shu and said, “A man can only have so much patience. You must have too much free time, that’s why you keep making up problems when there are none.

“I’ll pull some strings so you can become a tutor in the university. Although you won’t be a teaching professor, at least you’ll still have a job and won’t keep bothering Cheng Fei,” Professor Ai said.

Ning Shu: …

It felt like Cheng Fei was their child instead of her.

What the heck.

Ning Shu thought for a while then nodded. “Okay. When can I start?”

“Next Monday. Go home and discuss it with Cheng Fei. If you want to work, I’ll ask someone to reserve a place for you,” Professor Ai said.

It was hard for Professor Ai to scold Ning Shu when she was being so obedient. His voice softened as he said, “When you start working, if you don’t understand anything, just read up and ask someone about what you don’t understand.”

“Alright, I will. Thank you, Dad,” Ning Shu said with a smile.

Mother Ai was making lunch when the doorbell rang.

Ning Shu went to open the door. Cheng Fei was the one who rang the doorbell.

In surprise, Ning Shu said, “Why are you here?”

She hadn’t called him. She also hadn’t told Cheng Fei that she was here. Why was he here?

Cheng Fei entered the house with his things and sweetly greeted Ai Yun’s parents as ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.

Seeing Cheng Fei, bright smiles appeared on the old couple’s faces.

Their reaction to seeing Cheng Fei was completely different from their reaction to seeing her. The moment they saw her they started worrying.

Was she that bad?

“Cheng Fei, come. Eat lunch with us,” Mother Ai said with a smile.

Cheng Fei sat next to Ning Shu and nodded. “Okay. I’ve actually been missing Mom’s cooking. Your cooking is the best, Mom.”

Mother Ai beamed with joy at Cheng Fei’s compliment.

Ning Shu just silently watched them.

“Why are you here?” Ning Shu asked. “I haven’t told you that I’m here.”

Cheng Fei smiled. “No matter where you are, I’ll always find you.”

“Uh…” What was this? A tearjerker telenovela?

“When I got home and saw that you weren’t there, I just guessed that you were here,” Cheng Fei explained.

Ning Shu curled her lips and said, “You should still at least call me. If I’m not here, then you would have wasted your time coming here for nothing.”

“You were definitely here. I could feel it.”

Ning Shu: …

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Quick Transmigration Cannon Fodder's Record of Counterattacks Chapter 2665: AI Yun Had Been the One Creating Trouble for No Reason summary

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