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Chapter 2761: I’ll Drive!

Ning Shu had thought that this mission would just be a simple one. She didn’t expect that she’d encounter a third-generation vampire, who was said to be strong enough to fight G.o.d Himself.

This was really too f*cking terrifying.

Ning Shu was drenched in cold sweat. She didn’t dare to look back at the third-generation vampire.

Instead, the person whom she looked at was Touro, who had stiffened up and couldn’t even drive straight anymore.

Ning Shu pulled him away and said, “I’ll drive!”

Ning Shu stepped hard on the gas pedal. The car immediately sped up wildly.

They could only hope that the newly awakened third-generation vampire wouldn’t bother with small fries like them.

Since that third-generation vampire had just awakened, he shouldn’t have recovered his strength yet, right?

Could it be that those murdered townsfolk were sacrifices made to awaken the third-generation vampire?

Ning Shu felt her tense back ache. Her whole body was tense—her muscles were convulsing with uncontrollable spasms.

She didn’t even dare to do so much as blink. Her sweat dripped into her eyes, making them sting.

Ning Shu sharply turned the steering wheel. Inside the car, Touro and Casey were flung and slammed their heads so hard they saw stars.

Ning Shu didn’t know how far she had driven. In any case, her current plan was to keep driving as long as there was a road. She didn’t care where this road would lead them, so long as she could shake off those vampires.

Ning Shu was dazed and her brain was muddled. She just drove with her physical instinct and reflex.

She had no way to fight that vampire. The gulf between their power level was too great; she couldn’t even put up resistance.

It was like the power difference between an ant and a giant.

Ning Shu’s body slowly and gradually relaxed. It probably no longer detected any danger.

A human body would give out hints when in the presence of danger.

Ning Shu’s hands, gripping the steering wheel, were soft and shaky. Her legs were still shaking uncontrollably.

“I’ll drive.” Touro took over, and Ning Shu moved to sit next to Casey.

Casey’s voice was a little shaky. “The appearance of that vampire scared me out of my wits, and then your driving skills almost made me wet my pants.”

Ning Shu’s legs were still shaking, but she said, “What’s there to be afraid of?”

Casey: …

“Let’s hurry back to the order. This is too huge—we have to report this immediately,” Casey said to Touro.

“A third-generation vampire has awakened. Just having one of them around is already a severe issue, if all of them awakened…. another holy war might break out.”

Touro stepped on the gas pedal. The car ride was b.u.mpy throughout.

Ning Shu began to quietly ponder to herself. A powerful third-generation vampire had been awakened.

This meant that the vampires’ strength as a collective had skyrocketed.

Perhaps the reason why Perry was able to ma.s.sacre the blood hunter order so easily was that the creme of the blood hunter order crop had first been finished off by the more powerful vampires.

It was entirely within the realm of possibility.

The blood hunter order wouldn’t have been so vulnerable otherwise.

They also still had the backing of the church above them.

Could the blood hunt order, which had survived for so long, really be destroyed just because of a single woman?

The fact that the third-generation vampires had once started a holy war showed how ambitious they were.

The existence of the blood hunter order greatly hindered the vampires’ cause, so they’d certainly seek to destroy the blood hunter order.

Ning Shu wiped the cold sweat on her face with her sleeve. This mission had ceased being a simple, heroic rescue mission a long time ago.

Ning Shu sighed. “Feels like we’re the ones on the chopping block.”

With the awakening of the third-generation vampires, the human side was already at a major disadvantage.

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