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Chapter 2762: Suddenly Emerging Plot Points

Could they just bombard those vampires with atomic bombs?

It’d totally be like trying to hit a mosquito with a bazooka, though. Not to mention that the vampires could just teleport to safety.

It’d be a useless move.

Ning Shu rubbed her temples. These suddenly emerging plot points simply beleaguered her beyond words.

She had only received a shallow romantic plot.

Since the original host also had limited knowledge of what truly happened, Ning Shu could only play a guessing game. She had to work with the causes and consequences of things as her building blocks.

The awakening of the third-generation vampires and Perry’s ma.s.sacre of the blood hunter order afterward must be related.

Ning Shu’s mouth was dry, so she grabbed the water bottle and started chugging to quench her thirst.

“Leave some for me.” Casey grabbed the bottle in Ning Shu’s hand, drank some water, and then poured the remaining water on his own head.

It made the gooseb.u.mps on his face even more conspicuous.

Ning Shu, Casey, and Touro rushed back to the blood hunter order manor without making a single stop. They couldn’t have come back any quicker—they were pretty much fleeing for their lives.

They only felt a little bit more safe once they entered the manor.

Ning Shu let out a long sigh. Casey ran a hand through his blond hair and smiled. “Finally. We’ve s.n.a.t.c.hed our lives back from the grim reaper.”

“Let’s make a report of what happened.”

Ning Shu nodded and went back to her room.

The room was empty. Mina was not there, nor was her suitcase. It seemed like she had gone on a mission.

With Mina’s level of skills, she didn’t have much of a chance of completing the mission.

Unless someone helped her, she really would not be able to.

Ning Shu couldn’t care less where Mina went wandering to, though. Someone must be babysitting her anyway.

Ning Shu turned on her computer and wrote a mission report detailing what had happened during the mission.

She gave a detailed account of the coffin and the pentagram formation she saw, and her hypothesis that the vampires were collecting blood so the vampire in the coffin could use it as energy and recover.

She wrote in detail about the third-generation vampires. Towards the end, she also wrote about what had happened between Mina and Perry.

She included how Perry flew Mina by helicopter to the task in straightforward terms.

She closed her report with the conclusion that Mina had betrayed the organization.

After she finished writing her report, she submitted it.

She then sat on her bed to cultivate. Perry was a bad enough enemy to square up against, but there were now even third-generation vampires that she’d need to fight.

Having all the advantages that a vampire could possibly have, the third-generation vampires were the most powerful of all vampires.

They had killed the second-generation vampires and established the thirteen clans.

The third-generation vampires were a bigger and more urgent problem to solve. If one after another, the third-generation vampires awakened, there’d be no hope for the humans, and this world would be reduced to that of vampires again.

Afterward, thirteen vampire clans would probably start fighting against each other again.

Actually, it didn’t really matter even if they fought each other to death, what mattered was that they’d rope unlucky mortals into their infighting.

The vampires would turn mortals into vampires to strengthen their forces and make them join their fight.

What Ning Shu was most worried about was the blood hunter order. If the ma.s.sacre of the blood hunter order was but the beginning, then whatever was at the end must be unimaginably worse.

Generally speaking, when a war occurred, it was due to the heavenly law’s intent to clean something up.

Ning Shu must ensure that she would survive this turmoil.

She had headed out with the intent to find some yellow papers and cinnabars, only to run into unexpected complications and have to flee back.

Ning Shu set up a spirit gathering formation and began to cultivate.

Not long afterward, Ning Shu received a call from Touro. He told her to come out asap; the higher-ups wanted to talk to them.

If the third-generation vampires really awakened, it was a matter of top urgency for the entire human race.

The human race would once again face the threat of extinction.

Ning Shu, Touro, and Casey arrived at the garden of the manor and saw a woman sitting on a swing.

She was slowly and leisurely swinging.

Ning Shu: …

This beautiful woman was the leader of the blood hunter order.

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