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Chapter 2763: You’re Stepping on My Little Darling

Ning Shu, Casey, and Touro glanced at each other before walking towards the woman.

“Halt! Lift your feet, you’re stepping on my little darling.” The woman on the swing pointed at Ning Shu’s foot.

Ning Shu lifted her foot and saw a blue flower the size of a peanut. It had been flattened by her foot.

With an apologetic expression, Ning Shu tried to prop the flattened flower back up. “I didn’t see it because it’s too small.”

“The three of you reported the awakening of a third-generation vampire. Is it true?” the woman asked. Her red skirt swayed slightly as she sat on the swing, revealing her calves beneath it.

She was barefoot and her hair rippled in the wind.

She was a top-notch beauty.

Casey nearly went cross-eyed as he stared at her. He nearly couldn’t take his eyes off her.

It was only when Touro elbowed him that Casey came back to his senses. He said, “It’s true.”

The woman gave Casey a look. “I don’t talk to horndogs.”

Casey: …

The woman looked at Ning Shu and said, “You. Tell me what’s going on.”

Ning Shu nodded her head and told her everything.

The woman in red quietly listened to Ning Shu’s words. Then, she propped up her chin and stared at Ning Shu as she said, “How can you be sure that it’s a third-generation vampire?”

“There are many vampires that get bored of life and seal themselves up to slumber. It’s also been too long since the third-generation vampires last walked among us.

“Although the most common word on the street is that they’ve fallen into slumber because of the injuries they suffered, there are a lot of people who simply think that they’ve all perished.”

Ning Shu’s eyes whirled as she thought about it, and then she pointed at Casey. “He’s the one who said that a third-generation vampire has awakened.”

Casey immediately tidied up his clothes, prepared to catapult into a long, showing-off speech in front of the beauty.

“Let’s set that aside for now. Talk about what’s going on with your partner and that vampire prince. I read your report.”

Casey: …

The woman looked at Ning Shu. “You should know that the girl is your partner, the one you’re supposed to go through life and death with. To accuse her like this makes you seem like a despicable person who doesn’t care about her partner at all.

Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change. “I carefully considered things before I filed the report. First of all, Perry is a prince among the vampires. He likely has ulterior motives for approaching Mina, so I’m concerned about the safety of the blood order.

“Secondly, speaking from my personal point of view, I do not like Mina. She’s selfish, she doesn’t understand solidarity, and she doesn’t have any loyalty to her partner.

“She knows that blood hunters aren’t allowed to a.s.sociate with vampires. I’ve also reminded her of this many, many times. However, she still did whatever she wanted and thought of me as meddling in her business.

“My biggest reason, though, is that I want the blood hunter order to remain strong and unshakable since this is the only place that’s a solid foothold for me.

“As for whether what I reported is true, Casey and Touro have also witnessed the same thing I did.”

Touro and Casey nodded. They were of course on Ning Shu’s side rather than Mina’s since they’ve gone through thick and thin together now.

The woman looked at Ning Shu. “You are quite the honest la.s.s.

“Don’t go around talking about this incident. You can go now.” The woman waved her hand at them.

Casey’s eyes were still glued to the woman, reluctant to leave. The woman stared back at him.

“Keep staring at me with your ***** eyes, and I’ll gouge them out myself.”

Casey hurriedly turned his head and walked away.

Ning Shu waited until they were far away until she said, “You’re seriously run by your l.u.s.t, aren’t you? To even dare to look at the leader that way.”

“I didn’t expect the leader of the blood hunter order to be a woman,” Touro said.

“And one so charming, at that,” Casey rubbed his chin and said.

Ning Shu rolled her eyes. She couldn’t be bothered to keep listening to the drivel of the two and returned to her room so she could cultivate again.

The higher-ups would definitely investigate the matter of the awakened vampire clearly.

Her current goal was to become stronger and survive. She mustn’t let herself be torn apart by Perry.

She also needed to make Perry and Mina suffer.

Even if the third-generation vampires were truly awakening, she still first needed to ensure that she wouldn’t be ma.s.sacred by Perry.

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