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Chapter 2449: Advancing before a Forbidden Curse

The people in Luning County had started to move, but most residents were willing to build simple houses and stay behind out of fear and respect to the Bohai Dragon King.

According to their beliefs, they were asking forgiveness from the Bohai Dragon King!

When Zhang Xiaohou and his men returned to Luning County, they could see a lot of wooden huts had been built from coniferous trees along the beach. 

The wooden huts were facing the sea. Some of them even had delicate carvings, bright paint, and blue lines on them so they would resemble the Dragon King's palace.

Most importantly, there were some wooden huts in a town close to Luning County. These huts were perfectly unharmed.

As a result, more people now believed in the practice of offering wooden huts to the Dragon King!

"What year is it already? Why are they so superst.i.tious?" Hua Yuezhu scoffed. 

"It's not really about being superst.i.tious. Everyone was under great pressure after the terrifying incident. They are just trying to look for comfort through simple rituals. Not everyone truly believes the Dragon King is real," Tan Feng explained in a reasonable voice.

The land of the Linhai District in Luning County was around a hundred meters higher than the sea level. The dust the buildings had turned into was still covering its streets. 

"General, you haven't told us what our mission is," Captain Tian inquired.

The rest of the troops were extremely curious, too. Zhang Xiaohou had met the chief in person. The mission given by the chief had to be unusual!

"The truth is, the military knows what is responsible for the incident," Zhang Xiaohou told them.

"So, are we going to look for its traces and take it out?"

Zhang Xiaohou shook his head, as he took out a confidential file. "We are going after a unique species. The military calls them the Dragon King Krill," Zhang Xiaohou informed them.

"Dragon King Krill?!" Everyone was astounded.

Did that mean Luning County had been invaded by demon creatures? Why didn't they see anything? What form did the Dragon King Krill take?

Zhang Xiaohou knew everyone was puzzled. He asked Tan Feng to collect a lot of seawater from the nearby beach.

Tan Feng was a Water Mage. He controlled the seawater and poured it into a pit surrounded by rocks.

"The Dragon King Krill are inside there," Zhang Xiaohou told them.

The others immediately went closer and stared at the water in the pit, but they did not notice anything unusual.

Was it possible that the Dragon King Krill were plankton, which were so small they were invisible to the naked eye? 

Zhang Xiaohou took out a bottle of purple liquid and poured it into the pit. The liquid spread rapidly and dyed the water inside the pit purple.

However, a small portion of the seawater did not turn purple, retaining its initial color. It looked like a pillar of ant-sized creatures swimming around inside the purple liquid!

"What...what are those?" Hua Yuezhu blurted out in shock.

"These are the Dragon King Krill. Their bodies are transparent, like the water. They are almost invisible when they are moving along the ground, too," Zhang Xiaohou answered, pointing at the creatures swimming in the purple liquid.

It was also Zhang Xiaohou's first time seeing the Dragon King Krill. The military had given him information on the Dragon King Krill and shown him how to reveal them. Zhang Xiaohou was also surprised when he finally saw the strange transparent creatures with his own eyes.

In other words, the Dragon King Krill had already followed the waves and invaded human territory without alerting anyone!

The only relief was that these Dragon King Krill did not feed on humans. They were more interested in concrete and steel!

"They are vermin born in the oceans. They can severely damage our defenses and any buildings that are built with steel and concrete along the coastline. The Dragon King Krill in this pit can take down a ten-story building within a single day!

"There are countless numbers of these Dragon King Krill in the sea. We have also learned something terrifying. A huge army of Dragon King Krill will soon emerge from the Bohai Sea and destroy all our defenses and cities along the coastline in several months. The country will then be defenseless against the sea monsters."

Zhang Xiaohou understood why the government had to use a Forbidden Curse after learning all the information about the Dragon King Krill.

The Bohai Sea was vast. Just ten tons of seawater alone would have one to three Dragon King Krill. According to the intel they had, there were dozens or even hundreds of Dragon King Krill in every ten tons of water close to their nest!

They were like an omnipresent army of ants eating away the final line of defenses that the humans were clinging to!

"This is insane. I just had a swim at the beach yesterday. I feel extremely uncomfortable now!" Captain Tian murmured.

"The information also says these creatures aren't interested in living things… at least for now. However, ever since the sea level started to rise, a lot of sea monsters across the world have mutated. The white clouds of demon creatures which have been a huge threat in the Pacific Ocean are one example. I believe the military has decided to use a Forbidden Curse because the authorities are worried the Dragon King Krill might mutate, too," Zhang Xiaohou went on. 

Everyone was listening carefully and nodding, but their eyes widened when they heard the words 'Forbidden Curse'!

"General Zhang, did you just mention a Forbidden Curse?!"

"Mm, I did!" Zhang Xiaohou nodded. He informed his men about the Forbidden Curse after telling them about the Dragon King Krill.

Their mission was extremely challenging. Even though they were not the only troop of the Violet Imperial Battalion charged with searching for the right coordinates, they would constantly be on their toes after learning there was a countdown.

"If we don't leave in time, will we perish together with the Dragon King Krill?" Hua Yuezhu asked.

"Yes, so we have to plan our escape wisely as we are carrying out the mission," Zhang Xiaohou told them.

The soldiers fell silent.

They were basically walking on the edge when they were advancing before a Forbidden Curse! 

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