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Chapter 3166  Regain Consciousness

In the morning, Mo Fan woke up to the soft morning light and a lingering scent in the air.

After some stretching, he instinctively reached out to embrace the woman beside him, but she was not there.

Ye Xinxia had already left for her morning prayer.

Mo Fan felt a bit disappointed and decided to go back to sleep.

It was too early to be awake anyway.

Around noon, he woke up again when someone gently knocked on the door. It was probably the servants bringing a lavish lunch.

After he gave them permission to enter, several apprentices came in. They set out a variety of sliced melons, grapes, grilled Greek smoked meat with a special olive oil dip, and some vegetables that Mo Fan did not recognize.

"Does the G.o.ddess usually eat like this?" Mo Fan asked.

He found the food too plain. The nearby eateries around Pearl Inst.i.tute were much better. They offered a variety of delicious food at an affordable price.

Ye Xinxia's life had to be tough. With the exception of the tasty fruits and grape wine, the rest of the food seemed bland. When Mo Fan visited the last time, he ate the same thing.

He decided to send a chef over once he returned. Ye Xinxia had been looking thin lately, and he had to restrain himself last night. It saddened him to see her growing thinner.

"Um, could you please get dressed before you eat?" a young apprentice servant, who was about sixteen or seventeen years old, asked. She had a straight nose and bright eyes but seemed a bit proud and aloof.

She was probably the child of some important person and was there to learn etiquette.

Mo Fan was not going to tolerate her att.i.tude. This was Ye Xinxia's room, which meant it was his room too. He could do whatever he wanted in his room, including walking around in his underwear. It was an honor for them to see him exposed.

The girl, who seemed pure and proud, got a bit upset when Mo Fan ignored her request. Finally, she stopped being polite and left the room.

"Wash these clothes for me." Mo Fan casually picked up the dirty clothes he had brought back from the Sahara Desert and threw them at the girl who was leaving.

The girl stood by the door and instinctively caught the dusty clothes. Her eyes widened in surprise, like those of a black cat at night, and her tan skin turned red from anger.

"You want me to do what?" the girl asked.

"Wash these clothes. If you don't, don't bother serving in the Hall of the G.o.ddess," Mo Fan replied firmly.

"What gives you the right—"

"Say another word, and you're out of this temple." Mo Fan cut her off.

The girl gritted her teeth, while the other servants nearby stayed silent. They had heard stories about the G.o.ddess's lover and his temper. He had even caused a ma.s.sacre in the Parthenon Temple before.

"Fine! I'll wash them!" The girl finally swallowed her pride. She then grabbed the dirty clothes and left.

Mo Fan smirked with satisfaction.

That was her punishment for giving him an att.i.tude.

After lunch, Mo Fan wandered around the Parthenon Temple. He did not know when Xinxia would finish work, but since he was already there, he wanted to spend time with her.

Eventually, he found himself on a hillside overlooking the sea. The slope was adorned with bright purple flowers that swayed in the breeze next to the s.h.i.+mmering water.

A painted stone path led to the end of the hillside, where a white building stood.

Mo Fan felt compelled to explore the area and enter the white building.

Just as he was about to open the door, he heard a voice behind him.

It was Ye Xinxia's voice. She sounded like a joyful little bird returning to its nest. Her voice was soft and filled with happiness.

"Mo Fan, did you sense it?" Ye Xinxia walked over and gently took Mo Fan's arm.

"Sense what?" Mo Fan was confused.

"What's inside," Xinxia said as she pointed at the building.

"I don't know what's inside," Mo Fan replied.

"Maybe something is guiding you to look inside. You haven't visited him in a very long time," Ye Xinxia said.

"Who? Who's inside?" Mo Fan asked.

"You'll know when you go in."

The door was slightly open, and a knight was standing guard inside.

When the knight saw Ye Xinxia, he bowed and left.

Mo Fan entered the room and saw what looked like a church. His eyes fell upon a crystal coffin resembling the one Izisha had once used. It was designed to preserve a body indefinitely.

As Mo Fan approached the coffin, he was surprised by what he saw inside.

It was…

It was w.a.n.g Xiaojun, the young man with the Gray Eagle!

He was supposed to be in Song City. Why was he there?

"I went back to Song Inst.i.tute and visited him. The Parthenon Temple couldn't wake him up before. But recently, we've made some breakthroughs in White Magic, so I brought him here to see if we can wake him up," Ye Xinxia explained.

"So, you still remember," Mo Fan said. He felt emotional as he looked at w.a.n.g Xiaojun's face, which remained unchanged.

"Yes." Ye Xinxia nodded seriously.

It was a crisis they had faced together, and w.a.n.g Xiaojun's story with the Gray Eagle was well-known in Song City. Ye Xinxia hoped to use her current abilities to wake him up and bring closure to Song City as well as the Gray Eagle that had died.

"How is it? Is there hope?" Mo Fan asked.

"His condition has improved, and all his bodily functions are normal. But his mind might still be in chaos. If we can find something with powerful regenerative properties for the mind and spirit, he could wake up," Ye Xinxia explained.

"But finding something like that is difficult. We're not even sure if it exists," Mo Fan commented while he rubbed his chin.

"I've researched some ancient texts, but I've only found vague descriptions in old stories. They mention that these things exist but don't describe what they look like," Ye Xinxia added.

"Hey, you just reminded me of something," Mo Fan suddenly said.

He took out the spore he had recently acquired from his s.p.a.ce Bracelet.

It was a spore from the divine brain. Could it have more uses than just growing a new divine brain? Maybe it could revive someone's consciousness.

w.a.n.g Xiaojun had been severely cursed, and his soul was destroyed. Although his body was healthy, his consciousness was reminiscent of a silent desert.

If this small spore was planted on him, could it rejuvenate his dried-up mind like an oasis?

"What's that?" Ye Xinxia looked at the spore in Mo Fan's hand. She could sense the special energy it radiated.

"Let's give it a try. I think this might awaken w.a.n.g Xiaojun," Mo Fan said.

He ignored traditional healing methods and placed the spore directly on w.a.n.g Xiaojun's forehead.

Ye Xinxia was speechless. Even with divine objects, placing them directly on someone's forehead was highly unconventional!

She took the spore in her hand and gently nurtured it.

Soon, it sprouted glowing green threads. Ye Xinxia felt the powerful life energy within the spore, and she was amazed. She quickly placed her hand on w.a.n.g Xiaojun's forehead.

She used healing energy, spirit energy, blessings, and plant essence to nourish his soul. She hoped to bring some life back to his still and empty spirit.

Soft light spread, and Mo Fan watched as the spirit energy entered w.a.n.g Xiaojun's forehead like gentle rain. It slowly seeped into his skull, and the light made the inside of his skull appear visible.

Mo Fan was not sure if he was imagining it, but he saw a spirit flower slowly blooming inside w.a.n.g Xiaojun's skull. The flower's pistils extended like delicate nerve threads and filled the empty s.p.a.ces in his skull with beauty as well as vitality.

One pistil reached w.a.n.g Xiaojun's eyes, and at that moment, his eyelids twitched.

Mo Fan felt hopeful as he watched eagerly, and w.a.n.g Xiaojun did not disappoint.

He slowly opened his eyes. His eyes, which had been closed for many years, were as clear as a calm sea. They were filled with confusion and uncertainty at first, but they gradually regained their original purity and innocence.

"Mo… Fan?" w.a.n.g Xiaojun said.

For someone who had been asleep for so many years, w.a.n.g Xiaojun's ability to speak was surprisingly normal. Mo Fan was thrilled.

"You rascal! You're finally awake!" Mo Fan was excited, and he gave him a big hug.

"Mo Fan… is everyone okay? Did they end the plague? How is the Black Totem Snake? Is Little Gray back?" w.a.n.g Xiaojun asked instinctively.

These questions caught Mo Fan off guard. He did not know how to answer.


From w.a.n.g Xiaojun's perspective, he had just fainted.

He had no idea that many years had pa.s.sed since.

Everything had changed.

Mo Fan did not know how to explain everything to w.a.n.g Xiaojun or where to begin.

Seeing his hesitation, Ye Xinxia gently said, "Xiaojun, you've actually been asleep for a very long time."

She patiently answered each of w.a.n.g Xiaojun's questions.

Song City was safe, and the crisis with the White Magic Falcons had been resolved. The bad guys had been dealt with, Zhu Meng had realized his mistakes, and the Black Totem Snake was doing well. It was just that the Gray Eagle…

"Here's the thing. What we're about to tell you might be hard to accept. Let me show you," Mo Fan hesitated briefly before speaking.

After he helped w.a.n.g Xiaojun to his feet, Mo Fan used s.p.a.ce Element Magic.

Perhaps the weight on Mo Fan's heart added seriousness to his understanding of s.p.a.ce. This time, the teleportation worked perfectly without any errors.

He opened a portal leading to a square in Song City.

w.a.n.g Xiaojun followed Mo Fan through the portal.

He was deeply confused. He had never seen such powerful magic that could transport people from one place to another. Mo Fan's magical abilities were far beyond anything he had seen before.

When they arrived at the square in Song City, w.a.n.g Xiaojun stood there in stunned silence.

There was a statue of a gray eagle in the middle of the square. Its wings were outstretched as it stood proudly under the bright sky in the busiest part of Song City. The statue was left unguarded. It served as a climbing spot for many carefree children, aged around five or six, who laughed and played on it freely.

w.a.n.g Xiaojun looked at the statue of the Gray Eagle in the square and could not contain his emotions any longer.

"That's a relief. Little Gray isn't dead. It lives on in everyone's heart in this city."

He wiped his tears and spoke in a helpless tone as he comforted himself.

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