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Chapter 3167  Mo Fan in That Other World

"Let him spend some time with the Gray Eagle," Mo Fan said to Ye Xinxia.

Ye Xinxia nodded. No matter what, they had fulfilled the Gray Eagle's wish by rescuing its master.

"Your teleportation portal is about to disappear." Ye Xinxia pointed to the torn s.p.a.ce behind her.

Many curious people at the square gathered around the portal that Mo Fan had created.

On the other side of the portal was a beautiful sea cliff. It had lush ancient pine trees, a blue sea, and colorful summer flowers, all coming together to create a stunning view.

Some brave people walked in, and the scent of pine, flowers, and sea immediately greeted them. Long-time city residents felt immediately relaxed and happy.

Seeing it was safe, more people stepped through the portal. Soon, a group planning to dance in the square found themselves on the white cliffs of the Parthenon Temple's west hill.

Mo Fan and Ye Xinxia stepped through the portal and saw that a group of people had ended up on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, Mo Fan's magic could not keep the portal open for long. These people would soon be stuck there.

"Oh no, the portal is closed!"

"Wow, where are we?"

"This place is beautiful, but we need to go back!"

When the portal closed, about forty to fifty people were left stranded on the white cliffs of the Parthenon Temple. They did not know what to do.


Mo Fan was also frustrated. He could not keep such a long-distance portal open forever. Plus, it was not very accurate. If he accidentally sent them into the wilderness, they could be in danger.

When the portal closed, about forty to fifty people were left stranded on the white cliffs of the Parthenon Temple. They did not know what to do.

Mo Fan was also frustrated. He could not keep such a long-distance portal open forever. Plus, it was not very accurate. If he accidentally sent them into the wilderness, they could be in danger.

"Hey, you, Mo Fan, right? Hurry up and send us back. My kid has school tomorrow," a middle-aged lady said anxiously.

"Ma'am, why did you come through the portal? The portal isn't a place you can just walk into," Mo Fan replied.

"I don't care. It's irresponsible for a mage to cast magic anywhere. You need to take responsibility," the lady insisted.

"Alright, alright. I'll send you all back. But I need a few days to rest before I can open another long-distance portal. Either I pay for your flights home, or you can stay here for a few days. I'll send you back with the portal in three days," Mo Fan said with resignation.

"Since you all are here, why not stay and enjoy it for a few days? I'll have someone from the Parthenon Temple to guide you. I'll take care of your accommodation, meals, and activities. How does that sound?" Ye Xinxia knew they could not just leave the people from Song City stranded, so she decided to host them for a free vacation.

Upon hearing that they were at the Parthenon Temple, a place imbued with European marine charm, everyone became excited, especially knowing Ye Xinxia would cover all expenses. Even those with urgent matters were tempted to stay.

"This is great!"

"I'll take a few days off and enjoy it!"

"We're lucky. The Parthenon Temple isn't a place you can visit anytime."

The group quickly agreed. They all wanted to stay here and enjoy themselves for a few days.

Honestly, none of them had expected that a casual stroll downstairs would lead them to a European temple with such stunning views. Work and School? Forget it! Taking a few days off would not disrupt their companies or schools.

Besides, with Ye Xinxia's status, the activities arranged for them were on a national level. As ordinary people, they might never have such an opportunity again.

"Have a great time, everyone!" Mo Fan waved to them.

"It's all thanks to Ye Xinxia. Mo Fan doesn't compare."

"She's the G.o.ddess here, the embodiment of White Magic."

"She's the pride of Song Inst.i.tute."

The people from Song City did not treat Mo Fan like an outsider. They criticized him when necessary and held him accountable.

Mo Fan could not afford to upset them. He smiled and bid them farewell before finally breathing a sigh of relief.

No wonder Forbidden Curses should not be used casually.

His long-distance teleportation portal had indeed caused significant harm.

Ye Xinxia finally had a day off.

Feeling tired of the Parthenon temple, Ye Xinxia wanted to go shopping.

Mo Fan was not interested in shopping, but since he was there to accompany her, he went along with whatever she liked. He did not want to spoil her mood. If not, he would end up sleeping alone that night.

As they walked down the main street, they entered a store where Mo Fan quickly spotted some women from Song City negotiating with a staff member at the counter.

These women were skilled negotiators. They successfully convinced the usually non-discounting staff member to give them several free gifts.

Mo Fan and Ye Xinxia quickly switched stores to avoid being recognized.

Ye Xinxia changed from her formal temple attire into a knitted head scarf and small Few would recognize this stylish and youthful woman as the G.o.ddess of the Parthenon temple.

She became cheerful and shared enthusiastically with Mo Fan about recent interesting encounters.

Seeing her like this, Mo Fan felt relieved. Sometimes, when people achieve certain positions, their mindset can change significantly. They might even transform their original character completely.

Mo Fan had worried about this, but thankfully, Ye Xinxia seemed to be doing well.

Perhaps, as long as he was by her side, she would always remain the innocent girl next door he had watched over and cared for.

"Does it look nice?"

"The seller got it from wholesale…"

"Huh?" Ye Xinxia took it off. She suddenly regretted her decision to return to the Parthenon Temple right away.

Since they were in Song City, they should stay there for a few days.

But there were some matters she had to deal with, and she could only wait until her annual day off to return to Song City.

"How about this? When my s.p.a.ce Element reaches Forbidden Curse level, I'll create a portal for you. Once you change out of your G.o.ddess robe into your everyday dress, you can step through this portal straight to Song City. It's faster than taking the bus or subway home from work. When you want to go shopping, just head downstairs from your apartment complex. There are plenty of lovely and stylish items for you to choose from every day." Mo Fan suddenly had a brilliant idea.

"Can you really do that?" Ye Xinxia blinked. It sounded like the empty promises Mo Fan made when they were young.

In the past, Mo Fan often made such promises to cheer her up, but many could not come true.

Even so, if one came true, Ye Xinxia would be happy for a long time.

"Let's just try it. There are many mysteries in this world, and even at the highest level of the Forbidden Curse, some are beyond our grasp. Creating a stable teleportation portal isn't impossible," Mo Fan said confidently.

"Okay. If I could go back home every day after temple duties and see people dancing in the square in Song City, it would bring me great happiness," Ye Xinxia replied.

Well, she grew up in China, so she desired to return to her beloved Song City, even though she had grown up and a.s.sumed the role of G.o.ddess at the Parthenon Temple. She cherished the carefree and relaxed nature of her fellow citizens.

"The main challenge is the energy needed for s.p.a.ce and the stability of the portal. Let's not rush it. When I manage to create it, I'll be able to pick you up from work every day," Mo Fan said.

The path of magic was long and challenging. However powerful it became, it ultimately served people and must fit into daily life.

Mo Fan had not realized what he had been searching for was already within his grasp.

However, the responsibility of protecting fell on his generation. Despite the need to stay vigilant, there was also time to enjoy life. It felt like returning to the days when Seal City was still present. His daily task was picking up Ye Xinxia from school.

Though Seal City was gone, the people and their emotions remained.

"Mo Fan, you used to joke with me about a world without magic. So… what would we be like in that world? Could we still be like we are now?" Ye Xinxia turned to Mo Fan and asked.

At her question, Mo Fan suddenly felt a wave of anxiety.

Oh no. Did she find out he transmigrated here?

"Ahem. Why are you suddenly asking about this?" Mo Fan said.

"I'm just curious. Without magic, does it mean there are no demons and conflicts? Would people get along more peacefully? Would various factions still send young people to battle? Would young people work regular jobs? Or would they need to defend their cities and families constantly?" Ye Xinxia pondered aloud.

As the G.o.ddess, Ye Xinxia saw the darker sides of the world. She knew that some things could not be changed. Staying in her position for long might corrupt her. She needed to work hard to stay true to her original intentions. But even if she could maintain her principles while being the G.o.ddess, how could she ensure that future successors would think like her after she left?

Ye Xinxia knew that whatever she decided, she could always get Mo Fan's support. But how would other uncertain leaders of the Parthenon Temple stand up against those powerful forces?

Mo Fan thought briefly and then said, "It's all the same."

"All the same?" Ye Xinxia was surprised and confused.

Without magic and demons, where would conflicts come from?

"I don't know how advanced humans will become in the future, but right now, even without magic and demons, conflicts never stop. When there are no demons, some countries and people become demons. All we can do is take care of ourselves," Mo Fan explained.

"Oh, then… I'll pray for the unfortunate people in that world from now on," Ye Xinxia said.

Mo Fan was caught off guard by her words. He reached out and gently stroked her head.

Ye Xinxia was like many kind-hearted little girls. When they were young, their first silly wish was for world peace. But as they grew up, not many continued to wish for it.

"Little girl, make your wishes. Don't worry about how to make them come true. People like us will handle that," Mo Fan said while patting Ye Xinxia's head affectionately.

Ye Xinxia stuck out her tongue. She was not just making wishes. She was also working hard.

Mo Fan looked up at the sky. He had almost forgotten that he was from another world.

He could not go back now. He wondered if his other self in that s.p.a.ce had also worked hard to keep that broken world together with his efforts and determination.

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