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Gong Yi contemplated as she fed the boy. After he ate a few mouthfuls Yi Mo spoke to him, saying "You have to eat more, you're too thin." Then an idea came to mind and she said, "I just saved the maidservant. You are too young so I'll have her take care of you."

Gong Yi thought the little villain would be happy to hear it. Who knew that he would suddenly look up at Yi Mo, his beautiful eyes filled with hurt; he put down his half eaten chicken legs, clenched his fists, and cautiously said…

"I have grown up and I don't need anyone else to take care of me." 

In the past two months he survived by himself. Although it was very difficult, it was still achievable.

Gong Yi frowned and said, "How can you keep doing this? You should listen to me!" How can she leave him to handle everything as a young child? A six year old boy has to wash his own clothes on top of stealing food and supporting himself; Yi Mo couldn't bear the thought.

The girl's words made Little Jue even more depressed and his eyes began to water. He subconsciously stared at his clothes. "Sister Gong…..I'm embarra.s.sed, I eat very little, I….I'll grow up soon so I won't trouble anyone!"

Afterwards he suddenly grabbed Gong Yi Mo's sleeves and gazed at her beautiful eyes; he whispered to her like a pitiful beast…."Sister Gong, please sister Gong, I'll do everything you ask and I will absolutely listen to everything you say! I will try not to drag you down in the future….so please…..don't abandon me…"

His words surprised Gong Yi Mo. The child's senses were sharp; Yi Mo had already decided not to intervene in his life, but she didn't expect Little Jue to notice it so soon.

She looked at his skinny hand grabbing at her sleeves; this hand had given her food during the day.

The boy was severely malnourished, yet he also has to guard against the schemes of others. There was never a time of peace for him in the cold palace. Even if Gong Yi didn't help him, he will not die. But can she just watch a child struggle hard every day? Can she simply let him go?

In her previous life, Gong Jue left the cold palace at the age of thirteen. By then he had shed much blood and tears by himself. Yi Mo had once doubted this as a rumor, but now that she looked at the skinny beggar, she knew it was all true.

This was probably the first time the young boy asked for help. He held on to her tightly, fearing that she would turn away and refuse him.

For the first time, he hoped that someone could stay by his side, even if she didn't do anything. He could find food and take care of himself. The days in the cold palace were so lonely and chilling; Little Jue simply wanted someone to keep him company and watch over him.

Meanwhile, Gong Yi Mo was filled with endless frustration. The boy was so sweet. Why was he being so nice towards her?

I can't figure him out.

She suddenly raised her hand and smacked the boy's head hard; "Aren't you going to hurry up and eat! If you eat so little, how are you going to gain some meat with that skinny body!"

Although Little Jue suffered a headache, he could sense a warmer att.i.tude coming from Yi Mo; he quickly grabbed her hands and carefully asked, "Sister Gong won't leave me right?"

Gong Yi Mo rolled her eyes and sighed. "No I won't! I'll wait for you to grow up and live a good life with you!" That was exactly how she said it, but the more Gong Yi considered it, the more it seemed feasible. If she could put aside her hatred and get along well with Little Jue, their friends.h.i.+p from childhood may be more significant than his romance for Su Miaolan in the future. 

In her last life, Gong Jue became one of the leading figures of this great dynasty. He was armed with elite soldiers. The man even served as a regent for five or six years. Later on, he became the second most powerful man in the country, right behind Gong Che who had claimed the throne through Yi Mo's help.

If she embraces his thigh, wouldn't she be able to live without trouble in the future?!

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it was a good idea. Anyways she is still young and there is nowhere else to go. It's better to stay in this cold palace and build a good friends.h.i.+p with the future Regent….Yi Mo started to examine the boy from head to toe and gave a satisfied nod. As Little Jue watched her eyes, he felt his scalp tingle, as if he was being calculated and was being a.s.signed a price tag. He looked down in embarra.s.sment, but somehow he felt happy; he seems to have some value to her!

This is such a clever idea! Yi Mo's eyes flashed as she a.s.sessed him. If he is nurtured well he could become an upright, powerful, and gracious Regent Prince. But first she must solve the problem of his meals.

Gong Yi patted the boy's head. In any case she had decided to raise him. If he still decides to chase after that Su Miaolan after all she does to rear him.…Yi Mo's gaze turned dark….."watch how I'll deal with you!"

Putting aside her dark thoughts, Gong Yi quickly resumed smiling and looked contentedly at Gong Jue. The more satisfied she appeared, the more poor Little Jue shrank back in fear. The expression of sister Gong is simply terrible! He will absolutely listen to what sister Gong says. Word for word. He dare not disobey!

After discussing major events in life, the two small children continued their meal with a relaxed mood and a good appet.i.te. After going through four kilos of grilled chicken, Gong Yi sighed with emotion. It would be perfect if she had a bottle of alright.

Following their dinner, the pair sat on the roof and gazed at the stars, completely disregarding that this site was somebody else's property.

The palace was very beautiful at night. There were many lanterns that dotted the buildings especially the main palace; the eaves seemed to fly under the moonlight while the magnificent houses with their stacked roof tiles continued on to no end.

Gong Jue never thought that the palace where he lived in for six years could be so spectacular. As he was immersed in the view, he felt peace of mind.

Being around sister Gong was like being around his mother. He felt relaxed and open around her. Little Jue crouched over and turned to look at Gong Yi Mo. He noticed the girl leaning out slightly; she seemed to be very curious of her surroundings and her eyes s.h.i.+ned like the stars!

When Xue Rong died, he was still very young, but he had also heard of her fame. She was a woman who was treated like a jewel by the emperor and her daughter was just as beautiful.

However when Xue Rong died, the emperor never made mention of her name again, which is why until now, Gong Jue never found out the name of her daughter.

"Sister Gong."

The princess turned to look him in the eyes.

Her expression was always so fascinating. Gong Jue felt like she has made so many different faces since they first met. He didn't understand what feeling was beginning to swell in his heart. He only knew that it was difficult to look at her straight because her beauty was too breathtaking. The boy lowered his head and whispered in embarra.s.sment, "Sister Gong, I still don't know what to call you, please forgive me. But….what is your name?"

Gong Yi Mo was stunned. When her name was bestowed by the emperor, the entire harem had boiled with jealousy. But there is actually a person who doesn't know her name?

However, she remembered that Little Jue was only two years old when he entered the cold palace; by that time Xue Rong was dead and everyone avoided the mere mention of her name. Yi Mo wasn't sure if this was normal.

The girl felt embarra.s.sed thinking about her name; it expressed the strong love that was declared by the supreme emperor for his woman. This name was a thorn in the hearts of three thousand women in the harem, but now it is more like a joke. When her mother pa.s.sed away, the name seemed to be contaminated with dust; since then it's original brilliance has never recovered.    

"Gong Yi Mo."

Little Gong Jue looked up at her. She turned to stare at the main palace where the light s.h.i.+ned brightest, and then solemnly repeated, "I am called Gong Yi Mo."


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