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Chapter 211: Next time, I'll Kill You (2)

Si Wuyan laughed with a 'puchi' sound before glaring at her sternly, "You're kidding me…"

"No." Gong Yi Mo shook her head and her gaze drifted far away.

"That person, even though he may be obscure now, climbing up by sleeping with others in bed, when he has a stable foundation, he has tactics, people, and naturally wealth. He may look devious, but his heart has a basic sense of justice. Now, he has it all, he's just lacking a good supporter.

"And you, you are that supporter!"

Her words caused Si Wuyan to sink into silence. After a long time, he smiled, "Why should I believe you? Perhaps you are just trying to get me to go against Imperial Mother, forcing me to seek my own road to death…"

He wasn't done speaking, but the rest was caught in his throat because Gong Yi Mo was staring at him with a pair of wide eyes, smiling as she looked at him.

"What are you looking at me for?!" He wanted to pull out his hair. Was he too amiable recently? Why was she able to show such a smile to this evil doctor?

Gong Yi Mo said, "If you don't have a single friend, it would be very lonely. Also, wholeheartedly believing in someone feels very good. Do you want to try?"

She patted her small frame and used a tempting tone to say those words. For some reason, it was rather funny.

Si Wuyan lifted his head and drank a cup of wine. He taunted, "Trust, then do you trust me?"

"I trust you!" Gong Yi Mo fervently nodded her head. Her behavior made Si Wuyan panic slightly, and he drank cup after cup. At this time, the snow was still falling from the sky. As they fell on his eyelashes, it wasn't known whether he was feeling loneliness or grief.

He looked at the snow, then at her before finally smiling.

"Didn't I tell you before? …That you can't trust me."

After saying so, just when Gong Yi Mo wanted to speak, she felt her entire body breaking out in pain! He actually poisoned the wine!

At this time, Si Wuyan stood up. Seeing Gong Yi Mo in pain, he looked down at her from above as he lightly spoke.

"I don't want friends, and I don't want these things. You are also right…"

He looked down at the girl who was only thirteen years old with a slight smile.

"You're pretty good at talking. I indeed envy you and Gong Jue, but the one I'm most jealous of is you.

"You probably don't know how great you are… The entire Great Yu adores you. Your achievements are sung by thousands, and you are only thirteen… There will be a day when your ambitions rise up and the four nations are submerged in the fires of war…"

No, I won't!

Gong Yi Mo wanted to refute, but she felt more and more in pain. Her head also felt more and more dizzy. She almost fainted.

At this time, Si Wuyan's expression gradually sunk with a hint of a strange emotion. He knelt in front of Gong Yi, watching her suffer on the execution platform. He asked in a very light voice.

"So, in order to not endanger the Yu Country, I can only kill you…"

Gong Yi Mo smiled bitterly, was it her that didn't see others properly? If she really died though, she was resigned to it.

Si Wuyan's ice-cold fingers landed on her face. He felt her shaking from the cold and pain and looked somewhat confused as he spoke.

"Maybe you can forgive, trust, and love many people. Heh… But, do you understand now? Some people aren't worth these things…"

His fingers gently opened her lips and stuffed a pill in. After forcing her to swallow it, he smiled coldly and threatened viciously.

"Next time we meet, I will definitely kill you!"

Saying that, he sauntered away. The flaming red robes mixed with the white snowflakes, his back seemed so weak and stubborn. His figure was swallowed under the snow and darkness of night. Only Gong Yi Mo was left in place, heaving a sigh of relief after a long while. She turned over and lay on her back on the execution platform.

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Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 211 - Next Time, I'll Kill You (2) summary

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