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Chapter 62: Zhang Princess Gong Han Yue

"It seems that you have forgotten, you're no longer a princess but a commoner!"

When the Zhang Princess Gong Han Yue said this, her chin was raised high as she looked down on Gong Yi Mo with a smug look. She had been waiting for this day for a long time and it finally came! To think that Gong Yi Mo was once favored by the heavens, while she had to look up from her lowly station. Now, she could let that commoner feel what it was like to be trampled under her feet! Gong Han Yue's voice trembled with excitement.

"What are you gawking for? Quickly get down on your knees! Or do you want to challenge imperial authority? I'm not as easy to deal with as Father!"

Her arrogant tone along with the implied threat within her words caused Gong Yi Mo to narrow her eyes and stare at her sharply.

Seeing this, Qin Ke Er quietly took a few steps back from where she stood behind Gong Han Yue.

"So it was… Zhang Princess."

Gong Yi Mo sighed. This was her royal sister who had a flat chest and lacked a brain. It was no wonder she still couldn't find a marriage partner at this age. It was with reason.

No matter! Gong Yi Mo finally stood up and walked towards the ill–tempered girl.

Seeing her movement, many onlookers secretly speculated that Gong Yi Mo was going to yield. Would she really kneel down?

The wind caused Gong Yi Mo's martial robes to slightly flutter. As she stood up, her pants outlined her long, curved legs. She walked casually with a steady pace, but the dignity and overbearing aura of her being could not be hidden. Unconsciously, the crowd shared this same thought–compared to the Zhang Princess, this girl appeared much more suitable as a princess of the Dynasty.

As Gong Yi Mo walked closer, Gong Han Yue couldn't resist stepping back with fear. But when she remembered her ident.i.ty, she stood her ground and shouted.

"Aren't you going to kneel!" She demanded once again.

In the end, she was a princess. Her anger caused pressure in her surroundings, which caused many of the n.o.ble women present to flinch.

But Gong Yi Mo still had that smile that was not a smile on her face as if she had nothing to do with the situation.

"Has Zhang Princess forgotten? Although His Majesty deprived me of my t.i.tle and status, he also said before that I don't have to kneel in ceremony to anyone. Or is Zhang Princess thinking of challenging father's decree?"

Her words caused Gong Han Yue to think twice. She remembered that even when Gong Yi Mo was in the presence of the emperor, she rarely saluted him in ceremony. Such a thought caused the Zhang Princess to grit her teeth in jealousy!

"Is that so? However, you have shown disrespect to this princess by speaking rudely. As royalty, I have the right to punish you, isn't that right?"

Gong Yi Mo shrugged indifferently. "Naturally."

Hearing her agree, Gong Han Yue narrowed her eyes. In them, a hint of malice flashed past. "That is indeed the case! Servants! Since Gong Yi Mo has worn inappropriate clothes for this gathering, she is showing disrespect to royalty. This Princess orders all of you to tear her clothing and cast her out!"

The surrounding women were alarmed at how vicious she was. If the Zhang Princess' words were indeed accomplished, will any man ever pursue Gong Yi Mo?

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Gong Han Yue was confident with her command, but the four maids behind her were too afraid to move. Gong Yi Mo's former power and influence still remained. This was someone even the emperor was helpless against.

"Are you all deaf?! Tear off her clothes for me! Go!"

Seeing that no one dared to step forward, Gong Han Yue was overcome with humiliation. She began to yell insanely! The jealousy in her eyes seemed to consume her.

Why does Gong Yi Mo have everything! Father favors her, the Crown Prince likes her; she was so beautiful, so arrogant, and everyone feared her!

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