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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 36 Part 3

The main reason, aside from visiting their daughter, for Xiang Daying and
Ren Danyan's surprise visit was to meet that xuezhang who played games
with their daughter.

They had no other choice. Every time they asked about him, Xiang Nuan always
changed the subject as if she didn't really want to talk about him.

Xiang Daying was curious and worried. He also felt sad that his daughter had grown
up to the point of keeping secret from her own parents. He had very complex feelings
about the whole thing.

His wife, Ren Danyan, also felt the same way.

They didn't want to go to Lin Xueyuan and inquire about his son. If there wasn't
anything going on between their daughter and his son, it would be too embarra.s.sing.

They couldn't figure out another way to meet this young man other than making the
trip to the university itself.

After a short wait in the gazebo, they saw Xiang Nuan and the others coming their way.

Xiang Nuan and Min Lili led the way at the front, followed by four young men. Compared
to the two girls in the front, the four young men looked much taller.

“Dad and mom, why are you here? Are you cold?”

“We're fine.” Ren Danyan answered and looked at the girl next to Xiang Nuan: “Are you
Lili? Such a lovely girl!”

“Thank you, auntie. How are you, uncle and auntie.”

Then Xiang Nuan introduced her teammates to her parents.

Xiang Daying and Ren Danyan quietly sized up Lin Chuyan.

Their first impression: He's a good looking guy.

Their second impression: He seems well-behaved.

Judging from the outside, they were satisfied with him. Xiang Daying wanted to be picky
but at the moment, he couldn't find any fault with him.

They thought to themselves that they would keep their eyes on him.

With sweaty palms, Lin Chuyan was too nervous to speak much.

Lin Chuyan had lost a lot of confidence about his face lately. He didn't want others to
think that he was a con man, especially not the couple right in front of him.

He decided to speak less, so he wouldn't make any mistakes.

He wouldn't open his mouth unless he was being asked a question; even when he was
being asked a question, he would answer as simply as possible.

Xiang Daying and Ren Danyan acted quite naturally, not focusing all their attention on
Lin Chuyan. They would chat with Lin Chuyan, then turn to others.

They had a lively conversation as they walked to the hot pot restaurant for lunch.

Half way through lunch, Mr. and Mrs. Xiang had pretty much collected the basic
information about Lin Chuyan.

He was cla.s.s president before; he had good grades, scoring much higher than Xiang Nuan
in the college entrance exam; he had gotten the tenth level certificate for piano; his interest
was scientific research; he stopped taking money from his parents after starting college……

Xiang Nuan finally realized the purpose of her parents' visit. She hurriedly said: “Dad, mom,
what are you doing!”

“Haha, Nuannuan, have some meat. Mom will get it for you…...Lili, do you want some more?”

Min Lili raised her head: “Yes! Thank you, auntie!”

Xiang Nuan blushed and uneasily twisted her body: “What are you two thinking!”

Lin Chuyan, who sat next to Xiang Nuan, gave a sideway glance.  She looked rather cute
right now, but he couldn't laugh.

He pretended to be serious and poured some plum juice for Xiang Nuan, then he also
filled up his roommates' cups despite their shocked expressions. Afterwards, he stretched
his long arm, reaching over Xiang Nuan and Min Lili, to filled up Ren Danyan's cup as well.

He acted very natural, without any hint of deliberation.

Ren Danyan thanked him with a smile.

Lin Chuyan curved up his lips and said: “You're welcome.”

Then he turned to ask Xiang Nuan: “Do you want meatb.a.l.l.s?”


“Want shrimp?”

“No, no…...Don't talk to me now!” Xiang Nuan felt that Lin Chuyan wouldn't understand
the embarra.s.sment she was feeling right now, especially since she couldn't even explain
it to him.

Lin Chuyan stopped asking and quietly ate his food.

Ren Danyan secretly observed Lin Chuyan and the more she looked at him the more
he seemed to be a well-mannered young man.

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