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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 37 Part 2

The next day was the final round for both the International Mahjong and
Rhythm Master compet.i.tions. As expected, Lin Chuyan came out as the
champion for both games.

Waiwai delivered the award money in person to Lin Chuyan.

Neither event was particularly popular, especially International Mahjong
which was added later on. The award money wasn't much; a little over
1000 RMB combined.

Lin Chuyan gave the money to Xiang Nuan, but she refused.

She was still uneasy about her parents' surprise visit yesterday. Though
she didn't act differently towards Lin Chuyan, she felt rather awkward facing
him and tried to distance herself. “I don't want the money.”

“I said before that I'd give it to you.”

“I award it back to you.”

Lin Chuyan then decided to treat her for dinner; Xiang Nuan asked Min Lili
to join them.

The dinner only costed him 200, there was still 1300 left. Lin Chuyan used
the leftover money to buy Xiang Nuan a New Year's gift.

It was almost New Year after all.

This year's New Year holiday started on December 31, a Friday. Usually if
there was a three day long weekend, Xiang Nuan would go home. But she
couldn't this time because the final compet.i.tion was on that She
needed to prepare for the final match.

Zheng Dongkai went home that Friday. Maomaoqiu and Dayu decided to
study. They had realized that they shouldn't relax too much ever since they
failed the last lab experiment.

Xiang Nuan logged onto the game in the library. She tried to invite Lin Chuyan
but got turned down.

Lin Chuyan: Where are you at?

Xiang Nuan: Library. What's up?

Lin Chuyan: Wait for me.

Xiang Nuan: ? ?

Lin Chuyan: ^ _ ^

What was he up to……

Xiang Nuan was confused.

She checked her friends list and found Hu Ge was online.  She didn't send
him an invite since she knew he was busy playing game with his fans as a
New Year promotional event.

Many streamers would play games with their fans. Since forming a team with
a strong streamer would mean a better chance of winning, there was never a
lack of players willing to team up.

Xiang Nuan didn't see any of her teammates online, she had no choice but to
queue up by herself.

She rarely queued up on her own ever since she started playing with Lin Chuyan.
She had forgotten the dangers of playing on her own. But she was quickly
reminded in the first match.

In order to be a good teammate, she played Zhang Fei, a champion she was
familiar with. After the match started, the Sun Wukong and the Yuji on her team
began fighting over red buff.

Both players were quite emotional and agitated, but they couldn't kill their own
teammate. So they began to verbally abuse each other in the chat.

Xiang Nuan found it quite troublesome.

The mage at mid was playing the champion s.h.i.+ranui Mai. He watched the
bickering between the two teammates for a while, then coldly commented:
two weaklings pecking.

Xiang Nuan thought that this player must've been more skilled players and
decided not to pay attention to her two bickering teammates but to work with
this s.h.i.+ranui Mai.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as she had hoped and s.h.i.+ranui Mai almost
got Xiang Nuan killed.

Then, two squawking weaklings turned into three……

Dejected, Xiang Nuan felt that her skill level must've been too high that the
game matched her with these weak players.

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