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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 21 Part 1

Lin Chuyan's voice was quite suited to sing “By the Lake Baikal.”

His voice was clear, pure, and soft.  The lyrics effortlessly flowed out. He
took his time to sing about a tender and lingering love.

Xiang Nuan closed her eyes and could picture the bright bonfire and the
moonlight reflecting off the lake.

It was such an appropriate song to hear on a windy and chilly night.

When Lin Chuyan finished singing, Xiang Nuan was still immersed in the
world by the Lake Baikal.

It was silent on the voice chat. Neither of them spoke. She could hear Lin
Chuyan breathing after the song ended, it was as light as a breeze.

Lin Chuyan spoke: “Get on the game. My roommates are back.”

Xiang Nuan was reluctant to come back to reality: “I don't feel like playing
tonight. I want to hear you sing.”

“One song a day, don't push your luck.”


Xiang Nuan logged on.

Lin Chuyan had turned on the speaker. Xiang Nuan heard Zheng Dongkai
say: “Chuyan, we want to hear you sing as well.”

Lin Chuyan: “Ok, I'll go buy Gao Jianli.”

Zheng Dongkai: “......”

The champion Gao Jianli in Kings of Glory was a rockstar who carried a
guitar and sang when he encountered the enemy.

In the end, Zheng Dongkai didn't let Lin Chuyan buy Gao Jianli. He felt that
Lin Chuyan had been playing Daji quite well and there was no need to switch
to other champions. For people who just started playing these kind of games,
it was better to stick to one champion instead of switching around. Otherwise,
they may never get enough experience with any one champion to play well.

Zheng Dongkai had checked Lin Chuyan's champion pool. He thought Lin
Chuyan was silly to waste his money on various champions.

The five of them started playing a game. Their line up was still entry level
champions, except Xiang Nuan's Zhang Fei. The players at this level were
more interested in killing to earn more money and didn't fully understand the
importance of support.

Lin Chuyan had played Daji for a few days and began to resent a champion
named “Ah Ke.”

Ah Ke was quite sneaky; her ultimate allowed her to close in on the enemy
in stealth, catching the enemy in surprise. The most annoying part was that
whenever Ah Ke attacked the enemy from behind, she would always. .h.i.t her

Ah Ke was an, good at killing. Whenever she saw a champion in
low health, she would use her ultimate to quietly get behind the enemy and
kill them. After each kill, Ah Ke's ultimate refreshed and she could go back
into stealth to find her next quarry.

It was really sneaky.

For weak champions like Daji and Luban, it was always trouble if they
encounter Ah Ke while they were not protected by other champions. If they
turned around to flee, Ah Ke could strike at their backs. If they mustered their
courage to confront Ah Ke, they still couldn't overpower her.

It was death whether they ran or not.

Because of Ah Ke's special ability, it had become the most popular
in the Kings Valley. From high ranked players to low ranked players, everyone
loved playing her.

Dayu had Luban as his champion and Luban always s.h.i.+vered when the enemy
camp had an Ah Ke. He had to keep reminding Xiang Nuan: “Xiang Nuan, you
stay with me. I'm scared.”

“Daqiu, don't be afraid.”

“It's Dayu……”

“Dayu, don't be afraid.”

Lin Chuyan also said: “Xiang Nuan, stay with me.”

Daji also needed protection.

Sometimes, Xiang Nuan couldn't be at two places at the same time. Then she
would speak very gently to Lin Chuyan: “You be careful yourself.”

Lin Chuyan would lightly hmph in response.

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Those Sweet Times Chapter 21 Part1 summary

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