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Chapter 4176 – Six Hundred Thousand

Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Two months pa.s.sed.

In a plaza in Ice Snow City, many people were seen gathering together. There were about 600,000 in total. Although there were a lot of people, they were neatly standing in lines and no one made any noise. It was as if all 600,000 of them were well trained soldiers.

Nevertheless, all of their gazes radiated a glow that was filled with excitement and hope.

Zi Xiao and Xiao Wu were standing among the crowd. Compared to two months ago when they first arrived at Ice Snow City, while they still looked the same, they had grown tremendously in the Dao of Spirit Arrays.

Xiao Wu secretly spoke to his friend, “It’s no wonder people always say that a cultivator shouldn’t always remain in seclusion. In the past two months, we’ve had some compet.i.tions with our fellow cultivators, which helped improve our Dao of Spirit Arrays. It seems that we have to communicate with other cultivators more often in the future.”

Zi Xiao shared his sentiment, “You’re right. In the Origin Returning Realm, there are many whose mastery over the Dao of Spirit Arrays is much greater than ours. It’s incredible.”

Xiao Wu grinned meaningfully, “Anyway, our dream has come true as we can follow Senior Void to the Outer Universe. I wonder what the Outer Universe is like.”

Over the past two months, Ice Snow City had constantly been bustling with noise as there were countless compet.i.tions and tests the registrants had to go through. The two young men had overcome many hurdles and even though there were times when they failed, they had showcased their exceptional talents in the Dao of Spirit Arrays.

Now, they were still just novices in the Dao of Spirit Arrays; however, their potential for growth was unquestionable as Nanmen Da Jun had personally given them a pa.s.s.

The filtering process lasted for about two months. Selecting 500,000 people out of several dozen million was a difficult task. In order to achieve this, all the disciples in High Heaven Palace became involved. Besides them, the disciples of Ice Heart Valley, Fire Dragon Palace, and Full Sky Sect in the Northern Territory had provided countless human and material resources.

Even the disciples from major Sects in the Eastern, Southern, and Western Territory had come over to help. That was how they managed to filter so many people and got to the figure Yang Kai required.

In the end, the number was still more than 600,000 instead of 500,000, but that didn’t really matter as Yang Kai needed more people to help build Void Land.

These 600,000 people were not necessarily the most powerful cultivators in the Star Boundary, but they were the best when it came to talent and apt.i.tude in all fields. Their presence would bring new life and development to Void Land.

At the other end of the plaza, Hua Qing Si gazed at Yang Kai and said, “Palace Master, everything is ready.”

Yang Kai nodded his head, “Activate the array.”

Upon receiving the order, Hua Qing Si fished out a communication artifact and pa.s.sed on his word.

The next instant, Nanmen Da Jun, who was standing in the plaza, took out an array jade and infused his Emperor Qi into it.

A rumbling sound was heard coming from the ground as though a beam of lightning had flashed through it. In the plaza, patterns started glowing and soon engulfed all 600,000 people.

All of them had already received advanced warning, so they relaxed their guard and didn’t resist.

The glow intensified, and there came a moment when the light exploded. When the light dissipated, all 600,000 people from the plaza disappeared as they were put inside the Small Sealed World.

Yang Kai made a grabbing gesture and took back the Sealed World Bead from the Void. Then, he extended his hand towards Nanmen Da Jun and put him inside as well before turning to Hua Qing Si, “Head Manager, I’ll entrust all the matters in the Star Boundary to you, then.”

Initially, he wanted to bring Hua Qing Si with him as well; after all, she had managed High Heaven Palace for many years. If she went to Void Land, she could continue developing her managerial skills, which would save Yang Kai time and energy.

However, she refused. There were still several tens of thousands of disciples in High Heaven Palace, and if she were to leave, the Sect would become leaderless; therefore, she insisted on staying here, and Yang Kai respected her wishes.

Fortunately, Second Manager Bian Yu Qing was willing to come with him. With her managing Void Land, Yang Kai could rest a.s.sured.

With a solemn expression, Hua Qing Si replied, “Palace Master, don’t worry. This Mistress will take good care of High Heaven Palace and the Star Boundary.”

Yang Kai said with a smile, “Don’t let your duties hold up your cultivation. We’ll meet again in the Outer Universe one day.”

Although he had brought many people with him, he had also left behind a large amount of resources for those who would remain. Many of the resources he had obtained in the Outer Universe were not suitable for the cultivators in the Star Boundary, but that didn’t mean all of them weren’t. On top of that, there were already a lot of resources in the Star Boundary that hadn’t been discovered.

Over the past two months when the applicants were being filtered, Yang Kai didn’t sit idly in his home. He had gone out and explored all of the Star Boundary to look for cultivation resources. With the help of these resources, and with the World Tree strengthening the Star Boundary and repairing its World Principles, he believed that many powerful cultivators would emerge in the Star Boundary in the near future.

The Star Boundary was like the rear base for Void Land that could continuously provide talented people. The only shortcoming was that the two places were quite far apart.

“Palace Master, I’ll not disappoint you.”

“En, I’ll take my leave now.” Yang Kai stepped forward and leaped into the air.

On the ground, Hua Qing Si saluted him in an elegant manner, “Safe travels, Palace Master.”

In Ice Snow City, countless people shouted, “Safe travels, Senior Void!”

Yang Kai turned his head and gently waved his hand at them. Following that, he took one step forward and disappeared.

This time, he hadn’t only brought with him 600,000 cultivators who were experts in different areas, but also many Emperor Realm Masters.

In the Northern Territory, the top cultivators from High Heaven Palace included Yu Ru Meng, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Xue Yue, Shan Qing Luo, Xiao Xiao, Liu Yan, and Qiong Qi. There were also Gui Zu, Chi Yue, Ai Ou, Bian Yu Qing, and the others who were all Emperor Realm Masters.

Top cultivators from Ice Heart Valley included Bing Yun, Ji Yao, An Ruo Yun, and Sun Yun Xiu. There were also Li Jiao from Fire Dragon Palace and Mi Qi from Full Sky Sect.

In addition, there were also top cultivators from Serene Soul Palace in the Eastern Territory as well as Star Soul Palace and Azure Sun Temple in the Southern Territory.

Besides them, there were also the three Divine Venerables and their Monster Kings from the Ancient Wild Lands as well as the Stone Spirit Clan and Wood Spirit Clan members.

It could be said that besides the Masters in the auxiliary professions, all the most powerful cultivators from the Star Boundary had also gathered together in the Small Sealed World, to say nothing of the fact that the Great Emperors were also among them.

This time, Yang Kai had practically hollowed out the heritage of the Star Boundary.

However, the World Tree was rapidly repairing the Star Boundary, so the remaining cultivators would be able to grow significantly alongside the Universe World in a short period of time as they bore witness to the rise of the reborn Star Boundary. Following the Star Boundary’s vigorous growth, many new top cultivators would emerge.

A moment later, Yang Kai appeared in the periphery of the Star Boundary.

Lu Xue and the others, who had been standing guard in this place, hurriedly moved forward and cupped their fists, “Sir!”

Yang Kai nodded before turning to look at one of them, “Hei He, I have a task for you.”

“Sir, please give the order.” Hei He sported a solemn expression.

“Remain here and safe-guard this Universe World’s safety. If you dare to slack off, the punishment will be severe!”

Despite the fact that Hei He was reluctant to take up this task, he still had to agree to it, so he nodded and declared, “I’ll not disappoint you!”

Although he was much stronger than Yang Kai, he had left his name and aura on the Loyalty List; hence, he couldn’t disobey this order. Otherwise, Yang Kai could just scratch his name out using Xie Zhi’s horn, which would kill him on the spot.

Yang Kai had swept up almost all the top Masters from the Star Boundary, so he had to leave someone here to protect the Universe World; after all, Void Land was far away from the Star Boundary, and there wasn’t a way for the two places to communicate with each other quickly. If the Star Boundary fell into danger, he wouldn’t be able to provide a.s.sistance.

Hei He was a powerful Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so with him standing guard here, he should be able to deal with most of the difficulties.

With that said, Yang Kai knew that even though Hei He immediately agreed to this order, he likely wasn’t sincere. The reason he took on this task was that he was restricted by the Loyalty List.

With a faint smile, Yang Kai decided to sweeten the deal, “500 years. You’ll just have to stay here for Five 500 years. As long as you don’t make any mistakes, I’ll return your freedom to you. I swear it upon my Dao Seal.”

Hearing that, Hei He was stunned before he appeared pleasantly surprised. Hurriedly, he cupped his fists and replied, “Many thanks, Sir! This Hei will definitely do everything in his power to ensure the safety of this Universe World!”

As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, 500 years was neither too long nor too short for him, so he could wait. Moreover, Yang Kai had sworn upon his Dao Seal, so he would surely keep his promise.

Then, Yang Kai told him to fish out his own Star Chart and marked the location of Void Land on the chart. If Hei He came across any unresolvable crisis, he should immediately head to Void Land and inform him about it. Naturally, he agreed to it respectfully.

After all the arrangements were made, Yang Kai turned his head to look at the gigantic tree in the Star Boundary for a moment before he flew off in a particular direction.

Since he had dealt with the matters in the Star Boundary, it was time he headed to the new Demon Realm.

When he left in the past, he separated the Demon Realm’s territories from the Small Sealed World and formed a new Demon Realm. The Embodiment was left there to take charge of it and presently, there were still many Demons living in that place, which included the Demon Saint Bei Li Mo and Demon Dragon Chang Tian.

He didn’t intend to bring the Demons to Void Land as, after the Two Worlds Great War, countless Humans and Demons had lost their lives, forging a blood feud between the two that was unresolvable. If he brought the Demons to Void Land, there might be some unwanted conflicts.

Nevertheless, he could bring Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian with him. One of them was a Demon Saint while the other had a Dragon Clan bloodline. Since both of them were already on Demon Saint level Masters, they had to jump out of their Universe World if they wanted to continue their cultivation.

The new Demon Realm and the Star Boundary were in the same Great Territory. At that time, in order to prevent the people from these two places coming into contact with each other, Yang Kai chose a place that was far from the Star Boundary before separating the territories from the Small Sealed World.

However, given his current understanding of the Outer Universe, Yang Kai realised that the two Universe Worlds were not really that far apart.

A few days later, he pa.s.sed through a large area of void and looked around, then he appeared doubtful.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the newly formed Demon Realm should be here, but once he reached his destination, the Demon Realm was nowhere to be seen. Yang Kai was puzzled and even doubted that he might have gotten the location wrong.

The new Demon Realm had taken the form of Gun-Gun, but it was a Universe World after all, so it wasn’t supposed to move easily.

[Has something happened?] Yang Kai suddenly had a bad premonition. Then, he emptied his mind and sensed his surroundings.

Embodiment was in charge of the Demon Realm, and the two of them had an unbreakable connection. As long as they were not too far apart, they could detect one another.

A moment later, Yang Kai turned around and shot forward in a particular direction.

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