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Chapter 5751: s.p.a.ce-Time River

All this while, whether it be Yang Kai or other Human Race Masters, they had always been borrowing from some sort of special method to present their Dao Strengths.

For example, when Yang Kai used the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel back then, the Sun and Moon would s.h.i.+ne together to give rise to the time Dao Strength, which was then complemented by s.p.a.ce Dao Strength, intertwining with it to form the profound s.p.a.ce-Time Strength.

The power of the Grand Dao was, for anyone, an ethereal existence, yet one that firmly existed. It was the foundation and direction for every Open Heaven Realm Master’s cultivation.

n.o.body had ever actually seen directly what the Dao looked like…

It was both a limitation of one’s mind and stereotyped thinking.

However, what Yang Kai saw in the Universe Furnace gave rise to an epiphany. The Dao was not invisible nor shapeless. These mountains, the Infinite Rivers, and even the jellyfish Chaos Ent.i.ties that he kept in his Small Universe, were all condensations of Shattered Dao Essence, so which one of them was not a manifestation of Dao Strength?

If the Shattered Dao Essence could a.s.sume a form, then why not the Grand Daos cultivated by cultivators?

Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he had pushed open the door to a new world, and many new insights were being born in his mind…

After calming himself, Yang Kai began circulating the s.p.a.ce and Time Dao Strengths with all his might to spur on their subtleties.

Even though he had cultivated many Grand Daos, the ones with the highest attainments were the Dao of Time and the Dao of s.p.a.ce. At this moment, he had completely abandoned the Dao Strengths of the other Grand Daos and only used the Dao Strengths of Time and s.p.a.ce in order to protect this place.

Under his careful control, Yang Kai wrapped the Dao Strengths around Ou Yang Lie to block the Chaos Ent.i.ties who were rus.h.i.+ng at him, brus.h.i.+ng them away without affecting Ou Yang Lie in the slightest.

One had to have a high level of mastery and control over one’s Grand Dao to achieve such a thing, or else the slightest mistake could mean pulling Ou Yang Lie into it as well.

More and more Chaos Ent.i.ties were gathering, emerging not just from the mountains, but also from the void. Some were even born out of thin air.

This mountain range itself could technically be considered a Chaos Ent.i.ty as well, and an extremely ma.s.sive one at that. Only, it was unlike the other Chaos Ent.i.ties in that it was completely fixed in form, incapable of thought, and also immobile.

However, the Shattered Dao Essence that was stripped off of it could come together again to give rise to new Chaos Ent.i.ties.

The pill fragrance and aura emanated from the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill was so strong that a large number of Chaos Ent.i.ties were spurred into birth within the mountain range that was so full of Shattered Dao Essence.

After being damaged by Dao Strength, the Chaos Ent.i.ties that came lunging over often dissipated into nothing before they could even get close to Ou Yang Lie. Nonetheless, their numbers were truly too great. Yang Kai could certainly hold down his own end, but if the others were to deplete their strength, then the defensive line would collapse.

Zhan Tian He and the others were getting anxious…

Ou Yang Lie did not have full confidence to be able to refine the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill to begin with, so if he were to be disturbed by the Chaos ent.i.ties now, it would make things far worse. There may really even be a chance of failing.

However, they had already done everything they could. They were constantly unleas.h.i.+ng Dao Strengths, but in desperation, they could only put their hopes in Yang Kai.

He was the pillar of the Human Race who had performed countless miracles, often achieving feats impossible for all others. They only hoped that he had a solution to the situation at hand; otherwise, if even he came up empty in the face of their predicament, there was truly no other hope.

It was at this point that Zhan Tian He and the others saw where the problem lay.

They should not have had Ou Yang Lie refine the Open Heaven Pill here. Any other place in the void would not have been as bad as this place. Without the ma.s.s of Chaos Ent.i.ties being born from the mountains, any one of them could have dealt with this situation easily; in fact, it may not have mattered if there was no one standing guard for Ou Yang Lie then.

This whole situation could only be attributed to poor information on their side, but there was nothing they could do about it as most of the information about the Universe Furnace came from the one witness, Blood Crow. However, to be fair, he was only in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm when he entered the Universe Furnace back then, and he was not from the Cave Heavens or Paradises either. As a rogue character, how could he have known of such confidential information?

Throwing a quick glance over at Yang Kai, they saw him circulating his Dao Strengths and brandis.h.i.+ng them freely. His face did not look too panicked, which calmed their anxiety some.

Soon, something unusual caught their attention.

Surprisingly, a mist began forming around Ou Yang Lie…

They had no idea where the hazy mist had come from, but it formed a barrier of protection around him that enveloped Ou Yang Lie into it. Some of the Chaos Ent.i.ties that failed to be blocked and rushed into the mist would quickly melt away like snowflakes under the blazing Sun, turning into nothing before they could reach Ou Yang Lie.

Zhan Tian He and the rest were shocked!

It was not mist. Clearly, it was a mysterious condensation of Dao Strength.

Instantly, they felt amazed…

[So, Dao Strength can be manifested in such a way?] In all their years of cultivation, n.o.body had ever told them about that.

And, after tracing the source, Yang Kai turned out to be the cause of the mist!

Though they had no idea what Yang Kai had done to manifest his Dao Strength in such a way, the tense situation from before finally eased up. With the mist of pure Dao Strength as a barrier, the Chaos Ent.i.ties were simply unable to break through their defence.

The pressure on Zhan Tian he and the others was relieved in an instant, and they were all thoroughly impressed. As expected of this man, he truly was great at creating miracles that n.o.body else could perform.

As long as Senior Brother Ou Yang Lie did not make any mistakes in refining the Supreme Grade Open Heaven Pill, then there should be no issues.

As they were thinking that, Zhan Tian He and the others were surprised to find that the mist barrier manifested by Dao Strength was still constantly evolving. The Dao Strength around Yang Kai had become increasingly intense, as if the mist barrier was not his ultimate goal.

Sure enough, following Yang Kai’s continuous efforts, the faint particles of the mist as fine as dust began to gather together…

From mist, turning into water…


The faint sound seemed to emerge from the depths of their souls, and the moment it did, all of them were taken aback. It seemed like even their own Dao Strengths could not help but resonate in response.

When they looked up, they were immediately met with a shocking sight.

It was not known when a trickle of water had appeared in the mist. It did not seem different from any ordinary stream of water; in fact, this stream of water had come about as a manifestation of the purest Dao Strength.

Water continued to flow, absorbing the surrounding mist and gradually growing in size…

In just a few moments, the stream surrounding Ou Yang Lie disappeared without a trace, replaced by a brook coiling up and constantly spinning around.

It was as if there was a flow of water surrounding Ou Yang Lie and enveloping him into it.

The stream rapidly grew in size, turning into a small river. The river water flowed in a coiling circle, going round and round. There were even some splashes in the river, shooting out instantaneous explosions of Dao Strength. Anytime any Chaos Ent.i.ty was swept up into the Grand Dao River, they would disappear in an instant as if the water had some kind of devouring effect.

Zhan Tian He and the others slowly stopped what they were doing and just watched the scene in amazement.

They thought that since they had already reached the peak of the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm in their cultivation, then even if there were some differences between them and a legendary figure like Yang Kai, he should still not be too far behind them.

It was only at this moment that they realized that Yang Kai belonged in a different league among peak Eighth Orders…

As expected of a living legend!

The Grand Dao River coiled around, protecting Ou Yang Lie. Countless Chaos Ent.i.ties rushed into it, only to draw up a splash before disappearing into nothingness, unable to disturb Ou Yang Lie inside of it at all.

Yang Kai kept on circulating the Dao Strengths within his own body to keep the Grand Dao River flowing and expressing the profundities of his Dao Strengths, growing the river in volume.

However, it was not long before he reached his limit and could do no more.

Looking over now, the Grand Dao River was now 10 times larger than when it first took shape, and it was coiling around Ou Yang Lie’s body like an awe-inspiring Water Dragon.

Yang Kai had an expression as tranquil as an ancient well, but he was in quite a good mood inside.

This was no surprise as he would have one more trump card up his sleeve from now on besides the Sun and Moon Divine Seal.

[Since it is an expression of the Daos of Time and s.p.a.ce, then let’s call it the s.p.a.ce-Time River…]

The reason he came about with such an idea was because of the Infinite River that he had encountered in the Universe Furnace World.

If the Infinite River could be formed from rich Shattered Dao Essence, then why couldn’t he form a river with his own Dao Strength?

It was from this thought that the s.p.a.ce-Time River was born.

However, there was still an enormous difference between his s.p.a.ce-Time River and the Universe Furnace World’s Infinite River, which was said to run through the entire Universe Furnace World. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s s.p.a.ce-Time River could only exist in a limited area.

At the very root of it was his own attainments in his Grand Daos. If that could be improved, then the volume of the s.p.a.ce-Time River would definitely increase in turn.

This was not something that could be rushed. Regarding the Dao of Time and Dao of s.p.a.ce, Yang Kai was currently only at the eighth level of mastery. If he could one day reach the ninth level, then there would definitely be quant.i.tative and qualitative changes to his s.p.a.ce-Time River.

Of course, the limitations could also be attributed to the fact that Yang Kai had only just been enlightened to such a method. If more time was given to him to study it, familiarize himself with it, and to gain experience using it, then its might and volume would also improve.

The greatest advantage of the s.p.a.ce-Time River over the Sun and Moon Divine Seal was its sustainability. Currently, Yang Kai was using it to protect Ou Yang Lie, but he could naturally use it to trap enemies as well.

If he had this trump card when they were dealing with Meng Que, then they might have been able to kill him rather than just forcing him to retreat.

If there came a day when the s.p.a.ce-Time River’s volume increased to the point where it was on par with the Universe Furnace World’s Infinite River, then Yang Kai would probably become invincible. Whether it was a Royal Lord or a Black Ink Giant Spirit G.o.d, as long as he summoned the s.p.a.ce-Time River and dragged his enemies into it, then they would only be able to reflect on their mistakes for the next several hundred thousand years.

After all, the s.p.a.ce-Time River was created purely by manifestations of the Dao Strengths of s.p.a.ce and Time, thus Time and s.p.a.ce in its waters were infinitely variable.

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