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Published at 16th of September 2019 06:51:33 AM Chapter 11

I could live more freely in humanity’s lands . While I lived as the Prince in the elven lands, their society was relatively ordinary . As a consequence, I couldn’t see the special rights of being a Prince – under the definition that special rights included more than being respected .

There weren’t any special privileges in the elven lands since wealth and authority weren’t goals for them . In humanity’s lands, on the other hand, my status as a Prince granted me the right to do plenty of things . Further, there were lots of instances where my status as a Prince could be used . For example, I could use it when attending all sorts of b.a.l.l.s or banquets and so forth . While I had a strong dislike for them in my early days, after I learnt the quintessence of b.a.l.l.s, I was able to find some ways to entertain myself at them .

I gradually developed a sense of joy when people complimented me . I was aware that their praise wasn’t sincere, but I’m not convinced there’s n.o.body who doesn’t want to hear nice comments about them . Mommy Elizabeth also developed a fondness for taking me around everywhere since I came back . She was especially proactive in introducing me as her son . She bragged about me at every opportunity .

As I rarely attended events with Mommy Elizabeth, she’d take me around everywhere with her when I came to Hilles City for the sole purpose of showing me off . I could accept that, and I always went along with her . She also brought up Daisy’s baptism no matter if it was a ball or some other event . Daisy’s baptism, therefore, became the hottest topic . Mom allowed those who weren’t invited to come and view the baptism, but there was a limit to how many people the church could accommodate . As a result, the entry price reached a preposterous price . Still, there was a line at the ticket stall at the entrance of the Royal Palace from early morning .

In my opinion, it wasn’t good for people to stand around spectating Daisy as if she was an animal . I didn’t think Mom meant any ill-will, and it was for Daisy’s sake, as there should be family spectating another family member’s baptism . If Daisy was to be baptised in a tense manner with just us and the watchful Valkyries, then it wouldn’t be considered a baptism . It’d just be… excessively tense .


The purpose of Daisy’s baptism was to raise awareness of her existence . Letting her be known through the baptism was letting people know that her position as the successor to the throne was set in stone . Moreover, those who could afford the ticket prices to enter the church had their own income and high status . They wouldn’t dare to harm Daisy in that setting .

Daisy’s baptism was tomorrow . All of the Valkyries in the Royal Palace headed over to the church, while the military occupied the interior of the city . All members of satellite states were under surveillance . Anything that appeared within a radius of ten metres was shot down even if it was a bird . Safety in the church had to be guaranteed . The formation and scale of things was comparable to Elizabeth going out on a tour .

Nier was a little on edge since night time . Not only did she bring out her Valkyrie uniform again but also sharpened her long sword . Her gaze turned familiar, yet distant . I knew that Nier . That was the Nier before a battle . That was the time when she’d sharpen her sword by the side of my bed as I slept .

A maid carrying Daisy, who kept on crying and making a scene, pushed the door open with a smile: “Royal Princess… Archd.u.c.h.ess Daisy has kept on crying . Perhaps she wants to see you…”

Perhaps Daisy was crying and fussing all night due to nervousness for tomorrow’s baptism .   I didn’t think such a young child would know what will happen, though, would she…? I reached out to grab hold of her . This time, she chose to kindly let me hold her . That said, she still reached out to her Mom .

Nier looked at Daisy with a helpless smile and, in a soft voice, explained, “Sorry… Daisy . Mommy really wants to hold you, but Mommy is holding a weapon . You’d best not come near Mommy at the moment, because you’ll get hurt . ”

Nier was right . Nier wasn’t just armed with a sword when she was in her Valkyrie mode . She was practically the sword herself . It had been a long time since I saw that gaze of hers . I was certain she must’ve wanted to personally protect her daughter . That explained why she reverted to her Valkyrie mode . Daisy didn’t listen to her mother’s explanation, nonetheless . She desperately reached out to her Mom . Hopeless, I carried her over to the bed and placed her down . I then went up to Nier and gently pressed my hand down on her sword . I softly said, “Go and hold Daisy . I’ll take your sword for now . ”


I laughed under my breath: “I know that, as a mother, you can’t trust anyone else to protect your daughter; however, she’s your daughter . If you can’t even hold her when she’s in front of you, what’s the point of protecting her? Mommy Elizabeth once left me in the elven lands as a way of protecting me . Do you think that she’s happy with that decision now? Do you think Mommy Elizabeth… feels that she protected me?”

Various emotions flitted across Nier’s face . I sat down by her side and grabbed hold of her hand . I took her sword from her . Voice soft, I said, “Right now, the difference between you and Mommy Elizabeth is that I’m by your side . Nier, I’m right here next to you . I’m your husband and Daisy’s father . Therefore, protecting Daisy isn’t your concern alone . I, too, will protect her, so go and hold her first . ”

Nier stopped to think before nodding: “… Okay . ”

Nier reached out to pick up Daisy . Daisy’s cries gradually softened . She grabbed her Mom’s breast . Nier dallied for a moment before removing her uniform with a soft laugh . Daisy gently pressed her hand onto her Mom’s breast and began to tenderly suckle .

“Daisy, my daughter, Mommy will definitely protect you . Mommy will protect you no matter what . That’s a promise . Mommy will stay by your side, so Mommy will definitely keep you safe from harm . ”

Nier’s eyes beamed with affection . I never would’ve believed that she’d have such an affectionate gaze in her half a year ago . I gently pulled the two of them into my embrace . I whispered, “Dad will protect you, too . Dad will always be by your side to protect you . Nier, I’ll always be by your side, as well . There’s no need for you to worry . ”

“Uhm, Your Majesty, I trust you . Our daughter’s baptism is tomorrow . If I’m being honest, I’m feeling incredibly nervous at the moment… I’m genuinely, very worried that something will happen…”

“It’s all right . Come what may, I’ll always protect you and Daisy . I couldn’t do so in the past, but I absolutely can now . ”

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