Zhanxian Chapter 635: Millions Of Medicinal Dregs

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Chapter 635: Millions Of Medicinal Dregs

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“The first key to becoming a fifth-grade alchemist is to understand the properties of medicine.” Yang Chen saw that everyone was well prepared, and without talking nonsense, he went straight to the topic.

As soon as the words “understanding the medicinal properties” came out, the serious people who listened to it suddenly fell into five clouds and mists. The word understanding of medicinal properties was too vague. Everyone was talking about it, and it seemed that what Yang Chen said was really confusing.

Yang Chen waited until all the voices of discussion had gradually subsided before continuing to speak. As soon as Yang Chen opened his mouth, the other voices disappeared without a trace.

“The monarchs, ministers, a.s.sistants and envoys of these medicines in the process of dispensing, these seniors are all experts, and they won’t be here to play the axe.” Yang Chen immediately began to explain everyone’s confusion “The main thing I’m going to talk about is the refining process, about understanding the properties of the medicine.”

When everyone heard it, they thought that it was right. Since it is the key to the fifth-grade alchemy master, it was naturally a problem in the refining process.

“In this refining process, what other medicinal properties do we need to know?” Someone immediately asked strangely. Everyone looked closely, it was a monster cultivator.

The monster race’s refining method was relatively rough, so it was not surprising that he had such a problem. No one would laugh at him on this occasion, but everyone was waiting for Yang Chen’s answer.

“It’s very simple.” Yang Chen also did not ignore the simple question, but took out an ordinary herb, put it in his hand and said, “What you need to understand during the refining process is basically this herb. What kind of heat, what kind of time, what kind of technique can make the best use of the medicinal properties.”

As he spoke, a flame had erupted from Yang Chen’s hand, wrapping the herb in it. Those who had good eyesight could see at a glance that the flame released by Yang Chen was the third-grade earth core fire, the most suitable kind of fire for refining medicinal materials.

Even if there was no cauldron, Yang Chen’s third-grade earth core fire was pure green, and that herb was quickly tempered by Yang Chen’s third-grade earth core fire, turning into a green medicinal liquid. The medicinal material was an ordinary medicinal material that everyone was familiar with, and those who can partic.i.p.ate are all alchemists with a high level.

Of those present, eight out of ten were able to do this easily. Therefore, although Yang Chen’s technique looked beautiful, no one commented on it. If a fifth-grade alchemist couldn’t even do such a basic thing, that would be a joke.

“Of course, just knowing a single medicinal ingredient is not enough to make everyone a fifth-grade alchemist.” Yang Chen’s words immediately floated over, and everyone listened intently, for fear of missing a point.

“Actually, most of the medicinal materials cannot be perfectly integrated unconditionally. Basically, how to achieve this depends on the methods of the alchemists.” Yang Chen’s words were unhurried and could make everyone hear clearly and understand. The reasoning was not complicated, everyone understands it, and even has a deep understanding of it.

Following Yang Chen’s words, the second type of medicinal material appeared in Yang Chen’s hand, which was also quickly transformed by the third-grade earth core fire, and then merged into the first batch of medicinal liquid. The two were integrated, but there was no conflict at all, this was easily achieved.

However, in the eyes of everyone, it was another matter. The second type of medicinal material was completely different from the first type of medicinal material. Under normal circ.u.mstances, if an ordinary alchemist wants to fuse, he must use other medicinal materials to neutralize the conflict between the two medicinal effects to be able to do this. As for Yang Chen, just relying on his skill, he did it with ease, which was amazing.

This was not to mention, the third medicinal material appeared immediately, and it was also the medicinal material that had a fierce conflict with the first two. Under normal circ.u.mstances, once these three medicinal materials are mixed together, they will definitely conflict violently and even cause the danger of exploding.

But in Yang Chen’s hands, the third medicinal material also turned into medicinal liquid in front of everyone’s eyes, and then slowly added to the first two medicinal liquids in a very incredible way. After adding the three medicinal liquids, it has obviously become one, but there was no sign of any conflict.

“As for the understanding of medicinal properties, you must have an intuitive understanding at this moment.” Yang Chen held the medicinal liquid ball in his hands, and then handed it to an alchemist not far in front of him without hesitation. The other party is also a virtual medicine liquid group. After observing for a long time, he reluctantly handed it over to another person.

No need for Yang Chen to say more, he has clearly shown everyone the point of understanding the medicinal properties with his actions. For ordinary people to refine these three kinds of medicinal materials, there are more than ten kinds of other medicinal materials that can help neutralize the medicinal properties, and it is of course more difficult to refine. Where is there simply three so simple and easy to control?

Even if they ask themselves, except for the guy with the highest level of alchemy in Yang Chen, they would not dare to say that they can do this. With such a fusion of three common medicinal materials, even a fourth-grade alchemist might not be able to do it easily. From this point of view alone, Yang Chen’s level was much higher than everyone else’s.

“How can this be done?” Many people understand what Yang Chen said, but they don’t know how to do it effectively. Although Fairy Junqi was not an alchemist, she helped everyone to ask this question at the right time.

“There’s no good way, so try it one by one!” Yang Chen shook his head directly, and then gave a direct answer “Even if the predecessors gave detailed records, it would be useless. Try it one by one, if you don’t get started, you won’t be able to learn it.”

Hearing that Yang Chen actually said that one type of experiment was coming, a few alchemists suddenly felt a sense of being fooled. Yang Chen could easily do it but didn’t say it, but let everyone use the stupidest method, which was obviously a waste.

“Grandmaster didn’t do it this way yourself, right?” An alchemist from the rogue cultivators alliance immediately said out loud. His words also resonated with many people, and everyone was waiting to see how Yang Chen would answer.

“It’s not enough to keep one hand, but the medicinal residues during the experiment were all left behind. If you are interested, you can see it.” Yang Chen didn’t care about the criticism of these guys, and said lightly.

After speaking, Yang Chen waved his hand, and millions of piles of medicinal dregs appeared in front of everyone in an extremely spectacular way. Everyone who saw this pile of medicinal dregs couldn’t help showing a dumbfounded expression.

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