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Chapter 636: Basic Skills

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There was no way not to be surprised. When millions of dregs appeared neatly in that huge s.p.a.ce, the unbelievable amount directly stunned everyone.

There were a lot of medicinal dregs, much more than when Yang Chen first got the medicinal gourd. For a certain period of time, Yang Chen has been refining simple herbs, or several combinations, and has been mastering the most suitable heat for each herb and the refining method under the combination of various herbs.

This kind of thing was just like what Yang Chen said, there was no shortcut, there was only one experience. No matter how rich the previous records are, it was impossible to pa.s.s on these practical operating experiences to future generations. Without personal experience, even if you read 10,000 volumes of predecessors’ notes, at most you will know some theoretical things, but you will still not be able to get started.

Countless people were dumbfounded and speechless when they looked at so many medicinal dregs. The guy who just made a sarcastic remark couldn’t wait to tuck his head into his crotch at this moment. The rest of the people also stared at the pile of medicinal dregs in a daze, estimating how long it would take to actually refine so many medicinal dregs.

Yang Chen’s move shocked everyone, so many medicinal dregs are not random medicinal dregs, but are produced after various combinations, and even those experts in the defense of medicine can distinguish which medicinal material or which types are from the medicinal dregs, a combination of medicinal herbs.

If you don’t look at anything else, just looking at so many medicinal residues was enough to explain why Yang Chen can easily smelt three medicinal materials with completely comparable properties, but there was no problem at all.

There was a time when Yang Chen bought a lot of common medicinal materials, and now people finally understand where those medicinal materials have gone.

Even sharp-eyed people found that some thousand-year-old, or even ten-thousand-year-old medicinal materials were found in the dregs. Those who can be willing to use the medicinal materials of this age only for hand training. It is estimated that apart from Yang Chen, no one else has such a great skill.

Familiar with medicinal properties, they were simple words, but from Yang Chen’s body, everyone can see how much hard work Yang Chen has put in for these words. Just the dregs of medicine, those guys who once suspected that Yang Chen had obtained some ancient senior’s secret manual or had senior’s guidance, are enough to feel ashamed.

What kind of secret book was this, it was clearly the experience acc.u.mulated by every drop of hard sweat. If such a person did not become a fifth-grade alchemist, there would be no one in this world who could.

Among the people present, more than 80% were alchemists, some were even fourth grade alchemists, but when they saw the medicinal dregs that Yang Chen took out, they all felt a little guilty. Even if they have reached the realm of fourth grade alchemy masters, how has it ever been so solid to understand medicinal materials from the most basic medicinal properties?

“Of course, this method is indeed a bit stupid and consumes a lot of money. Sometimes, I’m really embarra.s.sed to say it, and there are some misunderstandings among the seniors.” Yang Chen’s words came from the side and entered the audience in the ears “If you seniors have any better way, I am also willing to buy them from you seniors.”

When everyone heard Yang Chen’s words, it was obviously aimed at the guy who just said that Yang Chen had a hand in it. Very cooperatively, they turned their eyes in that direction.

The guy who just said this to Yang Chen, his face was red and his head was drooping, how can he say half a sentence. He wished he could immediately become invisible so that everyone wouldn’t see him.

Fairy Junqi, Fairy Aoki, and the Murong sisters looked at Yang Chen with a strange brilliance. Last time, Yang Chen staged the fact that he found the Immortal peach from folklore in front of their eyes. Now, he has taught everyone a solid lesson, which is solid basic skills. People like Yang Chen are indeed worthy of love.

When everyone finally calmed down and began to think about Yang Chen’s method, Yang Chen also collected the dregs little by little. These medicinal residues have to be pa.s.sed on to disciples, so that they can also feel more things, but they can’t just be thrown away as waste.

Although everyone saw Yang Chen’s actions, no one stopped him. It’s not that no one has thought that getting these dregs from Yang Chen, even a simple observation, can find a lot of things. However, thinking about the price that Yang Chen has always offered, this thought was immediately extinguished.

Everyone began to discuss one after another. After trying one by one, it was indeed possible to clearly grasp the medicinal properties, but after all, it was still a bit troublesome. It was better to choose some of the medicinal herbs that produce and inhibit each other, which can shorten a lot of time. Although it may not be as comprehensive as Yang Chen’s grasp, it was a very good direction for the cultivation of those new disciples in the future.

Regardless of whether they will become a fifth-grade alchemist, it is not wrong to master such basic skills, even a higher-level alchemist can use it. It can be said that this ability to master the medicinal properties of alchemy was definitely a necessary skill for alchemists.

Many people were beating their chests and feet, why they hadn’t thought of it before. It’s not that people don’t think about it, but for a long time, most alchemists have always been refining the finished medicinal pills according to a specific pill recipe. This method was used in order to know the refining of two or more medicinal materials.

After a long discussion, people finally stopped slowly. Someone began to ask tentatively: “Can you reach the level of a fifth-grade alchemist with these?”

“Of course not!” Yang Chen answered this question decisively. What a joke, if you want to become a fifth-grade alchemist after mastering a few medicinal properties, it was too easy for a fifth-grade alchemist.

Seeing that everyone’s attention has been focused on this side, Yang Chen asked everyone whether they should continue with his eyes. The group of people kept nodding, so Yang Chen began to continue.

“Another skill that needs to be mastered in order to become a high-quality alchemist is the art of controlling fire.” Yang Chen said his experience very seriously.

With the last lesson, no one will take the initiative to look for discomfort this time, but many people have some disapproval on their faces. What a joke, of course, an alchemist must know how to control fire, otherwise how could they control the flame in alchemy? Is not this nonsensical?

However, more people were looking forward to it. It was also the simplest skill. The art of controlling fire in Yang Chen’s mouth was definitely different from the art of controlling fire that most people think. 

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