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Chapter 838: Arrangements

Yang Chen himself can say that he knows what he lacks. However, Gao Yue Gongsun Ling obviously does not have his level now.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, both died in the mortal world in their previous lives. Such a situation will definitely not happen in this life, but even Yang Chen doesn’t know how high they will be in the future. If he wants to be with two women for a lifetime, he must let them have the capital to settle down.

Gao Yue has the two natal flying swords of water and fire dragon horn, the aura of the human emperor, and the true essence secret arts. Basically, she is firmly in the ranks of experts, not to mention that Gao Yue is a very good weapon refining master.

Over the years, Gao Yue’s reputation in weapon refining has spread. In terms of weapon refining, Gao Yue’s reputation is almost as good as that of Yang Chen in the alchemy world. The magic weapon she took was almost a treasure that everyone was competing for. The mere fact that it did not have any refiner aura was enough to make her stand at the pinnacle of the world of weapon refining.

Gongsun Ling has the geographical map of mountains and rivers, has the true essence secret arts, and is also a master of formations. After the mountain and river geographical map absorbs and fuses the s.p.a.ce of Langya Well, it alternates between illusion and reality. This alone is enough for Gongsun Ling to protect herself even when facing a master who is a level higher than her without worrying about any danger.

This does not include the hundreds of Dacheng stage masters in the mountain and river geographical map. You know, the masters in the mountain and river geography map can also cultivate and improve, but they just live in another illusory world. This group of masters can even follow Gongsun Ling to survive the tribulation and ascend. With hundreds of masters who were almost at the same level as Gongsun Ling as helpers, Yang Chen couldn’t think of anyone at the same level who could beat Gongsun Ling.

The two women are so outstanding now, but in Yang Chen’s eyes, they still have some fatal weaknesses, and that is their vision. Although they have seen a lot of good things following Yang Chen, they were still a little behind in some aspects after they had specialized in cultivation under Yang Chen’s guidance.

Simply put, what is vision is the amount of knowledge. Yang Chen can responsibly say that there are basically no good things in the world that the two women have not seen. What they lack is a macro understanding of the entire world of cultivation.

There are some things that you can’t feel until you reach the spiritual world and the Immortal world, that’s the way your vision is. If nothing else goes wrong, the two women will spend hundreds of years in the spiritual world making up for their shortcomings in the mortal world. But now that they have Yang Chen and these ancient books from the Greatest Heaven Sect, they can basically say that they don’t have to make any detours anymore.

The Greatest Heaven Sect’s cla.s.sics were so comprehensive that Yang Chen couldn’t even find an aspect that wasn’t included. Adding these things to the ancient cla.s.sics that Yang Chen obtained from the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, combined with those obtained from the Zhao family manor, it can be said that he already has the most complete database in the mortal world.

What Yang Chen has to do is to filter the information himself, and then select things that are useful to the two women and let them dabble in all aspects. This is the simplest way to increase their horizons. Of course, what you learn on paper is ultimately shallow. If you want to know this matter, you must practice it. A true and thorough understanding will still have to be practiced in the future, but after all, it is better to have knowledge on paper than to cultivate and explore without knowing anything.

The reason why disciples of large sects have an advantage is because of this reason. It can be said that Yang Chen now has more resources than all other sects. Naturally, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling has the same advantage in this aspect.

In fact, except for Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen’s other wives and concubines are not fuel-efficient. Each of their cultivation qualifications is unique, and the techniques they cultivate are also the outstanding techniques of their respective sects. However, no one can accurately predict how their future cultivation will be.

Although Yang Chen, who had memories of his previous life, knew about their future achievements, some things had changed in this life due to his own actions.

Tao Junqi ascended at least three hundred years earlier than in her previous life. The shortcomings of the Murong sisters’ natal magic weapon have been completely made up for by Yang Chen. s.h.i.+ Wushuang also ascended a hundred years earlier than in her previous life. If this trend continues, he will also be able to ascend through tribulations hundreds of years in advance.

Needless to say, Mrs. Fanghua of the Yin Yang Demon Sect, in her previous life, she had never achieved great success in the spiritual world. However, in this life, she had already achieved great success in the Yuanying stage. Moreover, it was a different kind of great achievement, her future achievements are incalculable. 

The biggest changes were made by s.h.i.+ Shanshan and Sun Qingxue. With the supreme pure Yang sword qi and true essence secret art left by Lu Zu, s.h.i.+ Shanshan’s cultivation direction has been corrected to the extreme. Coupled with the experience of the Demon Continent, at least it saves hundreds of years of adapting to the spiritual world, and her future achievements, definitely will not just be the cold plum fairy from her previous life.

Sun Qingxue, on the other hand, did not have the catastrophe of demonic power. She did not have to waste her cultivation and start over again. Her origins were not lost, with the body of the ultimate demonized demon vine and the guidance of Elder Hua Wanting, the reputation of Fairy Xuewu in the future would also increase, no less than s.h.i.+ Shanshan.

They are all his own women, although Yang Chen is still a little close to each other for the time being, he will definitely treat them equally as they live together in the future. Yang Chen has not yet pa.s.sed on the true essence secret arts to the seven concubines, but he has already planned to pa.s.s on the corresponding skills after arriving in the spiritual world. Now it’s just that he doesn’t want their respective sects to get an advantage.

These numerous cla.s.sics are useful to everyone. Especially after Yang Chen carefully selected them, Yang Chen would select a batch of suitable cla.s.sics for each person to read based on their characteristics. From Yang Chen’s perspective, these things would at least save them a few hundred years to make up for it in the future.

Just because you have been cultivating for a long time does not mean that you don’t have to worry about wasting time in your cultivation. Since he can avoid detours, Yang Chen doesn’t mind saving some time for his women and those around him.

In the Dacheng stage, in addition to concentrating on cultivation and improving one’s cultivation, the rest is the tempering of the state of mind. He believes that after experiencing the Greatest Heaven Sect’s ma.s.sacre incident, the girls’ mood will definitely not be bad. What is lacking is all aspects of knowledge and opportunities to draw parallels. Yang Chen has decided that for a long time after he selects suitable cla.s.sics for the girls, the girls will continue to read and gain knowledge.

Speaking of which, the Greatest Heaven Sect has been destroyed, and there are no enemies in the world that Yang Chen needs to deal with. The next time will be the process of Yang Chen continuously acc.u.mulating strength, and at the same time, he must be prepared to face the Profound Heaven Sect. Yang Chen believed that in at least a few hundred years, if nothing unexpected happened, he would not have any opportunities worth taking action.

However, Yang Chen still had many things to do before ascending. If you count them in detail, cultivation, alchemy, absorbing fire seeds, refining the entrance to the Immortal beheading stage, and reading these cla.s.sics all seem to take a lot of Yang Chen’s time.


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