Zhanxian Chapter 839: Reading More Than 10,000 Volumes Of Books

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Chapter 839: Reading More Than 10,000 Volumes Of Books

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has now reached the first grade Earth Immortal realm, and the Three purities secret art has reached the fourth level. Mult.i.tasking is now a piece of cake, many things can be done simultaneously without interfering with each other.

At least Yang Chen has never stopped absorbing fire seeds. While waiting to leave Langya Well, and waiting for Yi Tian in the small shop, Yang Chen kept absorbing the fire seeds.

Yang Chen has basically absorbed the fifth-grade fire seeds, and now he is absorbing all the sixth-grade fire seeds. There were quite a few sixth-grade fire seeds on hand, each of which took Yang Chen almost seven or eight years to absorb and merge into the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire. Even though Yang Chen is now a master in the Dacheng stage, at the level of a sixth-grade fire seed, each one needs to be careful and make no mistakes, otherwise so many years of hard work will be ruined.

In other words, Yang Chen dared to absorb fire seeds anytime and anywhere while doing other things. If it had been anyone else, even a master like Tao Junqi who had upgraded to a new level, she wouldn’t have dared to be so confident.

Refining the entrance to the Immortal beheading stage is an even more difficult process. Yang Chen is not sure whether he can complete it before ascending. The magic weapon that transcends the three realms refined by Grand Supreme Elderly Lord is definitely not something that Yang Chen in the Dacheng stage can refine within a few hundred years.

However, there are no absolutes in this world. If Yang Chen had not obtained the Merit Chapter, he would never dare to hope that one day he could refine the Immortal beheading stage, but things are different now. With the Merit Chapter and the infinite merits, it seems that refining the Immortal beheading stage is not impossible. At least he can refine the entrance now, and then refine it further when he has the opportunity in the future.

This process will last at least hundreds of thousands of years. Yang Chen is not in a hurry and just refines it step by step. Anyway, he set aside a separate thought to focus on this matter. It doesn’t prevent him from doing other things. This is just a matter of time and effort, and the day of refining counts.

Organizing the cla.s.sics is a matter of time. Fortunately, these cla.s.sics are recorded on jade slips. If you want to read the contents, you only need to explore them with your spiritual awareness, which is many times faster than books.

With Yang Chen’s current level of spiritual awareness, it wouldn’t take long to detect and quickly read the contents of a jade slip. He can even read several jade slips at the same time.

For Yang Chen, the process of reading jade slips is almost like another way of spiritual awareness cultivation. Yang Chen had to read every jade slip carefully and think about the contents. Read several pieces at the same time, one after another. He had to review the content, think about right and wrong, and at the same time compare it with certain things in his memory. He also had to copy a jade slip in his hand. A series of things that almost left Yang Chen no time to rest his brain.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling have always been by Yang Chen’s side, whenever Yang Chen finds a book that suits them. They will be given to them to read. The two girls were also focused on their husband’s side, and followed him into this kind of reading like a retreat.

Apart from cultivation, the three of them spent the rest of the time reading. Yang Chen did not require the two women to remember these things, but after reading them, at least there will be an impression. Whether it is cultivation techniques, elixir refining techniques, or formations, many things have something in common. One method is universal, and it is not just a boring talk by some people.

The two women never thought about it that just a simple reading can give them a feeling of enlightenment. They only read miscellaneous books or cla.s.sics that have nothing to do with their cultivation and hobbies, but some of the things on them can always remind them of their specialization, as if they are reminders in another way.

There were many things that they couldn’t understand or had doubts about before. It seemed that after this unique reminder, they thought of other possibilities or opened up the fog in front of them. This feeling of breaking through the confusion in one’s mind is really addictive and cannot be stopped.

Yang Chen’s family of three studied and retreated like this for fifty years. For Yang Chen, it is rare to be in such a mood that he can concentrate on reading hundreds of millions of jade slips from several sects. Even if he can’t get any benefit from these jade slips, this reading process alone is very important to Yang Chen. It is also a rare tempering experience.

The Pure Yang Palace continued to develop, and nothing particularly big happened in the past fifty years. Other sects were also developing steadily, and there seems to be no major disputes in the past few decades.

No one wants to be deprived of all spiritual power in the world again, so as long as he is a cultivator, he will keep his eyes wide open and stare at whether there are any remnants of the Greatest Heaven Sect around him. In the past fifty years, they have basically hunted down the remnants of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Those who cannot be found have also fled far away overseas. They are alone and isolated. It seems that they will never have a big impact. Basically, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s incident has calmed down.

Soon, Yang Chen was surrounded by more than just two girls, Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling. After each returned to the sect and lived for fifty years, Yang Chen’s other wives and concubines also came to the Pure Yang Palace one after another and returned to Yang Chen again.

Yang Chen had already prepared cla.s.sics for the girls that suited their respective characteristics, and the number of readers increased from three to eleven. It can be said that Yang Chen and his family are all immersed in reading and don’t care about other things at all.

The subsequent girls did not doubt the origin of these cla.s.sics. All the jade slips selected by Yang Chen were copied by Yang Chen. The content related to the Greatest Heaven Sect was also removed, and there was no trace of the Greatest Heaven Sect anymore.

There are also many cla.s.sics handed down from the Zhao family manor, and all the girls thought they got them from the Zhao family. Although their respective sects have many such cla.s.sics, they usually never pay close attention to them. It is impossible for anyone in the sect to give guidance to the girls in this regard, and Yang Chen carefully selected the ones that suit their respective characteristics. After reading this, all the girls have gained a lot.

It took a full hundred years from the time Yang Chen started reading each jade slip until he read through all the jade slips. In a hundred years, Yang Chen did nothing else. Whether it was the Zhao Family Manor, the Qingqiong Mountain Cave Mansion or the Greatest Heaven Sect’s cla.s.sics, they were all reviewed by Yang Chen.

Yang Chen’s mind was almost filled with all kinds of cla.s.sics. No matter how powerful Yang Chen was, he couldn’t memorize all the cla.s.sics. Yang Chen was able to read through hundreds of millions of cla.s.sics, which was already an incredible achievement.

After reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, it seems that the next step is to go out for a walk.

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