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Chapter 695: Tent Pitching

Winnie’s memory was really bad as expected. After we talked about Xiao Qin for a while, she completely forgot that Ai Mi said I was s.e.xually dysfunctional.

“Oops, I almost forgot.” Winnie said after finis.h.i.+ng her water, “I came to mooch a meal from the French chef, I’m going to the kitchen to see what else I can eat.”

She then ran away speedily. I reminded her to take smaller steps since she was wearing a skirt, but she didn’t hear me.

After Ai Mi asked Dr. Yu about me, she was no longer in a rush to test me.

I was careful and remained alert to finally get over the eventful day.

The next morning, before dawn broke, I woke up and as I was still hazy, I felt as if there was a tiny humanoid sitting in my bedroom, watching me intently.

Their fervent gaze was incredibly focused and creepy as if they were trying to pull something precious out of my flesh.

Ai Mi, what are you doing? I almost thought you were an alien from The X-Files! She sitting on the chair next to my bed in her pajamas, with her hair let down and not even tied in a double ponytail. What exactly are you staring at?

Although the students are all on summer vacation, you still have to film, right? I remember she would always keep sleeping in bed, it was Peng TouSi who carried her to the RV and let you continue to sleep. Once the RV was already on its way to Film City, you would finally wake up, wash up, and have breakfast.

You’re the type who would want to sleep a little longer by all means, so why did you come to your brother’s room so early and watch my sleep without making a sound, what are you doing?

“Tsk, brother’s body is quite punctual.” Ai Mi saw me wake up and said mischievously.

Punctual, what do you mean by punctual? Does it refer to my biological clock? But I think in the past few days, my biological clock was in a mess. Due to the constant fear of a heart attack, I didn’t do my daily push-up training, so now I get up half an hour later than usual.

As my sleepiness receded and I gradually became more clear-headed, I realized that I was only wearing a pair of boxers with a thin blanket over my stomach. It was an inappropriate attire to wear in front of my sister.

But the worst is yet to come. It was morning, and I was a healthy 14 year old teenager. Although I was currently a bit sick, I was still relatively healthy in general.

I had morning wood! My boxers and the thin blanket couldn’t hide it, it was like the hands of Big Ben pointing to twelve o’clock.

The reason was because ever since I was rescued, I have not jerked off! Originally, I rarely jerked off, but now I’m afraid of causing a heart attack, In the event I die from jerking off, it would be super humiliating if I made the headlines.

(“h.e.l.lo, I’m a special correspondent for Winter Hill TV, Zhao Yao. A teenager from 28 Middle who jerked off day and night has finally died from excessive e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n. He really is an oddity and a shame that hinders the progress of the new China. In addition, experts are defining a new important disease ‘death by jerking off’, it is claimed that more than half of all otakus are in danger of ‘death by jerking off’…”)

I’ve recently stopped exercising entirely, so all of my pent up energy ran into my little friend!

The physiological phenomenon was not humiliating, what was humiliating was that my sister personally witnessed the entire process!

Although I locked the door before going to bed, she was still able to sneak in with the key. I have to use the sofa to block the door the next time I sleep.

Her two innocent blue eyes were opened wide. She was nervous, curious, delighted, and fascinated, as she watched her own brother pitch a tent!

I don’t even think farmers who expects their seeds to take root and grow are as focused and eager as you.

I quickly sat up from the bed, trying to find something to cover it up, but Ai Mi yawned, then stood up from the chair and intended to wobble away.

“Ah~ I’m so sleepy~~~” Ai Mi mumbled as she wiped away the tears that had flowed out from the corner of her eyes because of the yawn, “Now that I know you have no problems, I’m going back to sleep…”

“Dr. Yu, it was your bad idea, right?”

After Ai Mi laid down in the RV bedroom and began driving to Film City, I went to the infirmary to find Dr. Yu and questioned him while grabbing his white coat.

Dr. Yu did not change his expression at all. He was temporarily not doing any medical work, and the Google he was wearing on his left eye was beeping as if testing my combat power after I got angry.

“I told Ai Mi another set of lies about your physical condition, but she had to see evidence of your ‘normalcy’ with her own eyes, so I gave her that idea…”

I frowned and thought about it. Although it was humiliating for my sister to see my morning wood, it was better than her “testing” me in other ways.

So I let go of the hand that was holding Dr. Yu’s white coat and asked him, “What were the lies you told Ai Mi? I never would have expected a modification maniac like you are so good at lying.”

Dr. Yu laughed: “In order to change humanity, necessary lies are also indispensable. As a surgeon, we often have to deceive the patient’s body, so that their body believes that the implanted organs are their own, the implanted pacemaker is also their own… from this perspective, a good doctor will inevitably be a good liar…”

“Just tell me what you told Ai Mi, since if I don’t know and I get asked about it, it might get exposed.”

“It’s nothing, I said like before that you were allergic to snake venom, which resulted in abnormal s.e.xual functions…”

“Isn’t that the same as the version you told my dad.” I couldn’t resist grabbing Dr. Yu’s white coat again.

“The lies should not vary too much, otherwise it will be easily exposed.” Dr. Yu said to me, “I told Ai Mi that you now actually have an abnormally high s.e.x drive due to the allergic reaction, but you were too embarra.s.sed to tell her…”

“You’re the one with an abnormal s.e.x drive, you d.a.m.n doctor who watches p.o.r.n in your patient’s room.” I gasped, “Can’t you make up some normal lies.”

At this time, Dr. Yu’s vibrated and he answered a phone call.

“h.e.l.lo, oh there’s progress… slow down…”

I realized that he was talking to his colleague, the “Poison King”, and that the conversation was probably about curing my disease. I decided not to dwell on the trouble Dr. Yu was causing me for the time being.

“Endorphin reward and punishment mechanism, that’s amazing. Wait, let me show you the latest test results…”

Because Dr. Yu began using more and more medical nouns, I could not understand, so I simply went back to the room.

I sat in the chair that Ai Mi had sat in and the warm morning sun shone in. I was slightly lost in thought for a while, then suddenly I heard a knock on the window.

I turned to look towards the sound and it was Xiao Qin standing outside the window, looking at me through the gla.s.s with pitiful eyes. She was also very hesitant when knocking like she was afraid that she had disturbed my peace.

She was wearing a white dress and her backpack. She looked like a student who was late for school and trying to get in through the window.

I felt a little amused while opening the window, “What are you doing here, I didn’t see you the last two times I went to see Auntie Ren.”

She looked up at me and asked with unease, “I, I haven’t seen you for several days, so I miss you so much I can’t stand it anymore… um, school starts in half a month, but I still haven’t finished my summer homework. Can you help me with my science homework?”

Ah, this is what I have been waiting for, a normal conversation between normal students and normal childhood friends.

Although the phrase “I miss you so much I can’t stand it anymore” is a bit out of the ordinary, but overall, it’s more normal than before.

The first thing I did was to get to the window and put my hands under her armpits, then lifted her in through the window.

Although Xiao Qin was light, she was carrying a backpack and I wasn’t in a great position. It resulted in a bit more physical exertion, my heart… was barely within an acceptable range.

“Eh.” Xiao Qin was never treated this way when she was my girlfriend, so now when she suddenly sees me be so intimate, she was in disbelief.

She was wearing a pair of sandals today, so when I picked her up from the floor, the sandals were left outside the window, so she was barefoot when I put her on the bedroom floor.

“Forget about your shoes for now.” I said, “There is a fence outside the VIP building, so no one will take it.”

Although there were patrolling bodyguards, Xiao Qin was able to get pas them easily, but it’s still not that easy for others to get in.

Actually, Xiao Qin could have came in through the front door. Since her uncle is the chairman of the Qing Zi Education Group, her family has a lot of Qing Zi Academy uniforms. Other than me, her cousin, Ren Peng, also often comes to the VIP building, 004 and 005 would also know her.

But since Xiao Qin hasn’t been out for a while, the security guards may not know that she is the niece of the chairman. She can’t explain to the security guards because of her h.o.m.ophobia, so she chose to sneak in quietly to avoid contact.

“I… I’m not dreaming, am I?” Xiao Qin fondled the strap of her backpack and frowned slightly in confusion, “Why does it feel like I’m treated better when I’m no longer your girlfriend?”

I did not answer Xiao Qin’s question, but instead said to her, “Anyway, in the future, you have to continue to pretend to be a couple with me in front of Ai Mi. Since Winnie and Ai Mi are almost inseparable, it would have to be in front of Winnie too.”

“But…” Xiao Qin looked around, “Ai Mi and Winnie are not around, so who are you acting for right now?”

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