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17-42. Netherworld Invasion (2)

Satou here. During the final death march in game development, it's not unusual to find more bugs triggered from fixing a bug.

But that doesn't mean we can just ignore those bugs, such is the lives of programmers.


“Oh no, oh no nanodesu!”

Tama and Pochi were panicking to see problems cropping up all over the place.

“Calm down, you two.”

As expected of Liza. Looks like she's got it under control.

“First thing first–”

Liza turns her line of sight toward the male G.o.ds who are struggling against black sludge enveloping them.

“We must get rid of the main culprits.”

–Or not.

They might be the cause of this all, but they're still necessary existences for this world. As a breakwater mostly.

“Liza you too, compose yourself.”

“I beg your pardon, Master.”

Well, it's not like I don't understand their fl.u.s.ter though.

This all started because the male G.o.ds led their apostles to invade Netherworld, believing that Demon G.o.d had kidnapped G.o.d Parion.

At Netherworld, those G.o.ds were greeted by black sludge–high density miasma that yields [Forbidden Powers] and made an emergency escape to human world.

That's fine and all, but in doing so they broke the barrier I put between Netherworld and Human World.

Then the huge amount of apostles that followed after those G.o.ds made the rips even worse by widening them.

As a result, Netherworld is starting to unite with Human World once again.

First thing first, I need to do something about these male G.o.ds and apostles that are getting encroached by the black sludge and then onto repairing the rips between worlds.

Only then I can get to reconstructing the barrier between this world and Netherworld.

Well then, time to work together with the girls and deal with this emergency mission.

“–Or so I'd like to do.”

I'm getting fed up looking at the male G.o.ds who continued their destructive rampage in the city while yelling ‘Impurities!', and the countless apostles flying all over the sky.

There's no casualty since I've sheltered Pier Rock Kingdom's populace in the sub-s.p.a.ce already, but they're turning every building on ground into dust.

To avoid future problems, maybe I should listen to Liza and–

『–Hold it. Haste makes waste, Satou should wait. Karion said so too.』

『I didn't, Urion spouted nonsense. But, it's true that I'd like you to spare some time before springing into action.』

Two noisy little G.o.ddesses manifested before my eyes.

Didn't these G.o.ds require a huge amount of Divinity to manifest in human world?

『These are avatars. Our real bodies are in Realm of G.o.ds.』

『Karion is right. We sent compressed oracles to nearby miko for an automatic playback.』

I see, looking closer I don't feel that much divineness coming from them, and only the outlines of their blond hair have the respective personal colors of these two G.o.ds.

I think teleporting nearby miko here would cost a lot too, but I suppose that's nothing to G.o.ds. I mean even G.o.d Parion delivered hero's pleasure boat–Sub-Dimensional s.h.i.+p Jules Verne for her heroes after all.

This feels a bit too interactive for a playback, but I'll just a.s.sume it's all thanks to some G.o.dly techs.

“So is there anything I can help you with?”

『We have two things to impart.』

『First, take out Karisfel the [Book of Wisdom].』

I fetched the Sacred Treasure G.o.d Karion had handed me from Storage as told.

The book flipped itself, then a complex multiplex magic circle emerged above it.

『Wait a bit.』

Karion pointed her avatar's finger at the magic circle.

As the finger began moving, the lines forming the magic circle reconstructed themselves into a new magic.

『This will do. This magic allows you to endure [Forbidden Powers] for a period of time with.』

–Whoa, that's pretty nice of them.

I decode the modified magic on the Book of Wisdom as I thanked Karion.

Since I found some parts that could be customized for me, I quickly modified the magic into a new version.

But if they had this magic, couldn't they cast it on those male G.o.ds before they rushed to Netherworld.

Though perhaps, they did and this was the result.

Anyway, let's give it a chant.

–Yup, it's coming together nicely.


『What is? Immediately casting a taught magic is normal. Karion is exaggerating.』

『Not that, Urion needs to be more attentive. He modified that magic and made it into his own during that short moment. That speed is abnormal. Satou is abnormal.』

You're going to lower my motivation, please stop saying abnormal.

Looks like my thought was transmitted to her, G.o.d Urion ignored the still shocked G.o.d Karion and continued the talk.

『Next one is regarding combat. Apostles are war machines similar to demons, feel free to destroy them. Even if they die, the same individual will be revived from the seedbed's archetype.』

–Archetype? Is it like the high elves?

『Urion's too concise. High elves are different, they are work of art Creator G.o.d made. Apostles are made from patterned divinity. They do not possess more ego than what's necessary to accomplish their missions, they are nothing but ma.s.s produced machines that only move as programmed.』

Later on, I found out that in case of demons, they're created by an origin demon called Mother by kneading highly dense miasma. Greater demons have egos from collected vestiges of miasma, and like demon lords, they are immortal as they will eventually get revived even after being killed.

『Karion's speech is too long. That is all from us. Feel free to knock some sense onto Heraruon and the other two, but please do not kill them. Karion said so too.』

『I didn–maybe. Even that Zaikuon is necessary to maintain the barrier and for handing down divine punishments. But, you should teach Zaikuon with some pain.』

The little G.o.ddesses seem to be fed up with Zaikuon and the male G.o.ds as well.

『End of imparting.』

『These bodies will go back to their original locations, just leave them be. Karion said so too.』

『Take care of Netherworld's encroachment after fixing Heraruon and those two.』

G.o.d Urion seemed slightly peeved at being ignored by G.o.d Karion.

『Garleon and Zaikuon are bad with fine work, recommending Heraruon instead. Karion said so too.』

『I didn't. But, in agreement with Urion here. Garleon is especially clumsy.』

『Take care now. Karion said so too.』

『Un, do your best.』

The two vanished once they were done.

“Everyone, gather round!”

I put the [Miasma Barrier] G.o.d Karion gave me on the beastkin girls.

Since there might be mental attacks like that time G.o.d Zaikuon collected black sludge in a Golden Chalice, I also put mental defense [Atism Sh.e.l.l] on them.


“T-this is?”

“Invincible nanodesu!”

“Oh those miasma barriers G.o.d taught me. With that you can get close to that black sludge but careful not to touch them, okay.”

I believe it can block once or twice direct contacts, but overconfidence leads to ruin.

Liza wraps the girls in the Unique Skill G.o.d Garleon entrusted to her, [Hero Heart].

『Hikaru, Arisa, I'm sending a spell G.o.d Karion gave me. Install it on the large s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p's magic operation circuits and make it usable.』

『Okay, got it!』

『Just leave it all to Arischan!』

I sent the [Book of Wisdom] Karisfel to the s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p using Material Transfer magic.

They have Sera with G.o.d Tenion's [Hermit Hide] and Mia with G.o.d Urion [Sanctuary Guard] there.

I'm sure the black sludge won't go after them until they're done preparing.

“You three, attack the apostles from a distance and lure them to the sky.”

“How far~?”

“Get to the alt.i.tude where our s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p is stationed. Can you do it?”

“But of course nanodesuyo!”

“Yes, allow us to take care of this mission.”

The beastkin girls drew the apostles aggro with Lyuryu's breaths and powered exoskeleton-empowered attacks, creating a train of apostles after them.

Neither too far nor too close, an exquisite balance of distance is maintained.

I also only just noticed several golden s.h.i.+ps Zaikuon was riding on among the apostle train.

Laser attacks from the golden s.h.i.+ps flew toward the beastkin girls, but not a single shot hit them as they freely moved around in the air using Flickering Motion and Double Jump. They would cleverly use Phalanxes whenever a shot almost grazed them.

After watching over them for a bit, I decided to do the things only I could do.

“First of all–”

I teleported next to the male G.o.ds with sight-based Unit Arrangement.

Then I cast multiple advanced level light magic [Divine Brilliant Purification], the same magic I used to save the encroached nymphs back then.

I can't exactly unleash multiple [>] their way like that time with G.o.d Zaikuon.

He was being strengthened by the black sludge then, but these G.o.ds have their powers sapped right now, letting that loose could risk killing them.

“Nuooo, my strength is escaping me.”

“d.a.m.n you human! So you're using this chance to entomb us!”

“No that's not it, the impurities have lost their power too. Now's our chance, shove them away.”

This magic supposedly has no effect on G.o.ds though, maybe the impurities are draining their powers to fight against it and keep the miasma intact.

I deploy the next magic.

–Miasma Barrier.

“T-this is?”

“The encroachment's stopped!”

“Get the impurities off, now! Help me, Garleon! Zaikuon!”

“Shut up, you help me.”

“You fools, now's not the time to squabble among ourselves! Why can't you understand that!”

I decided to save the relatively reasonable G.o.d Garleon first.

I put multiple Miasma Barrier on myself and then reproduce and strengthen their effects using Primeval Magic.

This should do.

“W-what are you planning.”

“I'm here to help.”

I grab the black sludge coiling around G.o.d Garleon and threw it away.

Then I entrap the black sludge in multiple barrier magic and annihilate it with [Mythology Down].


The barriers weren't strong enough to hold down [Mythology Down] power and burst open.

Vestiges of black sludge scattered all over the place, but it's weak enough for Miasma Barrier to block and I can erase it with [Divine Brilliant Purification] no problem.

“Next is me, the top seat of pantheon!”

“Human! Prioritize this great me!”

G.o.d Heraruon and Zaikuon howled.

『Master, we've wrapped up the s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p in Miasma Barrier. What should we do next?』

『Liza and the girls are luring an apostle train toward your position, annihilate that train with the s.h.i.+p's main armaments.』

『Ichirou-nii! They won't get within range if we don't narrow them down a bit more!』

According the Map, the beastkin girls are leading the apostles by the nose, but they're unable to gather those apostles in one spot like sheepdogs with sheep.

They need some more helping hands.

『Satou-san! I'm sortieing out.』

『I shall fight alongside Zena desuwa.』

Zensan and Lady Karina.

From their positions on Map, the two are riding on fighter-type dimensional aircrafts.

Zensan's got [Saint Prey] from G.o.d Heraruon while lady Karina's got Raka. I should believe in those two here.

『I understand. Be sure to submerge into sub dimensions if it proves too much.』

Zensan and lady Karina replied with [Yes].

『Let me get on board with Zensan. I may not be able to cast Miasma Barrier, but my holy magic should be sufficient against those impurities to a degree.』

『I shall make sure to support Karindono well.』

Sera and Raka's voices came in.

A huge cone-shaped unit appeared next to dimensional aircrafts that had launched from the large s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p's catapult.

『Satou, Furubanian, Four.』

Mia's voice was transmitted.

That's a s.p.a.cial artificial spirit, Furubanian 4.

It should work really well as a disposable lure.

『I'm offering my supports as well.』

Large s.p.a.ce golems controlled by princess s.h.i.+stina were launched from the large s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p and followed after them.

In the meantime, Lulu has been shooting down apostles with the large s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p's cannons.

Arisa and Hikaru are in charge of preparing the main armament, while Nana is busy defending the s.h.i.+p.

“What's wrong human!”

“What are you idling around for! You too Garleon, help us!”

Whoops, the neglected G.o.d Heraruon and G.o.d Zaikuon got in bad mood.

I liberated G.o.d Heraruon and then G.o.d Zaikuon from the black sludge using the same method I used on G.o.d Garleon.

G.o.d Zaikuon who got his turn last is making a ruckus.

“Well done. Impressive work.”

G.o.d Heraruon said his thanks haughtily.

“You did well human. Good grief, Zaikuon always brings trouble.”

So did G.o.d Garleon though he quickly s.h.i.+fted to blaming G.o.d Zaikuon.

“This is all Demon G.o.d's fault. Forget that, you human! How dare you saved me last, such insolence!”

G.o.d Zaikuon went straight to complaining without a single thank you.

He's really not worth saving.



Arisa's and Hikaru's shout reached my ears through Tactical Talk.

A moment later, flashes ran over the sky, then the kind of chain explosions you see in anime were painted in the sky.

Looks like they took care of the apostles in one fell swoop while I was busy dealing with these G.o.ds.

And I wanted to see the girls in actions too.

“I will be off to repair the boundary between human world and Netherworld. Would you grace me with your help?”

I ask the male G.o.ds to help me with the clean up of the mess they created.

G.o.d Zaikuon was uncooperative, but the other two G.o.ds seemed reluctant yet not unwilling.

I check on the dimensional rips using s.p.a.ce magic.

It's all been torn up to pieces, severer than I thought. Not too many big rips, but there are countless small ones.

“We have no choice. Zaikuon, Garleon, lend me your divinity. I shall help with the fine repairs.”

Whoa, seems G.o.d Heraruon is up for it.

I'll act as his support then.

G.o.d Heraruon spurned divinity like a yarn, then he gave the order [Go] before the divinity thread began moving on its own to st.i.tch the dimensional rips.

That's a pretty convenient trick. Gotta try my hand on copying it.

Since it looks like the st.i.tching job would not be easy, I make use of s.p.a.ce magic to help smooth things over for G.o.d Heraruon.

The thread G.o.d Heraruon controlled went on to st.i.tch dimensional rips.


s.p.a.ce got pulled as the thread moved, widening rips in other spots.

G.o.d Heraruon kept working while getting irritated, but every time he repaired a spot, other spots got ripped open.

It's like trying to forcibly mend an already worn-out cloth.

Like a cloth getting stretched out and ripped, so does the s.p.a.ce getting distorted and torn.

I'm giving my full support, but it's hard to perfectly cope with rapidly occurring distortions.

“–Tch, d.a.m.n you feeble s.p.a.ce!”

G.o.d Heraruon snapped.

It'd be bad he gave up out of frustration.

“Allow me to take your place.”


“Eei, don't get conceited you mere human!”

I ignore G.o.d Zaikuon who's forgotten about getting beat up to a pulp by that same human and stare at G.o.d Heraruon.

“Do you mean to say you will control divinity, you who do not posses divinity?”

“Yes, if it's only controlling that is.”

I had secretly tested that Primeval Magic could control divinity earlier.

“Have a try then.”

Seemingly tired of it, G.o.d Heraruon jerked his chin, telling me to have a go.

Swish swish swish.

The rarely used Sewing skill finally showed its merit.

“T-this cannot be!”

“A mere human possessing such skill…”

“You're pretty good. What's the matter Heraruon, you're looking pale.”

Stop quarreling over the most minuscule of things, guys.

“I pulled it off somehow, but this is…”

“Umu, it's only a matter of time before the pressure from Netherworld rip them off.”

G.o.d Heraruon is right, there's already a lot of places where the rips look like they would reopen.

“Getting rid of the cause is the only way to protect human world.”

“That's right! We've got to invade Netherworld and remove the impurities off Demon G.o.d! Then he would surely do something about the impurities spreading in Netherworld!”

“Shut up, Zaikuon. We wouldn't have so much trouble if it was so easy, don't you know that!”

Guess that's the root of problems.

I sure would like to fire a barrage of [Mythology Down] at the idiot who crammed [Forbidden Powers]–impurities into the White Radiant Crystal that was stolen from Realm of G.o.ds.

“What are you looking at, human! Such insolence!”

G.o.d Zaikuon noticed my glance and snarled back.

“No, wait, oh yeah. You! If you can tear impurities off us, surely you can do that on Demon G.o.d at Netherworld as well!”

G.o.d Zaikuon is unusually correct.

“Shut up, Zaikuon! What'd happen if this guy got taken in by Demon G.o.d! Don't you know that?!”

“Oh no, that's not gonna happen.”

The purple little girl told me that Demon G.o.d had attained his perfect form after taking in the dummy the G.o.ds prepared.

I'd have liked for these G.o.ds to clean up their own mess, but things would only get worse if I don't do something here, no choice but to get off my a.r.s.e.

Geez, Arisa's scolding will be waiting for me.

“No problem then. Right, Heraruon?!”

“Umu. I order you human–Satou Pendragon. Go to Netherworld and wipe impurities off Demon G.o.d!”

“And save Parion while you're at it!”

G.o.d Zaikuon rode on G.o.d Heraruon's coattails and said something extraneous, but I'm not gonna nod to that.

I can't carelessly accept that mission, not when it's questionable whether she's really been kidnapped or not.

“Indeed, do save Parion if you find her. If you manage to accomplish my order and save Parion, us G.o.ds shall bestow you one authority and divinity.”


Like a G.o.dsend, the marriage flag with Aze-san came to me.

I dunno if these seven pillar G.o.ds can easily hand over divinity to someone just like that, but G.o.ds are fundamentally unable to lie, supposedly. Once I'm done removing impurities in Demon G.o.d, I'll make sure to fetch G.o.d Parion if I find her over there.

And if she's not there, she's not there, yet if I could secure her back, then I get to raise wedding flag with Aze-san, she's essentially a bonus character.

I would have liked if each mission had a different reward, but we have no time to waste for negotiations.

For now, let's take a quick look at Netherworld to ascertain whether I can complete the mission or not–.

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