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Chapter 3279 - 3279 Skylink Monarch

3279 Skylink Monarch

“All right!” Feng Jiu smiled. “Now, even if I wanted to see what’s going on with her, I’m too preoccupied with the tasks at hand. I’ll tell her to handle it herself. Let’s talk about it again once this situation here has settled.”

They were chatting in the pavilion while keeping the child amused. Soon after, Leng Shuang arrived, placed food on the table, and then left.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flashed slightly as he looked at Feng Jiu, who was gently coaxing the child to eat. However, it was unknown what he was thinking.

After Feng Jiu fed the child some porridge, she turned to Xuanyuan Mo Ze. She noticed his distracted gaze on her and Hao’er and asked with a smile, “What are you thinking?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze shook his head. “Nothing.” What he had in mind was impossible right now.


Feng Jiu’s heart swelled with emotion when she saw his expression, and she smiled. “Are you wondering if our own child will be as cute?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze looked at her in surprise. His eyes lit up with a smile; unexpectedly, she figured out what he was thinking. But he thought not only about the children they might have in the future but also about giving her a place where she could be at peace.

When they eventually got married, he hoped his strength would be sufficient to support her and their children. He did not want her and their children to go through the same ordeal that Hao’er experienced.

“Ze, let’s get married after Leng Hua and the others recover!” She smiled at him and held his hand in hers. “We can have a cosy small wedding reception here, and then a big wedding when we go back. What do you think?”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze shook his head. “No.” How could he do her wrong? If they marry, he must throw her a wedding that would make Strong Exponents in all realms and the rest of the world green with envy.

“We’re not in a hurry to get married, and this isn’t a good time to get married, either.” He gave her a smile and took her hand. “Trust me, I’ll give you a grand wedding for the whole world to celebrate.”

Feng Jiu felt as though her heart had been dipped into honey as he made a promise to her while he was looking at her intently with his deep and gentle eyes. She couldn’t help but smile, and her eyes shone with happiness.

“Mm, I trust you.”

She trusted him the most in this world.

Three days later.

Si Que and Mu Xin delivered the information in person. Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu examined the materials they had brought in the main courtyard. Si Que and Mu Xin exchanged glances before saying, “Master, Strong Exponents at the Mid-Level Divine are very few. So, we are primarily looking into all Strong Exponents above Mid-Level Divine, no matter whether they are devilry or evil cultivators, as well as those from righteous sects and hidden families. All the materials are here.”

Si Que paused after explaining this. “We have also checked that the Strong Exponent who appeared in the vortex above the sky that night and owned the contract ancient fierce beast should be Skylink Monarch mentioned in the data.”

Si Que’s face became even graver as he said this. He turned to Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze and spoke softly, “Skylink Monarch’s strength has reached the level of Divine King, and he has established a land as its monarch using his powerful mental strength. He is on this continent, but he is not on it.”

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