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Chapter 3873: Celebration

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“He was just now, but the Master told him to go and rest, in the room at the back.” Qin Xin said.

Hearing this, Luo Yu asked again, “Where are the two little Masters?”

“Should be asleep, at the Master’s place.”

Seeing this, Luo Yu asked again, “Will going in now disturb the Master’s rest?”

Qin Xin smiled, “If you want to see the Master, it’s best to wait for some days! The Master has to rest more and recuperate now.”

“Alright then!” Luo Yu said, so he didn’t go any further, but folded back and sat down at the table.

Qin Xin put everything away before saying, “Then I’ll go to the kitchen first.’ “Are my sister and the girls serving in the Master’s room?” Leng Hua asked.

“Well, they are all inside helping to take care of the Little Master.” Qin Xin

smiled before heading out.

With nothing else to do, Luo Yu moved his mind, he looked at Leng Hua and grinned, saying, “Leng Hua, there’s not much going on lately, so why don’t we open up a bit and come and have a good celebration tonight? After all, if it’s such a big celebration for the Master to give birth to a little master, we can’t just drink a few of wine like we did last night, right?”

Hearing this, Leng Hua nodded, “Well, this can be had, I’ll go and talk to the Master or h.e.l.l’s Lord later, there aren’t many of us who have friends.h.i.+ps here, so we can invite them here to liven things up.”

“You mean Duan Yunhe as well as Jin Yifeng and the others?” Luo Yu asked. “Well, other than them, there aren’t many others who have friends.h.i.+ps, right?”

Hearing this, Luo Yu stroked his chin and thought for a moment, “That’s fine, then I’ll go and make preparations first, since we need to invite them we need to be a little ahead of time, I’ll go and make the arrangements now, just tell the Master and h.e.l.l’s Lord and the others when you get back, they should agree to it.”

“Good.” Leng Hua responded, after watching him leave, he walked towards the main house in front and knocked lightly on the door, “Master.”

Feng Jiu, who was watching the two sleeping children in the room, heard Leng Hua’s voice outside and signalled towards Leng Shuang by the bedside: “Go and let him in.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang softened his voice and answered so as not to disturb the sleeping Little Master.

After Leng Shuang went out, Bai Qingcheng went up and put down the bed tent, after all, the Master was only wearing lingerie and had her ink hair draped over her head, in this manner, she could not let them see.

Leng Shuang came to the outer room, after opening the door to the room she looked at her brother and softly said, “The Little Master is sleeping, keep your voice down, don’t startle them.”

“Good.” Leng Hua responded, before following in.

When she arrived inside, Leng Hua did not raise her head, but slightly narrowed her eyes and bowed before saying, “Master, people from various families in the city sent some nouris.h.i.+ng congratulatory gifts to congratulate the Master for giving birth to a lynchpin, I didn’t intend to accept their gifts, but they put them down one by one and left, so I collected the things and gave them to Qin Xin to collect them, and told her to pick some that the Master can eat to give the Master to replenish her body.” Hearing this, Feng Jiu responded, “Well, just accept it! It’s not much.”

Leng Hua added, “There is one more thing.”

“What matter?” Feng Jiu asked lazily.

“We want to organise a banquet tonight to celebrate the birth of the Little Master, and we want to invite Duan Yunhe and Jin Yifeng and the others over.”

“You guys can just arrange these things, and there’s no need to ask, go ahead! Celebrate well and make a buzz.” Feng Jiu smiled and said, letting them just make their own arrangements.

“Yes, then I will retire first, Master have a good rest.” He said, then he retreated out, never raising his head towards the bed from start to finish..

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