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Chapter 3902 Monk

A buddhist saying drifted over in a compa.s.sionate and majestic voice. Feng Jiu and the others followed the sound of the voice and saw a monk wearing buddhist robes standing in the crowd with his hands clasped before him, very conspicuous.

Feng Jiu's eyes flashed slightly as she looked at the monk. This was the first time she had seen a monk here. He looked no different from the monk she had seen in her previous life.

No, there was something different. There was a Buddha light coming from this monk. Even though it was faint, it was still a Buddha light.

As far as she knew, most of the Buddhist monks on this continent came from the Myriad Buddha Sect. When she thought of this, she raised her hand and signaled for Leng Shuang to step back.

"Is Master from the Myriad Buddha Sect?"

She asked directly, her eyes falling on the other party. This person's strength and cultivation was obviously not beneath theirs to be able to brush off Leng Shuang's pressure with a flick of his hand. Therefore, it was only fair to call him a Master.

Behind the monk was a young monk, and when he heard Feng Jiu's words, he couldn't help but poke his head out from behind and looked at Feng Jiu with curiosity.

The monk in front smiled slightly when he heard Feng Jiu's words: "Female benefactor has a sharp eye."

Feng Jiu's lips curled up as she smiled and said slowly: "I will do Master a favour today and let this man off. I won't kill him, but..." Her voice paused and a cold light shot out suddenly from between her fingers instantly like a sharp blade and cut off the arm of the City Lord who was kneeling on the ground.

"Sss ah... ah..."

A shrill cry of exclamation rang out and a severed arm rolled onto the ground. Blood splashed out instantly and the sight on the ground was shocking.

No one had expected this sudden turn of events, even the monk was slightly startled. He hadn't expected her to take action as soon as she had spoken, and it happened so fast that he didn't even have time to stop her.

"He can escape the death penalty but he has to suffer if he wants to live." Feng Jiu said slowly, her clear eyes not looking at the wailing City Lord whose arm had been cut off, but at the monk.

The monk clasped his hands before him then lowered his head slightly and murmured: "Amitabha."

"My name is Feng Jiu, may I know what Master's name is?"

The monk looked at Feng Jiu, dressed in red, with a faint smile on her beautiful face. Her expression was calm and indifferent, as if she hadn't seen the corpse lying on the ground and the City Lord bleeding profusely from his severed arm.

As he looked at her, he secretly recited the Amitabha scripture silently to himself and then said slowly: "Female benefactor, my name is Yijie."

"Master Yijie, till we meet again." Feng Jiu said, smiling slightly. Then, she turned and left with Leng Hua and Leng Shuang.

Upon hearing this, the monk looked thoughtful as he watched the figures of the three people disappearing at the end of the street. He had a hunch that they would meet again.

The young monk popped his head out from behind the monk and asked curiously: "Master, why is this female benefactor so powerful?"

"She is not an ordinary person."

The monk spoke slowly and glanced at the people on the ground, then he clasped his hands together and said: "Amitabha, benefactor, your sins weigh heavily on you. If you don't do more good deeds, your life will be in danger in the future. Benefactor, please conduct yourself well!"

As soon as he had spoken, the monk led the young monk past the people on the ground and walked away.

The City Lord, whose arm had been severed, had finally pa.s.sed out due to excessive blood loss. When the City Guards saw this, they were fl.u.s.tered. At this time, the Captain of the City Guards who was standing by the side swallowed his saliva, then regained his composure and shouted: "Why are you still standing there? Send the City Lord to the Doctor at once! Hurry up!"

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