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Chapter 10

The way a woman cries is split into multiple categories. When some women cry they only make people frustrated, whilst when others cry, they make people feel touched. Zhong Zhengdong stares at the beautiful little white rabbit and couldn't help but swallow his saliva.

"Dont cry, when you cry, I feel even more excited. There is a strong instinct that makes me feel a need to marry you."

She was horrified and stared at him, her eyes wide with terror. Unshed tears glistened in her eyes as she tried her best not to let them fall. She was afraid of crying any further.
In Tang Xin Lian's heart, Zhong Zhengdong is bullying her, looking down on her, not respecting her. She cannot cry, yet she also cannot not cry.

On the other hand, Zhong Zhengdong believes that even if he were to kiss her, touch her, carca.s.s her, they were all ways to love her. He already let her climax, how can it be counted as bullying her? Furthermore, it was clearly said that he would be allowed to do whatever he wanted, yet until now, he still had not had the chance to enjoy himself. Because he caused her to cry, he had to stop his perverted actions. It also didn't seem like a good time to continue. 

After gathering so many troops yet being unable to march out and having to stop beating the drums, he hasn't been satisfied yet!

"Wu wu wu~" He is the one who is wronged!

You must know, when a man loads a bullet but

is unable to release it, it is very painful to the body.

In the end, he could only hug her, pat her shoulders, comfort her like comforting a child, do nothing and help her get dressed.

Her original clothes and underwear were torn by him so there was no choice but to change into new ones. This he was prepared for long ago.

He pressed the intercom and commanded someone to go to the closet to take her clothes- a white dress, a bra, underwear and shoes.

When she used her teary eyes to stare at him, he knew what she was wondering. The corners of his lips were raised to form a mesmerising smile.

"I had sent someone to order your clothes, in preparation of any future need."

In the past, when he took her to choose underwear, he had recorded all the dimensions of her body. He had ordered people to tailor a variety of clothes for her according to his prefrences and her size. There were mini dresses for parties, casual dresses for relaxing, luxury clothes for rich ladies. From top to bottom, accessories to shoes, there was nothing missing.

He felt that this was a kind of intimate act and that she would be extremely touched upon hearing it. After all, women always hoped that their man can understand everything about them right? Remembering their birthdays, their likes, all the memorable days, it represented their importance in her man's heart.

However, he miscalculated again the way the little white rabbit's logic worked. The little white rabbit is

is very different from the women he knew in the past. She was not only ungrateful to him, she even viewed him as a monster.

Tang Xin Lian's face was a pale sickly white. She stared numbly at the perfectly form fitting dress, bra and underwear. Her heart sank deeper and fell straight into the dark abyss.

Zhong Zhengdong is really a pervert. He even knows the size of the clothes and shoes she wears.

Clothes are easy to buy. A single glance and one can estimate the correct size. Underwear and bra, he had brought her to buy before so knowing her size isn't weird. But shoes are the hardest to buy. It's impossible to be able to tell the correct size that accurately just by looking. For different brands, even if the sizes are the same, the measurements would be different. Normally, it is a must to try on the shoe to be able to tell if it would be a perfect fit.
However, he could acctually accurately grasp the measurements of her foot. The shoes she was wearing fit her foot perfectly. This kind of precision, how could she not break out in cold sweat?

A typical man would never be able to do this accurately  unless they pay special attention. She had been so closely examined by him, that everything about her could not escape his observant eyes. This man had scrutinized her to such a degree, she felt like she was being tied so tightly by invisible ropes until she could not breathe.

If Zhong Zhengdong knew

Zhengdong knew what she was thinking, he would definitely be hopping mad. This kind of situation, if it was other women, they would be over the moon and would have developed even greater affections for him. But when it comes to the little white rabbit, he was viewed as a pervert.

Zhong Zhengdong let someone deliver a cup of warm milk. This cup of milk was specially prepared for her. This cup of milk was the exact type of milk the little white rabbit had drunk the first time they met at that bar. 

Milk is very suitable for her. Watching her hold the cup with two hands, drinking the drink sip by sip, and occasionally smearing the white milk on her lips accidentally-  this just made her so much more attractive and lovable, such that he couldn't help but lower his face and kiss her mouth to lick off the milk cleanly.

This type of thick creamy milk was exactly like her; pure, simple, yet also one of a kind.

Zhong Zhengdong didn't realise that his love for the little white rabbit was growing deeper and deeper. Every action of hers he would remember, just like he remembered every line, every flaw, every sensitive spot on her body. They are all meticulously recorded in his brain. Whenever he has nothing to do, he would always recall them and relish in those memories.

On the journey back, the little white rabbit has been very obediently sitting on his lap, letting him kiss and caress her, seemingly obeying his every command. However, while it However, while it seemed like she was very obedient on the surface, he was afraid that the heart differed greatly. This he could clearly see.

Either way, it didn't matter. As long as she obediently stayed by his side, he would be satisfied. The days ahead are long after all. All humans are creatures of habit. He believed that with time, the little rabbit's heart will also follow him obediently. 

A few hours earlier, she was still in America, but now she is in France.

Her and douments were all being kept by Zhong Zhengdong. She couldn't go anywhere. Both mother and child were left in a French villa. 

The villa occupies a lot of land, its surroundings empty of people. There were only grape vineyards and large patches of lavender fields as far as the eye could see. In the villa, it was fully equipped with a swimming pool, a gym and a conservatory garden.

Cheng Cheng was very excited. Every day, he would run up and down like a wild horse.

The servants in the villa are all foreigners except the women who was responsible of taking care of Cheng Cheng on the plane that followed them to the villa, saying that it was the order of Zhong Zhengdong to take care of the mother and child. Any need they had, they could tell her.

This women is Anna, a member of Zhong Zhengdong's team in France. She can speak chinese and very fluently too.

"This is Zhong Zhengdong's house?"

"Yes. This villa and land, they are all part of his estate."

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