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Chapter 11

Tang Xin Lian looked at Anna suspiciously. "You addressed him as Boss. Are you his subordinate?"

"Yes." Anna replied, smiling.

Anna is a dazzling beauty. Although she is a westerner, she has the type of small face, fine facial features, brown hair and crystal blue eyes that Asian men love. Paired together with her tall and slender figure, her pet.i.te waist, her large b.r.e.a.s.t.s and wide hips- when men are together with this kind of dazzling beauty, how can their hearts not be moved?

Anna, despite being under Tang Xin Lian's unwavering scrunity, felt completely natural and at ease. 

"You are very beautiful." Tang Xin Lian said. 

"Thank you." Anna accepted the praise with poise and grace.

"May I be so presumptuous as to ask you a personal question?" 

"Please ask, Miss." 

Tang Xin Lian hesitated for a while. How should she phrase it to prevent her question from being too brusque? She didn't want to damage Anna's pride.


reality however, Anna could already tell what Tang Xin Lian was thinking. Seeing her hesitation, Anna decided to prompt her.

"Were you trying to ask me if there was any kind of romantic relations.h.i.+p between Boss and I?"

Tang Xin Lian couldn't help but feel awkward as her inner-thoughts were exposed. However, seeing Anna's nonchalant expression, she nodded her head in admission.

Anna replied smiling, "The relations.h.i.+p between Boss and I is purely that of a relations.h.i.+p between a boss and a subordinate. There is no love or anything else."

"How is that possible?" Tang Xin Lian gasped, shocked. However, she quickly realised her mistake and hastened to correct herself. "I mean, you are so beautiful, how can that giant pervert not waver in the face of your beauty?"

In Tang Xin Lian's heart, Zhong Zhengdong is a giant wild wolf. In the past, to get close to her, he actually lied about his own s.e.xual orientation.

orientation. He also placed survillence cameras in her house. When making love, he would whisper words that would make one's heart thump furiously and cause one's face to turn bright red. That's why she has long since slapped the label of perverted wolf upon him.

Once a person has a preconceived notion, anything that contradicts it would be deemed as false. As such, her view that Zhong Zhengdong is a giant pervert could not and would not be changed that easily by Anna.

Anna couldn't help but laugh. This Miss Tang actually viewed Boss as a giant pervertic wolf and dismissed her words. 

That time, she had heard that Boss's lover had ran away. Then she personally witnessed and accompanied Boss who abandoned his work, to fly over from France to America to get his runaway lover back. Furthermore, once he stepped onto the plane, he immediately started to eat her out, then he had tried

had tried his best to comfort and please her. This kind of precious treasure ah~

The type of treatment that she got, is totally different from the previously favoured Brazilian supermodel Leydia.

Although Boss had favoured Leydia, he had never once felt frustrated over her. Furthermore, he is a person who understands the difference between public and private affairs. So, it is no surprise that he would never have, for the sake of a women, board a plane to fly thousands of miles, to find a person during working hours.

Women and work, he has always drawn the line clearly between them. Basically, he is a cold-hearted, utilitarian person. However, as long as one didn't offend him, he would acknowledge their efforts and reward them. Everyone is a.s.signed a certain number in his heart based on their actions, contributions and demerits. What needs to be given, he will typically give very generously.  

Anna has followed Boss for followed Boss for many years. She has seen it very clearly. She only has and only ever had a boss and surbodinate relations.h.i.+p with Zhong Zhendong, never any hint of romantic love. The reason is because her heart is as cold as Zhong Zhendong's. They are the same kind of people. 

"Miss, please be rest a.s.sured. Boss has seen so many different types of beauties, yet I have never met one that made him moon. Beauties more beautiful than me are aplenty. Yet, they too can't catch Boss's eyes, let alone me. You, Miss, are the only exception. "

Taking this chance to praise Boss, Anna believed, would only yield benefits and no disadvantages. If Boss was pleased, he might even raise her salary or give her a big fat red packet.

Tang Xin Lian blinked her eyes. "You said that he has seen many beautiful women? So he has dated many beautiful women before?"


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