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230 – Fog Hinders the Enemy

“Lawrence is here!” Katherine's pet.i.te body s.h.i.+vered slightly, then her beautiful eyes flashed with determination and confidence, and she said: “Rest a.s.sured, Sir Caesar! You can count on me!”

Katherine, like a beautiful rough diamond, had become bright and dazzling after being polished by real life pressure. She was fully capable of becoming the leader of the over 100,000 half blood beastmen.

Yang Feng nodded slightly, then his figure shook and he disappeared.

A few kilometers after leaving the half blood beastmen, Yang Feng regained the appearance of Ian. With a light jump, he jumped onto a magic carpet and flew in the direction of the 2,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights.

“Should I kill them?” Sitting atop the magic carpet, Yang Feng pondered carefully. By using the various extraordinary plants or level-4 extraordinary life form rank mechanical battle beasts, like the mofen demonic polar bear and others, under his control, he could wipe out the 2,000 b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights.

After pondering this issue over and over, the corners of Yang Feng's mouth suddenly rose slightly: “No! I came up with a good idea!”

On the Red Earth Wasteland.

2 clouds of red dust rose and extended from the distance.

The 2,000 elite cavalrymen riding extraordinary life form demonic horned lions chased after the half blood beastmen.

Extraordinary life form demonic horned lions had a single horn, had a frame that was larger than that of ordinary lions by a size, were covered in black scales, were fierce and warlike, and had explosive speed and excellent endurance.

Demonic horned lions were extraordinary life forms that the Lion G.o.d Arcath, when he was still a demiG.o.d, bred after learning countless knowledge during his pursuit of G.o.dhood. Adult demonic horned lions had frightening Great Knight rank fighting strength.

Naturally, demonic horned lions were rather inferior products when compared to the many extraordinary life forms bred by h.e.l.lions in the Turandot Subcontinent. However, on the Feisuo Plane, they were definitely the st.u.r.diest of land mounts.

Many human cavalrymen were intimidated when faced with the fierce demonic horned lions, and could only display 50% to 60% of their strength, before being killed by lionman cavalrymen riding demonic horned lions.

The 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen could fight against 10,000 human cavalrymen, and they even had the confidence to defeat them.

If the human empires didn't have numerous Wizards and various weapons, they would find it impossible to engage in field warfare against the beastman empire.

The elven empire was the best at jungle warfare, the beastman empire was the beast at field warfare, and humans were the best at urban warfare. In the absence demiG.o.d rank powerhouses and above on the battlefield, this was a universally acknowledged fact.

Suddenly, a hurricane blew from the Red Earth Wasteland and swept countless sand and stones towards the demonic horned lions. At the same time, a thick fog appeared and enveloped the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen.

It was so dark in the fog that you couldn't see your hand in front of you. The 2 commanders of the demonic horned lion cavalrymen were shocked, and barked loudly, “Charge! Pick up the pace and rush out of here!”

The 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen picked up their pace and rushed ahead.

A considerable distance away, dozen-meter-tall boulders appeared in front of the demonic horned lion cavalrymen. The speeding demonic horned lion cavalrymen slammed into the boulders. Badly injured, they issued screams of pain.

“Stop! Stop charging!” Barked the 2 commanders of the demonic horned lion cavalrymen.

The demonic horned lion cavalrymen stopped their charge and looked at the boulders blocking in front of them in shock and anger.

A commander of the demonic horned lion cavalrymen was startled and angered, saying: “b.a.s.t.a.r.d. This is the power of Wizards! f.u.c.king Wizards!”

No one had ever heard of such a strange fog in the Red Earth Wasteland. Obviously, only the power of Wizards could bring about such a strange change.

“There's a path over here, follow me!” A commander of the demonic horned cavalrymen suddenly saw a path leading outside of the fog and said excitedly.

The 2,000 horned lion cavalrymen followed the commander and strode towards the path. No one noticed that the commander's eyes looked absent-minded.

“A Fog and a Dominate Life Forms trapped the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen. I'm so strong that it scares me.” Above the fog, Yang Feng watched the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen circling the number 8 inside the magic fog and smiled.

“Nevertheless, the consumption is fairly large. Each day they are trapped, 100 inferior magic stones are consumed.” Yang Feng looked at the level-1 secret treasure fog disk placed atop a boulder, smiled, and thought.

The fog disk could release fog continuously. However, it consumed a lot of energy to release fog. It consumed the power of 100 inferior magic stones each day.

But as long as it trapped the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen, so that they wouldn't be able to chase after the half blood beastmen, it achieved Yang Feng's objective. Otherwise, with their speed, they would soon catch up with the half blood beastmen and unleash a ma.s.sacre.

A day later, the fog shrouding the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen gradually dissipated.

After the fog dissipated, with their vigor depleted, the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen lay weakly on the ground, gasped for air, and, with exhausted expressions, drank big mouthfuls of water.

Yang Feng played a little trick in the fog, so that the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen and their mount lions would be very thirsty and would consume 5 times as much water as usual.

Lawrence and the rest of the army of the beastman empire came up from behind.

When he saw the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen weakly lying on the ground, Lawrence's face changed greatly and he immediately barked: “High Priest! Come out!”

An old man with lion ears, 9 feathers on his head, a painted and old face full of wrinkles, and dressed in luxurious clothes came out slowly. The old man was Danylo, the High Priest of Lawrence's army.

In the Feisuo Plane, there were Wizards, who were powerful beings with extraordinary power. The only thing the beastman empire had that could contend against those beings were Priests, who were believers of G.o.ds. According to the cla.s.sification of the Cangzhi Plane, the High Priest Danylo had frightening level-3 Warlock rank strength.

Lawrence pointed to the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen lying limply on the ground and asked gravely: “High Priest, what's wrong with them?”

Danylo silently recited an incantation, pointed at the 2,000 demonic horned lion cavalrymen, and a yellow glow covered them. Next, the demonic horned lion cavalrymen exuded dark gray magic light.

Danylo answered slowly: “They have magic fluctuations on them, which should come from Fog, Maze, or another similar spell. Half blood beastmen seem to have a powerful Warlock as a backer!”

Lawrence asked in concern: “Are they going to be okay?”

Lawrence was cruel and murderous, but he also knew that the b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights were the foundation of his tyranny and retrograde actions. If the b.l.o.o.d.y lion knights were to all die, his status as a prince of the beastman empire would suffer a sharp decline.

Danylo stated casually: “Just give them something to quench their thirst and hunger. Just give them some water and food, and they'll soon recover.”

Lawrence's expression darkened and became extremely unsightly.

Danylo raised his eyebrows and asked in a low voice: “Is there a shortage of provisions?”

Lawrence sighed in regret: “The provisions are plentiful. However, I underestimated the drought in the Red Earth Wasteland. When marching here, the water consumption is 3 times that of when marching in ordinary places. We'll be forced to retreat if we don't find any water!”

In the Red Earth Wasteland, the weather was dry. Besides, Lawrence had no experience regarding large scale marching in the Red Earth Wasteland. The water he brought this time was based on his experience when marching in ordinary places. As a result, he was in a predicament.

Danylo said resolutely: “Your Highness Prince, you need not worry. For over 100,000 half blood beastmen to migrate to the Red Earth Wasteland, don't they need water? The over 100,000 of them need much more water than we do. Unless there's a G.o.d helping them, there must be water nearby.”

A b.l.o.o.d.y lion knight quickly came up to Lawrence and reported with an expression of mixed feelings: “Your Highness Prince, I have something important to report!”

Lawrence asked: “What is it? Speak!”

The b.l.o.o.d.y lion knight replied with an expression of grief and indignation: “We found water southwest from here. However, those d.a.m.n half blood beastman hybrids poisoned the water. A dozen of our people drank the water and were poisoned to death by the hybrids.”

Lawrence's eyes flashed with delight and he laughed loudly: “Water, hha! Sure enough, there's water! High Priest Danylo, I will have to trouble you!”

Danylo nodded slightly and smiled.

Lawrence immediately had the army advance in another direction. Before long, a huge pond appeared in front of him.

Lawrence took several generals and Danylo to the edge of the pond.

At the edge of the pond, there were the bodies of a dozen demonic horned lions and their cavalrymen. Clearly, the demonic horned lion cavalrymen couldn't help themselves when they saw the water.

Danylo arrived next to the body of a cavalryman, slightly opened the eyelids of the body, and examined it carefully for a while. With a slash of his claw, he cut open the body, licked the body's black blood, and closed his eyes. After reciting an incantation for a while, a grey light covered his body and the poison inside his body was completely purified.

Danylo said gravely: “This poisonous water was made from moloch gra.s.s mixed with black bat wings, lizard tail, heart-eroding gra.s.s, and a dozen other poisons. It's very poisonous. Just a tiny sip of it is fatal to demonic horned lions.”

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