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Chapter 63 Losing Dignity as a Father

Zhang Lei wasn't the only one who was stunned. Shen Jingyi was also a little surprised.

This arrogant man was actually a supplier of the Soaring Cloud Corporation?

She understood Zhang Lei's temperament very well. If this man called Chen Zhaolong was someone else, or the CEO of some company, Zhang Lei would at most teach him a lesson. At the very least, in front of his children, Zhang Lei wouldn't be so ruthless as to make him lose his dignity as a father.

However, since this Chen Zhaolong was a supplier of Tengfei Group, Zhang Lei would definitely not let this matter rest.

Shen Jingbin knew that Zhang Lei had once lived at the bottom of society. Like Ji Feng, he was used to seeing the cold feelings of people in the world. Thus, he looked down on those bullies the most and hated them the most.

Today, when Chen Zhaolong announced that he was a supplier of Tengfei Group, Zhang Lei definitely wouldn't casually take it out.

"Kid, are you deaf?!"

A person behind Chen Zhaolong scolded: "This is CEO Chen, a supplier to Tengfei Corporation! Do you hear me? "

"Listen up!"

Zhang Lei nodded and said, "That is to say, the reason why you guys dare to be so arrogant is because of this supplier of Tengfei Corporation. Your family is very rich, is that what you mean?"

"Kid, are you stupid?"

That person sneered, "Do you know what Tengfei Group's supplier means? Money? What was money? Do people understand? With so many companies in China, how many of them could become suppliers to the Tengfei Corporation? "On the official level and in the underworld, everyone has to show some respect. If Boss Chen wants to deal with a punk like you, there's no need to take big breaths!"


Chen Zhaolong waved his hand and said, "Zhang Lei, you're right, there's no need to speak so much nonsense. I've said it before, you can find the person you think is the most powerful. If you can't tear off my dignity, then we'll talk about it."


Zhang Lei curiously asked, "Then how are you going to explain it to me?"

Chen Zhaolong frowned slightly as he glanced at Zhang Lei. He wasn't sure if Zhang Lei was truly ignorant, or if Zhang Lei was trying to provoke him in a frivolous manner.

Shaking his head, Chen said, "Boy, why don't you find someone first, and then we can talk, okay?"

"Why don't you first tell me how you're going to teach me!"

Zhang Lei smiled and said, "I pay close attention to this detail and am very curious about it."

"Alright then!"

Chen Zhaolong nodded and said, "Very simple! After that, you will have your legs broken. Of course, you can choose to break your hand, you can choose to break it, you can choose to slap it, and then, the person who beats you will turn himself in, and he will not seek your forgiveness, but will listen to the law. "

"So ruthless?"

Zhang Lei frowned and asked, "A little friction and you want to break my legs?" You want to slap me? "

"A little friction?"

Before Chen Zhaolong could say anything, the chubby woman said sternly, "That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d hit my son. You guys. .h.i.t my son too. "Let me tell you, get that brat to scram from this kindergarten. If he dared to come to school again, then it wouldn't be breaking your arms and legs. Do you believe that I will beat you up every few days until you become crippled!?"

Zhang Lei smiled and said, "Chief Chen, what she said was also your intention?"

Chen Zhaolong impatiently waved his hand and said, "Hurry up and call for help!"

"Can't we discuss it a little more?"

Zhang Lei asked, "This matter was originally only a conflict between two children, but your lover went too far. If you two apologize and sincerely realize that you are in the wrong, then this matter can be ended just like that, you see …"

"You idiot!"

The slightly fat woman laughed angrily: "Brat, I think you're courting death! You want us to apologize? Who do you think you are! "

"Director Chen?" Zhang Lei ignored her and looked at Chen Zhaolong.

"Brat, I don't have that much time to waste with you. If the time comes, I will wait for you to tear off my dignity!" Chen Zhaolong said with a dark expression.

"Looks like there's nothing left to talk about."

Zhang Lei nodded and said, "Alright then. It seems that I really have to call people over!"

As he spoke, he took out his phone, preparing to call someone.

At this moment, many of the surrounding children's parents' faces changed slightly. Their eyes were filled with both indignation and worry, but also some sympathy.

This Chen Zhaolong and his wife's methods were way too arrogant.

Everyone naturally understood what he meant. If they had money, they had the ability to find someone to break this young man's hands and feet. Moreover, they could make people take the blame, but not affect them.

What was even more outrageous was that they had to get people to deal with that young man every now and then.

He even wanted to drive that child out of the kindergarten.

Everyone knew that most of the parents who sent their children to the public kindergarten were thinking about the low school fees on one hand, and that it was probably because they were closer to home so it was more convenient to take them in.

If he kicked him out now, wouldn't that be making things difficult for him?

Moreover, the child was already so old and already understood. If he was driven out like this, the child would remember it for the rest of his life. Just how much of a shadow would it leave in his heart?

This couple had gone too far!

However, although everyone was furious, no one dared to stand out and fight against the injustice. They could only discuss in whispers. After all, Chen Zhaolong and the few people beside him were clearly not to be trifled with.


When the slightly plump woman saw that Zhang Lei had really gone to make a phone call, she couldn't help but twitch her mouth and say with disdain, "You're just pretending!"

Especially when she saw that Zhang Lei didn't have the slightest bit of fear on his face, she got even more annoyed. From her point of view, Zhang Lei was definitely holding on and didn't want to lose face in front of so many people.


Wait and see. If you don't want to lose face now, you will lose everything as well!

And get that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d out of the kindergarten!

Shen Jingyi's gaze swept across Chen Zhao Long and the others and couldn't help but secretly shake her head, sighing in her heart. Humans really can't be too arrogant, but there were many people who couldn't see through this point.

However, she did not say much. She was only hugging Ji Zheng but was not scared at all when she was young. On the contrary, she was somewhat angry. She could not help but ask.

"These bad people are bullying uncle, I'm angry!" Ji Zheng said in a crisp voice.

Shen Jingyi laughed.

Very quickly, Zhang Lei finished his call, walked over and asked, "Director Chen, the phone is not off, right? There'll be someone calling you later."

Chen Zhaolong smiled confidently, looking like he was in control of the situation as he said, "Don't worry, no matter who's calling, I'll take it …"

"Ding Ling..."

Just as he finished speaking, his phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He frowned and glanced at Zhang Lei, seemingly surprised at Zhang Lei's ability to get someone to call him so quickly.

However, when he took out his cell phone and took a look, he immediately felt relieved. An unfamiliar number was obviously not that important. Otherwise, how could he not know about it?

He picked up the phone. "h.e.l.lo, this is Chen Zhaolong. Who is he?"

In the next moment, his expression suddenly changed. "Who? Han Zhong? Director Han? "

Immediately, with a face full of smiles, his originally tall and straight back subconsciously bent a little, "h.e.l.lo, Director Han. I'm Chen Zhaolong. What? Director Han, you, what did you say? "Ah …"

Chen Zhaolong stood rooted to the spot, holding his cell phone.

"Hubby, whose phone is it? What's the matter?" The slightly fat woman couldn't help but ask her husband when she saw the look of shock and fear on his face.

"Yes …" Tengfei Corporation's Director Han, he, he … " Chen Zhaolong was still in a daze, unable to react for a moment.

"Director Han?" He called you? "This is great …"


A resounding slap landed heavily on the chubby woman's face.

This slap was so powerful that it actually made the woman stagger.

"You're a wastrel!"

A furious roar came out from Chen Zhaolong's mouth. The current him no longer had the confidence that he had from before. His face flushed red and veins popped on his forehead. He angrily roared, "You've stirred up a disaster!"

"B-husband, you …" The slightly fat woman covered her face and was beaten senseless.

She wasn't the only one who was stunned. The surrounding onlookers were also dumbfounded. No one had thought that the incomparably arrogant Chen Zhaolong would suddenly hit his wife.

"You …"

Chen Zhaolong pointed at the woman on the microplatter. His hands were shaking in anger, unable to speak.

Soon, he reacted and turned his head to look at Zhang Lei. His eyes flashed with fear and regret as he quickly walked over to Zhang Lei and forced out a smile, "Mr. … Mr. Zhang …"

Zhang Lei's expression was calm as he asked, "Is the quant.i.ty of the person I'm looking for enough? Do you want to continue? "

"Mr. Zhang!"

Although Chen Zhaolong was smiling, the smile on his face was even uglier than crying, "I was wrong! "I have eyes but could not recognize Mount Tai, your excellency does not care …"

Zhang Lei waved his hand and interrupted him, "Director Chen, let's not talk about this anymore. Let's continue, okay?"

"Teacher Zhang..."

Chen Zhaolong's heart skipped a beat as he hurriedly said, "I really know my wrongs. Please be magnanimous …"

Zhang Lei lightly said, "I'm begging you to be magnanimous and not break my arms and legs. Don't chase my nephew out of the kindergarten, okay?"

Chen Zhao Long froze on the spot, unable to say a word.

He finally realized how desperate his words were before, but they had cut off his path of retreat.

Regret filled his chest.

At this time, everyone else was stunned as well.

At this time, everyone present had already reacted. It was obvious that this young man was very powerful. With just a single phone call, he had turned the incomparably arrogant Chen Zhaolong into a stray dog. This ma.s.sive contrast caused them to be extremely shocked.

What was even more shocking was that slightly fat woman. At this moment, she also realized something, and she looked at Chen Zhaolong in terror, then at Zhang Lei. Her face was deathly pale, and only the bright red palm print was so eye-catching.

"Teacher Zhang..."

Chen Zhao Long's voice was hoa.r.s.e as he struggled to speak. However, when he saw Zhang Lei's calm expression, he could no longer speak.

He suddenly thought of what Zhang Lei had said before — he didn't want to tear off his father's dignity in front of his children!

At this moment, he finally understood!

He was very clear on what it meant to lose the Tengfei Group's supplier qualification. This was not as simple as losing a major customer. More importantly, if the Tengfei Group, which has always been a ruthless customer, cancelled the order, then what would the other customers think? What would he do?

When he thought of the consequences, Chen Zhaolong's heart was filled with fear and regret!

His legs went limp and he kneeled on the ground, "Mr. Zhang... "Please be magnanimous and forgive me. This time, I really know my wrongs …"

However, he hadn't even finished speaking when he saw Zhang Lei's expression darken. Then, he saw Zhang Lei's eyes looking at him, then at his son who wasn't far away.

In a split-second, Chen Zhaolong's face turned pale and he fell to the ground.

He understood the look in Zhang Lei's eyes. As a father, he actually kneeled down in front of his son, and all of this was because of him and his wife. They had fallen to this stage, but had lost their dignity as a father!

Zhang Lei despised them because of this!

At this moment, Chen Zhaolong's heart was filled with regret, as well as an unfathomable anger.

"I'll beat you to death, you suicidal woman!"

He let out a furious roar, and with an unknown amount of strength, he jumped up and pounced towards the chubby woman, then started to hit her head and face.

The other parents quickly retreated with their children.

Very quickly, the slightly plump woman's miserable shrieks rang out.

Zhang Lei turned around with a calm expression and took Ji Zheng from Shen Jingyi's arms. "Brat, let's go home."

Ji Zheng nodded, "En."

The screams continued behind him, but Zhang Lei didn't turn around to look.

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