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Their heated argument must have been heard by Elder Xue, for him to make such a comment.

"But Grandpa... You don't know how petty he is! Do you know that he…" Xue Meining was interrupted before she could finish her sentence.

"Enough! Little Ning! Did I not teach you how to treat our visitors? Bring out my favorite Long Jing Tea! Oh, Ling Yun! Come here and take a seat, feel at home!", Elder Xue said, before he coughed.

Ling Yun nodded his head, made his way to the chair opposite the Master and took his seat.

"Elder Xue, is there a problem with your lungs?", Ling Yun showed concern after observing Elder Xue coughing profusely.

"Oh, Ling Yun, you know about medicine as well?" Elder Xue became more impressed after Ling Yun's gesture.

"Anyways, it is an old illness that has been stuck with me for very long already. Let's not talk about it. Instead, I'm rather impressed by you, Ling Yun!" , Elder Xue added.

"I heard you carried a 25 kg sandbag and ran ten rounds around the school track! But you vomited blood in the midst of it, didn't you?"

All Ling Yun could do was to nod his head. As the whole school already knew about his feat on the track, there was no point in hiding it.

"Do you mind letting me read your pulse?", Elder Xue asked politely of Ling Yun.

I'm usually the one reading others' pulses. Can't believe I'm getting read instead. Ling Yun thought to himself.

By now, he was conscious about everyone's feelings about his magnificent performance on the track the previous day. Someone might have already suspected the truth of him breaking his own physical limits.

Without further ado, Ling Yun twisted his body, took out his left hand and placed it on the master's kneecap.

Elder Xue placed three of his fingers of his right hand onto Ling Yun's wrist, closed his eyes and started to read his pulse.

Within a minute, Elder Xue raised his brows and opened his eyes wide open. He was shocked. "Hey, chap! Have you met any extraordinary people, or encountered any extraordinary event recently?"

Ling Yun looked back at the face of the stunned old man and thought to himself. Looks like he has found out about my abnormality. But he probably does not know that I'm the one that is extraordinary!

"Elder Xue, why? Is there anything wrong with my body?" Ling Yun asked even though he knew the truth.

Elder Xue took a deep glance at Ling Yun before removing his fingers from his wrist. "Something is not right!". He was puzzled and confused.

He furrowed his brows for a long time, until Xie Meining walked in with tea set.

"Ling Yun, I'm not sure if Little Ning has told you about this, I've been in the traditional Chinese medicine industry for ages, so I actually know enough about it to diagnose illness. From what I have read from your pulse, I've realized you have a robust and energetic body *cough* which does not match the fact that you were severely ill when you were young. By logic, you are supposed to be very weak and fragile now…" Elder Xue gave his full deductions about Ling Yun.

Wow! Elder Xue is indeed impressive! Traditional Chinese medicine is impressive! All he did was read my pulse for a minute and he could tell everything that has happened to my body since young!

Ling Yun could tell that the Master chose not to say 'Yang Heel Meridian' so as to not scare Ling Yun or not confuse him.

If all the Chinese physicians in the world are as good as Elder Xue, I wouldn't be able to make a living as an Immortal Doctor!

If only he knew that the man sitting in front of him was the Miracle Doctor, Sai Bianque, who was second-to-none in China, perhaps he would feel much better.

Acting like he only understood partially, Ling Yun replied. " Yes, you are right, Elder. When I was young, my body was very weak and there was no way to make it stronger. Even the doctors in the hospitals could not find the source of the problem..."

This led to the Miracle Doctor returning to deep thoughts. He could not understand, after all the health problems Ling Yun had encountered since young, how was he still able to hold a robust body and energetic spirit within.

"Have you eaten anything out of the ordinary recently?" Miracle Doctor Xue did not want to give up.

"Nope, I have not. Yesterday, I felt that I should not be ruining my body anymore, thus my aim to slim down. That is why I chose to run with the 25 kg sandbags!" Ling Yun answered his question, before pointing to his lump of fats around his waist.

"But...the blood you vomited out just does not make sense…"

Miracle Doctor Xue was interrupted by his granddaughter, who made her way, with the tea set, out to the table in front of Ling Yun and Miracle Doctor Xue. Ling Yun was glad about Xue Meining's appearance as he had run out of ways to explain about his abnormality.

"What is exactly wrong with him, grandpa?", Xue Meining queried.

"Sigh, it's hard to's hard to say..."

"Grandpa, even you can't tell? I thought you said he had…" Mei Ning was in a state of disbelief.

For someone of her grandpa's knowledge and experience, it was impossible to fail to diagnose a patient.

Miracle Doctor Xue looked up at her granddaughter and laughed. "You're right, he has succeeded. He is definitely stronger than average people. But what Grandpa can't understand is something else." *cough cough*

"Ling Yun, sorry for today's abrupt invitation by Meining. All I wanted to do was to give you a check and a.n.a.lysis on your body as I was curious. However, it is indeed incredible for your body, which was weak and fragile, to reach this stage of strength."

On Ling Yun's mind, he was thinking something different. It was not that incredible for someone of his caliber and extraordinary capabilities to do something so astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Ling Yun, I have actually prepared a prescription for you initially, according to the problems Little Ning told me about you. But I guess you no longer need it now!" Miracle Doctor Xue said, before coughing again and smiling at his granddaughter.

Ling Yun was touched by his gesture. Who would open a prescription for someone you have not even seen before? It must have been because of Xue Meining. She had probably nagged at and begged her grandpa profusely to help Ling Yun out. Thus, Ling Yun decided to reciprocate.

"There's actually a reason behind my visit today, Elder." Ling Yun was direct with his request.

"Hehe! Grandpa! I met Ling Yun outside when he was going to shop for some silver needles. Don't you have a few sets with you? Maybe you could give him one?" Xue Meining asked her grandpa.

Miracle Doctor Xue was bewildered. It's true that girls are majority extroverts. But he had not expected her granddaughter, at just the age of seventeen, to request him to sell his source of income to people out of their family.

He was not bothered much about Little Ning and proceeded to ask Ling Yun a question, "Silver needles? Chap, you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine as well?"

When Ling Yun had shown concern about his lungs earlier, Miracle Doctor Xue had already been impressed. Now that he knew that Ling Yun wanted to buy silver needles, he was excited over Ling Yun's interest in Chinese medicine.

But if he was to know Ling Yun's real reason for the needles, he would faint immediately.

Ling Yun expressed that he had a rough idea of what traditional Chinese medicine was about, but he did not have enough time and resources to look into it. "I'm a little interested, so I want to study it a bit. I'm curious about it."

At this moment, Xue Meining decided to take her revenge. She had not forgotten what Ling Yun had done to her thigh earlier. "Grandpa, do not listen to his bulls.h.i.+t! He told me he wanted the silver needles to poke people!" she uttered as she used her little hands to cover her round and perky b.u.t.tocks as if she was afraid that Ling Yun would try to poke her b.u.t.t.

Now that she knew Ling Yun was not a gentleman who would take care of girls, she had to take precautions against him.

*Pfff* *cough cough* Miracle Doctor Xue spat out the tea from his mouth when he heard that!

"To poke people!?"

Ling Yun was enraged. He glared at Xue Meining. I meant that as a joke, how could you use it against me?

Miracle Doctor Xue coughed continuously after the sudden shock presented to him, while his granddaughter used a handkerchief to wipe his mouth and chin.

"Ling Yun, what kind of silver needles do you want? *cough cough* I have many kinds of silver needles indeed. If you tell me, I can get Little Ning to fetch them for you…"

Miracle Doctor Xue's question was actually meant to be a test. If Ling Yun really knew about traditional Chinese medicine, he should be able to name a few terms. If that was the case, Miracle Doctor Xue would be willing to spare him some needles.

On the other hand, if Ling Yun was not able to relate to the subject convincingly, Miracle Doctor Xue would definitely not present his treasures to him.

After all, silver needles were sold outside for just one or two hundred dollars for a box. He could get it himself if he wanted to.

Ling Yun proceeded to say unhurriedly, "Elder Xue, I need just nine needles, but they are all of unique shapes. I'm not sure if you would have them here..."

"The first needle is an arrow-headed needle, 1.6 inches long. The second one is a round needle, 1.6 inches. The third one is a magnetic needle at 3.5 inches long while the fourth one is a lance needle, 1.6 inches long. The fifth is a stiletto needle, 4 inches long…" Ling Yun described all nine needles one by one with their respective requirements, leaving a drastic expression on Elder Xue's face.

Miracle Doctor Xue became more impressed and shocked as Ling Yun talked more about his needles. His hands started to tremble along with the cup of tea in his hand.

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