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When Ling Yun said only nine silver needles were needed, Miracle Doctor Xue's expression had changed drastically. Now that Ling Yun had described all nine needles' individual length and shape, Miracle Doctor Xue was completely stunned!

Because whatever Ling Yun described was the same needles mentioned in from Huangdi Neijing!

Not only did this kid know, he knew too much!

How was this possible!!

Xue Meining noticed that her grandfather was acting oddly, so she quickly asked him carefully, "What happened, grandpa?"

"Don't interrupt!" Miracle Doctor Xue immediately raised his hand to stop his granddaughter from asking any more questions as he listened to Ling Yun's words in excitement.

"...eighth is a long needle, 7 inches long. ninth is a big needle, 4 inches long." Ling Yun was busy describing the lengths and shapes of the needles and only looked up after he was done. "Elder, some of the needles I need are oddly shaped, may I know if you have any of those here?"

The corner of Miracle Doctor Xue's lips twitched violently.

He actually had those needles, but he only had one set and it was not made of silver, but gold instead!!

It had been pa.s.sed on by his teacher's teacher to his teacher and then pa.s.sed on to him right before his teacher pa.s.sed away. However, in order to utilize this set of gold needles, one had to possess spiritual energy within his body!

It would be a complete waste if the user did not contain any spiritual. Whereas for treatment, it was just slightly better than ordinary silver needles at best.

Ling Yun immediately understood that he was asking for too much when he saw Miracle Doctor Xue's face.

It was either Miracle Doctor Xue did not have the needles, or he was unwilling to gift them out.

However, Ling Yun was not bothered. All he needed was a few silver needles for an emergency. By the time he reached the Qi Cultivation Stage, he would easily forge a set of silver needles that he wanted.

"Hmm, Elder, it's really no big deal, it's alright if you don't have it, I can go about myself and look around for a set…"

Miracle Doctor Xue's deep-set eyes gleamed with excitement as he fixed his gaze on Ling Yun and asked anxiously, "Young man, can you tell me how you found out about the nine needles with different shapes?" He could no longer be bothered about his own status as an elder.

Ling Yun was stunned by the question.

How did he know about it? He had been using these needles all along in Cultivation World!

"Well, this um… It's a really long story…" Ling Yun scratched his head as he hesitated with his words…

He could not possibly say that he was not from this world, but he had never done any research on the traditional Chinese medicine of this ancient country, thus, he had no way of explaining himself.

However, these expressions and actions led Miracle Doctor Xue to a.s.sume that Ling Yun had acquired exceptional medical skills from a supreme master!

After Miracle Doctor Xue figured out one thing, he was able to quickly sort out the other questions that puzzled him endlessly.

How had Ling Yun been able to heal his Yang Heel Vessel that had been severely damaged since young to nearly 70%? How had he successfully broken through the limits of the human body?

It was all because of that! Miracle Doctor Xue could not believe that this kid did not mention anything about meeting anyone special or anything special occurring. Hehe, you're too young to be playing mind games with me!

The older, the wiser. Since Ling Yun was unwilling to say it, he would not force it out of him.

There was still a lot of time!

"Ling Yun, since you want this kind of nine silver needles, I hope you don't mind me asking, do you know how to use them?" *cough cough* The coughs were just to cover up his impatience.

"Hmm… I suppose so…" Ling Yun uttered softly.

Why on earth would I ask for it if I don't know how to use it? I know how to manipulate these needles even with my eyes closed!

"You know Qigong?!" Elder Xue got up from his seat. Judging by his height, he probably was a few centimeters taller than Ling Yun when he was younger.

Qigong? What on earth is Qigong? Ling Yun wondered why this old man was getting so excited despite his old age.

I don't know about know Qigong but I do have spiritual energy!

"I don't…" Ling Yun shook his head definitively.

"This…" Miracle Doctor Xue could not mask his disappointment as he plopped back into his seat. Why would you want the nine needles if you don't know Qigong?

However, Ling Yun casually said, "However, if I do have the nine needles with me right now, I can temporarily fix your cough…"



Two loud cries!

Of course, they came from both Miracle Doctor Xue and Xue Meining simultaneously!

As the Chinese saying goes, 'A doctor never treats himself', this saying was only applicable to ordinary doctors. As for Miracle Doctor Xue who was a giant in the traditional Chinese medicine field, it was nothing but a joke!

How would this little kid before him treat the long-term illness that he himself was unable to treat?

"Oi, Ling Yun, it's ok to bullsh*t, but don't take it too far. I'm eating beef tonight…"

Xue Meining shot him a dirty look as she said those words. After a brief moment of shock, her next reaction was to a.s.sume that Ling Yun was spouting nonsense!

Ling Yun gave a faint smile as he said confidently, "I don't care if you're eating beef or whatnot, but as long as I get my hands on these nine needles, I'll be able to fix your grandpa's cough temporarily…"

"Grandpa, don't listen to his nonsense, this Ling Yun is really mean. He never speaks the truth! Always running his mouth, hmph!"

Miracle Doctor Xue, however, turned a deaf ear as he contemplated on whether to bring out his most precious set of gold needles.

Ling Yun was a smart character. He obviously could sense Elder Xue's hesitation but chose not to rush him. He thought since he rarely saved lives for free, he would leave it up to him to decide.

Ling Yun calmly picked up a cup of tea from the table and gulped it down. Mmm, how fragrant!

Right at that moment, Elder Xue stood right up and said to Xue Meining, "Little Ning, accompany Ling Yun for a short while, I'll go get my needles!"

Miracle Doctor Xue was not holding onto much hope that Ling Yun would be able to fix his problem. Ultimately, he was just an ordinary high school student, how was he going to treat a chronic illness that even Miracle Doctor Xue himself could not fix?

His main purpose was to see if Ling Yun truly knew how to use these nine needles and execute the procedure!

It had been 11 years ever since Xue Meining had begun to learn about traditional Chinese medicine from Miracle Doctor Xue at the age of six. She was obviously proficient in acupuncture. She also knew that her grandfather had a similar set of gold needles that was his most prized possession, thus, she began to speak for her grandfather after Ling Yun described the length and shapes of the needles.

She had only seen the needles twice in her entire life and her grandfather would not even let her touch them. How dare Ling Yun come around and shamelessly request them right away?

"Hmph! It's not too late to regret your decision before my grandpa comes back, or else, you'll be so embarra.s.sed…"

Xue Meining stated coldly.

"Want to bet?" Ling Yun was seemingly unbothered as he let out a chuckle.

"What are we betting on?" The Little Demon Girl stepped up.

If he was able to fix the illness that even her grandfather could not fix, would that not mean that his medical skills were better than her grandfather's?

She had never seen anyone with medical skills that were more superior than her grandfather's in the entirety of China!

"If I can stop your grandpa's cough, you have to let me hug you and give you a kiss…" Ling Yun muttered softly as he looked at her firm and rounded b.r.e.a.s.t.s in a perverted manner. He could not possibly let Miracle Doctor Xue hear this.

Little brat, I'll give you a good scare!

"Get out! Shameless! Obscene!" As bold as Xue Meining was, she was still angered by Ling Yun's words as her cheeks turned bright red and she nearly splashed a cup of tea on his fat face.

"Forget about it if you don't dare to bet, I guess you're afraid that I'll actually cure your grandpa…" Ling Yun rolled his eyes and could no longer be bothered with her.

"Tell me, what if you don't manage to cure him?" Xue Meining was not vague either as she went straight for Ling Yun's weakness.

"You decide, you can choose whatever you want!" Ling Yun chuckled.

"Really?" Xue Meining could not believe what Ling Yun said.

"Of course, so what do you think? Do you want to bet?" Ling Yun continued to provoke her.

"Let's bet then! I still don't believe you anyway!" The Little Demon Girl stated angrily, she would never believe that Ling Yun was capable of fixing her grandfather's cough.

"Don't go back on your words then…" Ling Yun went on provoking her.

"I'm afraid you might go back on your words! Just wait for your chance to embarra.s.s yourself…shameless p.r.i.c.k!"

It was as if Xue Meining was envisioning the scene where Ling Yun grabs her and touches her up and down with his big fat hands.

Ling Yun's evil plan had succeeded. He grinned from ear to ear as he took a sip of his tea. Scold me as much as you want, it's not like I'll lose a pound of flesh.

Miracle Doctor Xue first washed his hands thoroughly after entering the house. He then carefully opened his safe and took out an ancient-looking rosewood casing.

He held onto the wood casing with both hands cautiously as he walked out of the house before gently setting it down on a stone table.

Xue Meining did not have to wait for Miracle Doctor Xue's command before she dashed out to close the courtyard doors and returned to the stone table.

Ling Yun observed Elder Xue's cautiousness and serious expression to deduce that whatever was in the wood casing was definitely extraordinary.

He got up and followed Xue Meining out of the house.

Miracle Doctor Xue got a key out of his undergarments and gently opened up the wood box to reveal a translucent jade box.

Spiritual energy poured into every corner of the room!

Ling Yun's pupils contracted immediately!

Spirit Jade! This was a Spirit Jade! Even though the spiritual energy emitted by this jade box was not as rich as the s.h.i.+chiyou herb, it was obviously a lot stronger than the spiritual energy naturally emitted by Ning Lingyu's innate spiritual body.

Staying true to his nature of taking advantage to the fullest, Ling Yun immediately crouched down towards the jade box and pretended to observe it as he absorbed the emanating spiritual energy to his heart's content.

"What are you trying to do?!" Xue Meining quickly yelled as she naturally noticed the change in Ling Yun's expression.

"Don't be rude, Little Ning!"

Miracle Doctor Xue stopped Xue Meining before proceeding to rub his hands together and lift up the cover of the jade box.

Under the blazing afternoon sun, the nine gold needles glistened in the sunlight as they laid quietly in the jade box. The needles had varying lengths and thicknesses, anyone would be able to tell that these needles were exceptional.

"Young man, come have a look… Are the nine needles like these?" A sense of pride could be seen from Miracle Doctor Xue's expression as he brought out his family heirloom and spoke with much confidence.

"Exactly. May I use these to carry out the acupuncture procedure on you?" Ling Yun only lifted his head up once he was done absorbing the jade box's spiritual energy. He felt rejuvenated as he smiled and asked.

"Of course. Otherwise, what's the point of me bringing it out? However, young man, you have to at least let me know what is your acupuncture procedure, right? So at least this old man will have a rough idea."

Ling Yun could tell that the old man was worried but he just maintained his composure and nodded.

"Elder, my acupuncture procedure is called the Nine Needles of The Spiritual Pivot."

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