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Evolution of The Puppy Seme XVI

As per tradition, here's our quote of the week:

"She looked at me. She was seeing the years and days I had no way of knowing, and she didn't believe me. I could tell this. Yet a look came on her face. It was like the look of mothers drinking sweetness from their children's eyes. It was tenderness."

"Love Medicine", Louise Erdrich

Muhlis Academy's main square.

"There must be something urgent today for Professor Zhang to call us all to a meeting."

"I don't know what it could be, but it must be some sort of major event in the study. At the last meeting, didn't Professor Zhang introduce a new kind of flux*?"

(*Gosh, this word gave me MVC PTSD at first. Then I searched it up, and apparently, it doesn't mean what I think it does. Google defines it as "a substance mixed with a solid to lower its melting point, used especially in soldering and brazing metals or to promote vitrification in gla.s.s or ceramics." Thanks, Google!)

"Yes, when I heard that I was so excited that once I got back I immediately used that flux Professor Zhang had talked about, after the mecha I made afterward were so flexible and agile -- it was out-of-this-world!"

"I wonder what new discovery the professor will talk about this time," the teachers in front of the square began to whisper.

The students at the very back were looking forward to this a lot, especially those students who were learning mecha production.

They all knew how intelligent and good at his work Professor Zhang was, and viewed him as a role model, working hard to emulate his achievements.

He was a mecha master. In all the federation, there were only two who could produce SSS mechas. The federal officials and aristocratic family all treated Professor Zhang like an esteemed guest. Even the federal president treated Professor Zhang with due respect.

Many family members of the family asked Professor Zhang to become an officer, but Professor Zhang never accepted. It was also said that the military once asked Professor Zhang to help lead them and become a general. It seemed very tempting, but Professor Zhang had unhesitatingly declined and came to Mulis to become a teacher.

To many of his colleagues, the fact that he rejected this offer made them think that he must have been kicked in the head by a donkey. But the leaders and teachers of the academy, no matter their station, were flattered by his decision to teach, not to mention the students who admired Professor Zhang greatly.

Also, ever since Professor Zhang came to the Academy, the teaching quality at Mulis has risen. His students had also entered into important families and federal divisions of the army upon graduating. For someone who's taught for less than twenty years, Professor Zhang had many outstanding students.*

(*桃李满天下 [Táolǐ mǎn tiānxià] = literally, there are a lot of peaches and plums falling from the sky, but it describes a teacher who has many students.)

And of these students, all of them played an important role in society.

This directly increased the number of people who wanted to study under Professor Zhang. Technical knowledge notwithstanding, the strong, intertwined network of former students made one salivate at the prospect of becoming his student.

And Lu Liangjun, who had vied for Professor Zhang's attention, was a typical example of that kind of person.

Lu Liangjun had prepared for this for a long time, but during the entrance exam, Duan Jingzhe had unwittingly destroyed his chances. When he returned home, everyone's att.i.tude toward him had changed significantly. Before, his extended family had thought he would be Professor Zhang's student, so all of them tried to flatter their way into his good graces. But when the results of the exam came out, Lu Liang Jun had unexpectedly only just made it into the first hundred. Those who had flattered him before showed their true colors at once, and began to scorn and disdain him.

Lu Liangjun was filled with resentment.

Because he wasn't one of the top students, he wasn't respected by his family, and thus became one of the most hot-headed people in the family.

Professor Zhang's position on this was apparent.

"Hey look, Professor Zhang's arrived!"

There were two big screens on either side of the square, broadcasting the action on the screen in real time so that everyone could see clearly.

A white-bearded but spirited old man steadily walked up.

All the people on the square quieted into silence.

"More than a month ago, the Freshman entrance test occurred." Professor Zhang's face was serious. "In the entrance test, many students revealed themselves to be outstanding. In order to enter Mulis Academy, they spent uncountable hours of study and labor, but all this was worth it because they have finally gained recognition and further learning opportunities."

At this point in his speech, the people listening were all confused.

What is the point of saying this? Why does this sound like a welcoming ceremony? But if it is supposed to be a welcome ceremony, it should have been done a month ago.

Everyone had started to speculate to themselves when Professor Zhang suddenly segued into a different issue.

"But in addition to these children who have been rewarded, there is one person who has lost the opportunity to go to school because of my mistakes."

"Because I chose to listen only to what I wanted to hear, I caused an outstanding child to not be admitted. This is entirely my fault."

Professor Zhang smiled tightly, his face white with shame. "Here, I solemnly admit my wrongs in front of the whole school, and extend my deepest, most heartfelt apologies to this wronged and deserving child."

Professor Zhang bowed deeply.

He held that position for three minutes.

The a.s.sistant at his side thought about supporting Professor Zhang but was stopped by the academy director next to them. The director of the academy shook his head, and the a.s.sistant stopped his impulse to help the professor. He looked away and didn't look at the professor.

Even normal people couldn't maintain that position for such a long time, and Professor Zhang was nearly seventy years old.

The professor usually always complained about his back pain, and when he a.s.sembled mecha, he would often take breaks to rest when his back gave out. How could he be able to hold a ninety-degree bow for so long a period of time?

As the a.s.sistant considered this, tears rose to his eyes.

As Professor Zhang began to get up slowly, his body trembled and the a.s.sistant hurried up to help him.

Professor Zhang was very pale. The screen was high definition, so all the people could see the fine sheen of sweat on his face.

He propped his body up and continued to speak. "I made a major mistake in the entrance examination, so I have asked the school to rescind my examiner qualifications, and I will not take part in any examinations from now on."

Upon Professor Zhang's words, the teachers and students were in an uproar.

"Finally, thank you all for your time."

Professor Zhang, with the help of his a.s.sistant, bowed again and then left the platform with the support of his a.s.sistant.

"What the h.e.l.l is this..."

The students and teachers in front of the podium had been shocked, by one strong bomb after another, into absolute blankness.

And to the side, the academy director calmly reported this matter to the president of the school.

The president's face was gloomy. "Go and find out what incident Professor Zhang was referring to. Given Professor Zhang's work att.i.tude, he definitely was not the reason that student wasn't admitted. Professor Zhang said he was listening to only what he wanted to hear, so it must have been that someone else said something to him."

"Since Professor Zhang apologized in public, we cannot ignore this matter. We must carefully check the records and find this meddling person!"

Professor Zhang has made a lot of contributions since he had become a teacher at the academy, even he wasn't certain how many there were.

Before Professor Zhang started to teach at the academy, they were just a third-tier, inferior school. Since Professor Zhang arrived, not only have the quality of the professors improved and the high-grade mecha manufacturing division increased, but they have also attracted many outstanding students who apply to the academy.

In ten years, they have changed from an inferior school to a respected school for students to be admitted to. It could be said that Professor Zhang was the reason Mulis had students at all.

The president, who has experienced this whole process, has great admiration and grat.i.tude toward Professor Zhang. In such a situation as the one now, it was absolutely impossible for him to just do nothing.

Regarding the situation, there were three people whose reactions were different from the other shocked, dazed people. One of them was Dong Haoyang, whose mouth was tilted upward at the corners, and the second was an unbelieving Lu Liangjun.

The third was a middle-aged, anxious teacher.

"Teacher Gao, what do you think of all this?" Dong Haoyang touched the arm of the somewhat out of it, middle-aged teacher beside him.

Teacher Gao startled by the touch and tried to force his heart to return beating at a normal speed. He said a quick, "I'm not sure what's going on either," and hurried away.

Dong Haoyang's peach blossom eyes narrowed, and he chuckled with some mysterious meaning.

As the surrounding people slowly began to drift away, Dong Haoyang joked under his breath, "So this old man is a pretty upright character. But I have a suspicion that the coming days will be far more interesting."

Dong Haoyang joyfully smiled.

- -- -

"Ah! Wu, a bit more gently!"

The a.s.sistant looked at the professor, not knowing whether to smile or cry. Since he had begun to ma.s.sage the professor's back, the professor's yells of pain hadn't stopped.

The long time he had spent bowing had obviously hurt Professor Zhang. But the a.s.sistant was surprised to find that although the professor was in physical pain, his mood was unusually good. Usually, even if the Professor was in pain, he would only grit his teeth and bear it, so such verbal expressions of pain were unprecedented.

"Professor, why do I think you're feeling a lot better?"

Professor Zhang glared at him. "What, you think I'm talking too loudly?" He angrily snorted, his gray beard moving with him. "It hurts quite a bit, of course, my voice is going to be loud."

"You see, you're a young man, just because I couldn't help shouting a bit because of the pain, you're fed up with it. Can't you show some sympathy to this poor old man?"

The a.s.sistant was stunned by what the professor had blurted out.

Why does he feel like the professor has become an entirely different person?

When Professor Zhang noticed that his a.s.sistant looked like he had seen a ghost, he curled his lips. "Are you this bad at taking a joke?"

"Pro-, professor!" The a.s.sistant breathed again, still surprised. The professor knew how to joke!

Professor Zhang sighed. "I have finally ridden myself of a heavy burden, and for that reason, I feel so much more relaxed."

"In the past, I always thought, being a teacher and professor, I should set an example. I am cautious in my actions by nature, for fear of transgression, damaging my reputation, but mostly because I did not want to bring any bad influences to the children."

"I always paid attention to the refinement and etiquette of the students, and because of this, I made a big mistake. I was too rigid, too dogmatic. Etiquette is good, but the student must truly desire to learn from their heart, and only paying attention to appearances, as I have, makes everything superficial."

"Professor..." The a.s.sistant was a little worried.

He thought his professor was feeling blue, but who would have known that the professor would suddenly turn to him, beaming with joy.

"Now I decided not to simply go through the motions*!"

(*This flows so much better in Chinese than English: 表面文章[Biǎomiàn wénzhāng] = going through the motions, but it has this sophisticated quality to it because it's a four-character idiom (also known as a 成语[Chéngyǔ]).)

The a.s.sistant was confused. "Ah."

Professor Zhang somewhat pointedly glared at him, his white beard lifting with him. "Of course, how would you understand the thoughts of an old person?"

"Keep on ma.s.saging," Professor Zhang subconsciously patted his back, and then let out a yelp.

The a.s.sistant couldn't help covering his face again.

"Give me a hand, I still want to talk to that child later!"

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