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Wife, You Can't Run After Eating summary:

Black belly female killer soul attached to the house weak eldest sister, shocked Yan Yan, attracted peach blossoming open, belly black emperor? Demon bad prince? Insidious handsome king? Gentle physician? Iceberg Mystery Male? Who is his true life? Haha, but she only eats, definitely will not take responsibility! Beautiful men be careful! Synopsis provided by Girly Novels Mei Xi is a world cla.s.s, adept at poison and medicine. She’s extremely lazy when she’s got free time, and she’s the biggest flirt ever. A total player. Her goal is to bed all the beauties she can find. She somehow transmigrates into a rich miss, Feng Zhiyao, who’s just had her engagement broken with the seventh prince, whom she was crazy in love with. So she went insane with grief and hanged herself. Then Mei Xi wakes up in her body in the coffin… Everyone expects her to be grieving over her lost love, but instead she changes into a seductive demoness who manages to win over many hearts (some of whom belong to the seventh prince’s posse). Simply put, she turns into a femme fatale.

Wife, You Can't Run After Eating Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 97Part1 Apr-22-19
Chapter 96 Part3 Apr-19-19
Chapter 96Part2 Apr-18-19
Chapter 96Part1 Apr-17-19
Chapter 95Part3 Apr-17-19
Chapter 95Part2 Apr-17-19
Chapter 95Part1 Apr-17-19
Chapter 94Part3 Apr-17-19
Chapter 94Part2 Apr-17-19
Chapter 94Part1 Apr-17-19
Chapter 93Part3 Apr-08-19
Chapter 93Part2 Apr-04-19
Chapter 93Part1 Apr-04-19
Chapter 92Part3 Apr-03-19
Chapter 92Part2 Apr-02-19
Chapter 92Part1 Apr-01-19
Chapter 91Part3 Apr-01-19
Chapter 91Part2 Apr-01-19
Chapter 91Part1 Apr-01-19
Chapter 90Part3 Apr-01-19
Chapter 90Part2 Apr-01-19
Chapter 90Part1 Apr-01-19
Chapter 89Part3 Mar-21-19
Chapter 89Part2 Mar-20-19
Chapter 89Part1 Mar-20-19
Chapter 88Part3 Mar-20-19
Chapter 88Part2 Mar-20-19
Chapter 88Part1 Mar-20-19
Chapter 87Part3 Mar-20-19
Chapter 87Part2 Mar-20-19
Chapter 87Part1 Mar-20-19
Chapter 86Part3 Mar-20-19
Chapter 86Part2 Mar-07-19
Chapter 86Part1 Mar-06-19
Chapter 85Part3 Mar-05-19
Chapter 85Part2 Mar-04-19
Chapter 85Part1 Mar-01-19
Chapter 84Part3 Feb-28-19
Chapter 84Part2 Feb-27-19
Chapter 84Part1 Feb-27-19
Chapter 83Part3 Feb-25-19
Chapter 83Part2 Feb-22-19
Chapter 83 Part1 Feb-21-19
Chapter 82 Part3 Feb-20-19
Chapter 82 Part2 Feb-19-19
Chapter 82 Part1 Feb-18-19
Chapter 81 Part3 Feb-15-19
Chapter 81 Part2 Feb-14-19
Chapter 81 Part1 Feb-13-19
Chapter 80 Part3 Feb-12-19
Chapter 80 Part2 Feb-11-19
Chapter 80 Part1 Feb-08-19
Chapter 79 Part3 Feb-07-19
Chapter 79 Part2 Feb-07-19
Chapter 79 Part1 Feb-05-19
Chapter 78 Part3 Feb-04-19
Chapter 78 Part2 Feb-01-19
Chapter 78 Part1 Jan-31-19
Chapter 77 Part3 Jan-30-19
Chapter 77 Part2 Jan-29-19
Chapter 77 Part1 Jan-28-19
Chapter 76 Part3 Jan-25-19
Chapter 76 Part2 Jan-24-19
Chapter 75 Part3 Jan-22-19
Chapter 75 Part2 Jan-21-19
Chapter 75 Part1 Jan-18-19
Chapter 74 Part3 Jan-17-19
Chapter 74 Part2 Jan-16-19
Chapter 74 Part1 Jan-15-19
Chapter 73 Part3 Jan-14-19
Chapter 73 Part2 Jan-11-19
Chapter 73 Part1 Jan-10-19
Chapter 72 Part3 Jan-09-19
Chapter 72 Part2 Jan-08-19
Chapter 72 Part1 Jan-07-19
Chapter 71 Part3 Jan-04-19
Chapter 71 Part2 Jan-03-19
Chapter 71 Part1 Jan-02-19
Chapter 70 Part2 Jan-01-19
Chapter 70 Part1 Dec-31-18
Chapter 69 Part3 Dec-28-18
Chapter 69 Part2 Dec-27-18
Chapter 69 Part1 Dec-26-18
Chapter 68 Part3 Dec-25-18
Chapter 68 Part2 Dec-24-18
Chapter 68 Part1 Dec-21-18
Chapter 67 Part3 Dec-20-18
Chapter 67 Part2 Dec-19-18
Chapter 76 Part1 Dec-18-18
Chapter 67 Part1 Dec-18-18
Chapter 66 Part3 Dec-17-18
Chapter 66 Part2 Dec-14-18
Chapter 66 Part1 Dec-13-18
Chapter 65 Part3 Dec-12-18
Chapter 65 Part2 Dec-11-18
Chapter 65 Part1 Dec-10-18
Chapter 64 Part3 Dec-07-18
Chapter 64 Part2 Dec-06-18
Chapter 64 Part1 Dec-05-18
Chapter 63 Part3 Dec-04-18
Chapter 63 Part2 Dec-03-18
Chapter 63 Part1 Nov-30-18
Chapter 62 Part3 Nov-29-18
Chapter 62 Part2 Nov-28-18
Chapter 62 Part1 Nov-27-18
Chapter 61 Nov-26-18
Chapter 60 Nov-23-18
Chapter 59 Nov-22-18
Chapter 58 Nov-22-18
Chapter 57 Nov-20-18
Chapter 56 Nov-19-18
Chapter 55 Nov-16-18
Chapter 54 Nov-15-18
Chapter 53 Nov-14-18
Chapter 52 Nov-13-18
Chapter 51 Nov-12-18
Chapter 50 Nov-09-18
Chapter 49 Nov-08-18
Chapter 48 Nov-07-18
Chapter 47 Nov-06-18
Chapter 46 Nov-06-18
Chapter 45 Nov-02-18
Chapter 44 Nov-01-18
Chapter 43 Oct-31-18
Chapter 42 Oct-30-18
Chapter 41 Oct-29-18
Chapter 40 Oct-26-18
Chapter 39 Oct-25-18
Chapter 38 Oct-25-18
Chapter 37 Oct-23-18
Chapter 36 Oct-22-18
Chapter 35 Oct-19-18
Chapter 34 Oct-18-18
Chapter 33 Oct-17-18
Chapter 32 Oct-16-18
Chapter 31 Oct-15-18
Chapter 30 Oct-12-18
Chapter 29 Oct-11-18
Chapter 28 Oct-10-18
Chapter 27 Oct-09-18
Chapter 26 Oct-08-18
Chapter 25 Oct-05-18
Chapter 24 Oct-04-18
Chapter 23 Oct-03-18
Chapter 22 Oct-02-18
Chapter 21 Oct-01-18
Chapter 20 Sep-28-18
Chapter 19 Sep-27-18
Chapter 18 Sep-26-18
Chapter 17 Sep-26-18
Chapter 16 Sep-24-18
Chapter 15 Sep-19-18
Chapter 14 Sep-18-18
Chapter 13 Sep-17-18
Chapter 12 Jun-30-18
Chapter 11 Jun-30-18
Chapter 10 Jun-30-18
Chapter 9 Jun-30-18
Chapter 4 Jun-30-18
Chapter 3 Jun-30-18
Chapter 2 Jun-30-18
Chapter 8 Jun-30-18
Chapter 7 May-31-18
Chapter 6 Jan-28-18
Chapter 5 Jan-15-18
Chapter 4 Part2 Jan-15-18
Chapter 4 Part1 Jan-15-18
Chapter 3 Part2 Jan-15-18
Chapter 3 Part1 Nov-27-17
Chapter 2 Part2 Nov-23-17
Chapter 2 Part1 Nov-12-17
Chapter 1 Sep-01-17
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