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Chapter 1660: The Best Path

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The fat Yutenta Dako was walking behind two men with a helpless expression.

Truth be told, Yutenta had no intention to join any kind of events tonight.

After Fedora was killed, Yutenta felt something was wrong, and when War Ghost appeared in the messy gang fights, his bad feeling turned real.

Therefore, Yutenta had been an obedient fat guy and stayed in his little den but reality would never bend towards wishes.

While Yutenta was waiting for dawn in his little den, Hoen and Stina from the South Sector appeared and forced him to leave his safe house.

The closer they got, the more Yutenta felt in danger, like he was walking towards the den of a dragon, step by step.

He wasn’t just scared, he was also having a hard time breathing.

“I think it’s best for us to stop here, I have a feeling that if we keep going forward, we will be in danger!” Yutenta stopped.

“Feeling? Did you become a Herder based on your feelings?”

The young lady Stina mocked him.

Stina was wearing a set of leather armor with a sword at her waist, her hair tied into a ponytail. She didn’t like Yutenta at all. Whenever she thought about their first meeting, Yutenta’s att.i.tude angered her, making her want to draw the sword from her waist and cut his fatty meat away.

She really had no idea how Yutenta became a Herder with all that excessive fat.


The other middle-aged man stopped his partner in an unpleasant tone. Hoen, who wore and dressed like a scholar, looked at Yutenta and asked, “Is the feeling strong?”

“Very strong! It’s like walking towards the dragon’s den! Or a devil is waiting for us ahead!” Yutenta nodded nervously.

The middle-aged man went into deep thought.

As the elite of the Southern Herders, Hoen knew Yutenta was actually much more useful and powerful than how he usually presented himself.

Otherwise, with that excessive fat, Yutenta would have vanished like the other Herders in the North Sector or died in the messy gang fights, not holding the position for more than 10 years.

Any Herders who held their position in a sector for more than 10 years should not be taken lightly.

The long duration represented the familiarity of the sector he was in charge of, knowing every single alley and hole in the sector like his own palm.

As for his strength?

Any Herder who managed to survive longer than 10 years would surely possess a certain level of strength. It was just that the Weireists around him had insufficient experience, thus leading to underestimation of Yutenta as a Herder.

“Yutenta, what do you suggest?” Hoen asked.

“I suggest we go back where we came from,” the fat Yutenta was being straight.

Hoen shook his head, sighing. “You know that’s not an option. As Herders, we have our duties to uphold.”

“Our DUTY is not to die!” Yutenta emphasized.

The young Stina was even more displeased with Yutenta’s words, deeming the fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d a coward, an insult to the Herders.

Stina wanted to speak but Hoen beat her to it, “Is there any other way?”

Hoen sounded helpless.

“Send someone in for reconnaissance!” said Yutenta.

Stina widened her eyes in anger.

“You want someone else to bear your risk?! You f*cking coward…”


Hoen yelled, stopping his a.s.sistant c.u.m half a disciple from the rude words. He looked at Yutenta apologetically and dragged Stina aside, drawing some distance from Yutenta and unbeknownst to them, getting closer to Kieran, who was in the shadow.

He scolded her, “Stina! Do you know what you are talking about?”

“Am I wrong?” The young lady didn’t want to step down.

“As a Herder who survived the North for more than a decade, Yutenta is the fittest candidate for the job. You have no idea what the North looked like before Yutenta came. I taught you before, do not simply speak without knowing the truth.”

Hoen didn’t give Stina the chance to argue, turning back to Yutenta.

Stina stomped angrily at her partner c.u.m teacher’s back.

“Is that unwillingness?

Do you feel angry?

Do you know why you feel this way?

It’s because they are looking down on you!

They never realize your talents, nor will they understand your strength.

You need to prove yourself! Go! Go search for the truth yourself!”

An unknown voice sounded in Stina’s ears.

She should be alarmed and cautious but anger got the best of her, thus lowering her guard.

Aside from that, she thought the voice in her head sounded very reasonable.

She glanced over at Hoen and Yutenta, who were still discussing. Deciding to go alone, she quietly continued forward by herself.

However, from Kieran’s point of view, the young lady behaved like a joke.

The funny thing was, the young lady thought she was being stealthy but Yutenta had her in his eyes all the time. The fat Herder did not stop her though, even stopping Hoen from holding Stina back.

Kieran wouldn’t ask and didn’t want to know what this young lady sought to do.

Whether it was the fat Herder who wanted to use this chance to teach this young lady a lesson, or simply just wanted her to hit a stud, nothing mattered.

Kieran’s mission for the night was completed, he even over-delivered and if he continued, he would fall short for overextending.

Even during his prime, Kieran was used to being vigilant, let alone now when his strength was sealed. He knew how much he should reach out and maintain within an acceptable limit.

His top priority was to unseal his strength as quick as possible while doing it inconspicuously.

Hooded, Kieran pulled his collar up over his nose, blocking his face even better with the hood over his head.

Fooling commoners weren’t hard with some facial cover, but fooling those with special abilities?

Nearly impossible.

After Kieran made sure the three Herders went off, he quickly returned to Leaf Dining.

He did not go in through the main door but the window on the second floor.

A Hound hidden in the shadow came out wagging its tail, sticking its tongue out at Kieran.

“Go to Roye.”

Kieran touched the Hound on the head and gave it a new order.

The Hound immediately ran out of the room.

In fact, not only this particular Hound, the other 4 Hounds who were guarding each corner of the restaurant converged on Starbeck also.

As for that Elite Hound?

It hasn’t left Starbeck’s side from the start.

Kieran changed into some fresh clothes, walked down, and saw Starbeck put on the little blackboard outside.

The menu for tonight was lesser than before, only fried rice and chicken soup.

What happened to the main dish though?

Aside from Kieran eating most of it, the rest were fed to the Hounds by Starbeck.

Bain and Li Jiajia were still on the main floor, with Bain teaching Li Jiajia the ways of a Herder.

“Remember, Hounds are a very scary kind of beast. They are created through witchcraft. Not only are they stronger than they look, they even move in packs. More importantly, they come and go like the wind. You won’t know when they will pop up and tear your throat… Hey, Li Jiajia, are you listening?” Bain was sharing his experience seriously.

Every senior in the Herders thought their juniors, disciple the same way. Bain went through the same learning when he was still a disciple.

Though, he never expected to teach someone else this soon, so he tended to be serious in his first time teaching others.

He seriously prepared all the teaching materials by asking Huai Cuike for advice and experience, especially since the teaching last night ran into some studs. Bain adjusted his condition to the best tonight and gave his best in teaching tonight.

However, as the student, Li Jiajia was drifting away and it angered Bain.

The worse thing was, even after Bain questioned Li Jiajia, she didn’t regain her senses.

“Bain, look!”

Just when Bain was about to throw a tantrum, Li Jiajia pointed behind him.

Bain turned around and saw a group of Hounds surrounded Starbeck, trying to win his fondness. They wagged their tails, pus.h.i.+ng their heads against Starbeck’s leg and even whimpering like a spoiled child.


Bain was sure that those were the infamous Hounds. Whether its ugly looks or its ferocious gaze, they were solid signs that verified his thoughts but why did the Hounds behave like normal dogs?

No, no no! Not normal dogs! The way they wagged their tails, they were like tamed pets that had followed their master for years!



While Bain was doubting his life, Starbeck brought out sausages from the kitchen, feeding the Hounds one each.

The sausages weren’t bought, they were made by Starbeck himself and the taste spoke for itself.

Every single Hound was very satisfied.

They surrounded Starbeck by lying down on the floor beside the counter, revealing their tummy for Starbeck to rub them.

Li Jiajija saw the Hounds wriggle happily as Starbeck rubbed their bellies, unconsciously showing admiration for the cute interaction.

“So these are the Hounds?” Li Jiajia muttered softly, as if she was absorbed in her thoughts.

She stood up and wobbled to Starbeck.

The Hounds, who were rolling around like a spoiled child just moments ago, jumped up when Li Jiajia approached, every one of them standing up in a defensive stance, baring their teeth at her together with a low growl.

The Elite Hound took a glance at Li Jiajia and didn’t care, continuing to behave in a spoiled manner in front of Starbeck.

It felt a very comforting aura from Starbeck, plus the delicious food. It wasn’t just delicious, it was healthy too.

Eating healthy food, having its belly rubbed, the Elite Hound was living the life!

Its dog life was fulfilled!

It didn’t care about the human who came over, it treated her existence with disdain.

This human should be just an appendage of her own kind, similar to the other one sitting at the entrance, they were the kind who would be used as reserved ration when in need, it didn’t have to care about this kind of human.

Should anything happen, it would chomp their heads off.

In its newly found pack, all it has to do was a.s.sure the safety of the person rubbing its belly, then it could live a high life.

It wasn’t just because of the order it received from its leader, it was also because its leader needed none of its protection, so it could focus on this comforting person wholly.


Starbeck clapped his hands at the Hounds who bared their teeth at Li Jiajia as warnings. Every single one of them kept away their sharp fangs and sat on the floor obediently.

Though, out of instinct, they were still watching Li Jiajia cautiously and it sent chills down to her spine, further solidifying her belief.

“Is there anything that I can help you with?” Starbeck looked at Li Jiajia politely and warmly.

Anyone who knew nothing about Starbeck’s true nature would deem everything he presented as perfect manners.

He treated people humbly, politely, and kept his own countenance high.

It was a pleasure to talk to him and it wouldn’t feel too over.

Li Jiajia felt that way and with the feeling lingering in her heart, she spoke her burning desire.

“Teach me how to cook!”

“Har?” Starbeck jolted.

Even Kieran, who was reading his newspaper quietly at the counter, lifted his head up and looked at Li Jiajia with surprise.

Bain, who was further away, was dumbstruck on his seat, like he was struck by lightning.

“Li Jiajia, you, you…”

“I’ve decided! I want to become your disciple! The voice in my head told me learning from you is the right way but my heart told me learning in this place is the best,” Li Jiajia stopped Bain with her own words.

“But it will be a waste if you learn cooking with your talents! Wasted! Understand?”

Bain stood up and wanted to get closer but the Hounds bared their teeth at him. He wisely stopped but he did not stop talking.

“Do you know how talented you are?! You can be a prophet! A clairvoyant! Or even a sage!”

“NO! I feel like being a cook is better than being a prophet or a sage!” she argued loudly.

Li Jiajia glanced over at the Hounds surrounding Starbeck and then slightly peeked at Kieran, who seemingly sat at the counter without being concerned but he subtly placed Starbeck behind him.

Would a prophet get protected by a group of hounds? Would a sage have the same level of protection?

No! But a cook could!

Maybe not any cook but a cook like Starbeck, he could use his food to attract many powerful people around him, protecting him!

Therefore, a cook would be the best choice!

“Please teach me how to cook!”

Li Jiajia turned back to Starbeck, requesting sincerely.

Starbeck didn’t answer directly, he looked at Kieran and after Kieran nodded slightly, he agreed, “Okay!”

“Great! When do we start, teacher? Where do we start?!” Li Jiajia was overjoyed and she asked repeatedly.

“Follow me, we will start with recognizing the ingredients,” Starbeck then headed into the kitchen.

Other than the Elite Hound, the rest of the Hounds went back to their position in the dark after Starbeck went into the kitchen.

Bain then walked to the counter.

“I am not a good teacher, right?” he asked with a bitter smile.

“You are wrong. A bad teacher is also a teacher, but you were never a teacher,” Kieran said frankly.

Bain felt even more helpless. He wanted to continue but the communicator in his pocket rang and his face turned sour when he saw the contents of the message.

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