Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 988 - Volume 10 – Chapter 14: Gray (Part 2)

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Volume 10 – Chapter 14: Gray (Part 2)

She did some tests in the clinic because she wondered if her fertility had been quietly taken away, and she didn’t know. After all, she had already met Neymar’s men, and they didn’t recognize her.

She even acquired a large amount of wealth.

The contents of that contract seemed to have been fulfilled. Thinking about it then, it appeared that she had reached the time to pay. It happened overnight, and Caroline couldn’t react at all.

But it was precisely because of this incredible speed that Caroline felt that the other party might have already taken away her ability as a woman without her knowing it.


“Do you want to test your fertility? I don’t have this kind of checkup here! If you want to do it, you can only go to the bigger hospital outside! In addition, you are a little malnourished, so please pay attention to your diet! Also, come to me regularly for checkups. Please don’t wait for your private place to rot before you come to me. That’s disgusting!”

The doctor spoke ill-mannered, but he cared about every patient of his.

No matter who it was or whether the person could afford it, as long as the person was sent to this clinic, he would take care of that person. Of course, he would send people to collect debts from those who couldn’t pay. Sometimes, his method wasn’t quite peaceful.

At the same time, the doctor was also a terrible old man with an evil personality and an unruly life.

Many of the peers Caroline knew had been patronized by this old man, even her tenant Livia. Of course, this old man was generous.

If it weren’t for her rules in choosing guests, Caroline felt that she should have had s.e.x with this doctor long ago, given that he was willing to pay.

“What do you want to eat? Same as usual?”

Caroline was starved. She came to a family-style restaurant that she frequented and sat down. She chose the seat by the window so that she could observe what was happening on the street.

Before this, this decision was to make it easier for her to find and see if there were suitable customers. Now, she just wanted the movement outside.

The news of Boss Neymar’s sudden death probably hadn’t completely spread. But since last night, the entrances and exits had been heavily monitored and stationed. Hence, most of the residents realized something major happened. Today, the whole area was deserted.

Even in this restaurant, there didn’t seem to have many customers as before.

Facing the waiter’s question, Caroline glanced at the menu and said casually, “Give me a Vatapa (a combination of fish oil, shrimp, coconut milk, rice and bread) and a Lacaca (fresh shrimp soup).”

The waiter wrote down the order. Apparently, he was familiar with Caroline’s diet and said casually, “No beer?”

Caroline thought so and nodded but suddenly remembered that the old doctor had asked her to pay attention to her diet. She shook her head, “No, let’s have another Churrasco (roast beef with tomato sauce or onion sauce).”

The waiter quickly wrote it down and then looked around the restaurant. Suddenly, he took a stool and sat down slyly. He lowered his voice and said, “Caroline, I have two hours of rest time in the afternoon. I just got my salary yesterday. Do you have time? Can I come over?”

“It’s not convenient for me these days. You should find someone else.” Caroline shook her head.

The waiter looked disappointed and shrugged, “Oh well, no wonder you ordered so much today. Wait a minute. I will get the chef to cook it for you right away! My sweetheart, rest a.s.sured, I won’t trouble you because you rejected the business with me. I will give you some fresh okra later!”

“Oh, Mario, you are such a kind person.” Caroline smiled sweetly. “But you can go to Livia. I think she will welcome you very much.”

The waiter named Mario blew a whistle and walked away quickly.

Caroline sighed and watched the window. She didn’t have any special thoughts at this time or that she had so many thoughts now that she couldn’t focus.

She thought about the mysterious shop and the boss. She didn’t know if the other party would suddenly appear in front of her next time, and then the horrible things that would only appear in the movie would happen. For example, the other party would put their hands into her body.

Thinking of this made her shudder.

She was also wondering whether she would continue to stay in this place after all this was resolved. She already had unimaginable wealth on her hands, so she could leave this place and move to another place with a better environment.

Or she should go for a v.a.g.i.n.a repair operation. After all, she was indeed only eighteen years old. Then, she could find a suitable time to appear in front of some celebrities, or perhaps marry into a great family. But, if she couldn’t have children, it also seemed to be a big problem.

As for doing business, she dispelled such ideas. Caroline didn’t think she was talented in entrepreneurs.h.i.+p. For investments, she had been scammed many times.

What about buying real estate, famous cars, branded clothes, and all kinds of luxury goods?

Caroline discovered that she suddenly had no way to explain the source of her wealth. She didn’t even have a backer, which meant she couldn’t protect her wealth in this chaotic place.

Probably, she should leave this country and go to a safer nation – a place where there was no war. Should I go to China? There are also some Chinese people here, and I have done some business with the Chinese. Those men seem proud when they talk about their own country.

Caroline had paid attention to some foreign news. Her impression of this country was still at the Olympic Games that were held not long ago. It seemed to be a country that loved sports.

In addition, it was also a nationalistic country. She heard that there had been incidents of the evacuation of overseas Chinese before. This country had ruled out terrorists’ entries.

Also, it seemed that men in this country were welcoming to virgins? But how could she get the citizen registration of this country?

She thought a lot, most of which were things that she had never done before. She had only one idea, but she didn’t know how to do it.

“Caroline! Caroline!”

It was Mario’s voice. Mario had already placed the cooked food in front of her table.

“Ah? Did you call me?” Caroline recovered from her thoughts. “Sorry, I’m thinking about something else.”

“It’s fine. Eat up! I’m almost off work.” Mario blew a kiss to Caroline. “Maybe you can see me when you get home, sweetheart.”

It seemed that he was going to find Livia.

Caroline suddenly became upset. All the thoughts in her mind disappeared.

Mario’s words seemed to be constantly reminding her that she was just a prost.i.tute who had no other survival skills except for betraying her body. She knew nothing, had no expertise, and couldn’t even craft her life plan… She was a prost.i.tute.

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