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Chapter 696 Zi Yan’s Roc

A whale, which seemed to have shrunk many times, was floating at Zi Yan’s feet.

The creature, seemingly clever, was dark and s.h.i.+ny with big eyes. Its small wings on both sides were relatively much larger than those of whales. Its mouth was not closed tightly, and it seemed as if it was grinning.

“A creature was thrown out of my arm?”

At this moment, Zi Yan was extremely surprised. Although this thing was a little cute, Zi Yan had gooseb.u.mps all over her body because she was a little scared.

As if feeling the emotion of Zi Yan, the little creature opened its mouth and called twice.

“Coo, Coo.”

Zi Yan grabbed Zhang Han’s arm with her right hand and asked in fear, “What is it?”


Zhang Han’s facial expression was frozen. He stood up and walked around the little creature twice.

No matter how he examined the creature with his strong soul sense, he could not find out any information, as if it was a bottomless pit.

However, the creature didn’t care about Zhang Han’s examination at all. It looked at Zi Yan with round eyes and swayed its tail slightly.

“Coo, coo…”

It called again.

“Sweetheart, what is it saying to me? What does it mean?” Zi Yan was stiff and motionless, but her eyes turned to Zhang Han beside her.

“You seem to be its master.” Zhang Han frowned slightly and said, “Ask it to drop its guard and relax a bit.”

After hearing this, Zi Yan was a little nervous. She looked at the little creature beside her leg and said with hesitation, “Relax, don’t be on guard.”

“Coo, Coo.”

The creature didn’t seem to understand her at all, and was still singing happily.

Zi Yan finally dared to move. She stretched out her right hand and carefully touched the head of the small creature.

“Coo, coo…”

The little creature lay on the ground, showing its belly and gently patting it tail.

“Here comes the chance!” Zhang Han’s eyes lit up. He soon suppressed his spiritual sense energy, turned it into a thread, and thrust it into the head of the little creature.


Zhang Han seemed to have been rebounded and took three steps back.

But that successful examination, which only lasted one-tenth of a second, made Zhang Han’s face change.

“What’s the matter?” asked Zi Yan.


Zhang Han swallowed his saliva, looked at Zi Yan and the little creature beside her leg. Then he looked back at Zi Yan and looked down again. After looking back and forth three times, he said in shock, “If I’m not wrong. Its background… It’s amazing.”

Zi Yan was nervous and asked in a hurry. “What’s it?”

Her husband was an immortal who had been reborn. Since she contacted her husband, Zi Yan had not noticed any dumbfounded or shocked expression of Zhang Han, but now he showed both of them.

Obviously, the little creature about half a meter long beside her leg was very frightening.

“I saw some news on the stone wall beside a barren ancient pool. It was said that in the depth of the universe that was not touched by the Cultivation World, there were fierce beasts that once lived in ancient times. Each of them was extremely powerful, and some very powerful ones could even tear the s.p.a.ce and go to the world of immortals. As for this little creature, I can judge from its breath and shape that it’s clearly an Ancient Curse Roc.”

“Ancient Cursed Roc?” Zi Yan was confused since she didn’t understand Zhang Han’s words.

“Yes, it is very likely to be the Ancient Cursed Roc. In the whole Cultivation World, Ancient Cursed Roc appeared twice in the past ten thousand years. When they were sleeping, they protected themselves with incantations and turned into their original forms. One upon a time, the Ancient Cursed Roc turned into a mountain, and there was a town nearby for hundreds of years. One day, however, the mountain vibrated and the Ancient Cursed Roc showed its original shape and directly advanced to Heaven Stage. It has been seen that many dark Dangerous Lands have been devoured by the Ancient Cursed Roc. Its incantations can easily cover a continent, and no one knows what kind of supernatural power it has.

“It is the boat of curse, and the s.h.i.+p is obviously the appearance of it when it is sleeping. It has appeared frequently recently. Obviously, it is a newly born Ancient Cursed Roc! It likes to devour the land of darkness to supplement the energy needed by incantations. In fact, it can swallow everything in the world, even thunder and spiritual Qi. I didn’t expect that it would recognize you as its master.”

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and forced a smile. “The secret in your body seems beyond my imagination.”

“What shall I do?” Zi Yan was a little confused. Looking at the little creature below, she didn’t know what to do. Subconsciously, she said, “Why don’t we send it to its mother? If its mother can’t find her child, she should be worried.”

Zhang Han was amused by Zi Yan’s words. He shook his head and said, “It’s said that the birth of an Ancient Cursed Roc took tens of thousands of years. Even if it had a mother, we don’t know where that roc is now. Ancient demonic beasts are rarely to be seen in the Cultivation World, and sometimes no one can recognize them. It usually takes three or five hundred years for people to see them. I once met a Black Water Tiger with a height of ten thousand feet. When it grows up, it may master some unique skills. Few people know about demonic beasts, and I’ve only heard of them.”

After explaining, Zhang Han thought about it and added, “It’s good that it recognizes you as its master, but the newly born creature didn’t have much fighting power until it advances to different levels. Moreover, countless resources are needed if we decide to raise the creature.”

The Ancient Cursed Roc was horrible.

Zhang Han felt a headache because the seemingly abundant natural resources and treasures on the mountain were not enough to feed the creature.

“Fortunately, it has absorbed a lot of energy when it was born, and now it is in a stable period. When it is advanced, it will need a lot of spirit treasures.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and calmed down. Looking at the little black creature, he smiled. Relatively speaking, it was a piece of pretty good news.

Zi Yan looked at the creature and asked, “What can we do now?”

“Er…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan’s right arm, where the little black spot mark was no longer visible, but he could still sense a little of its outline through his soul sense. After thinking about it, Zhang Han said, “How about trying to let it go back to your arm?”

“Okay,” Zi Yan responded.

After hearing Zhang Han’s introduction, Zi Yan was no longer afraid.

Many people were afraid of the unknown, but when the mystery was uncovered, everything would go back to normal.

Zi Yan patted her right arm with her left hand and said, “Come back.”


The young Ancient Cursed Roc turned into a streak of black light and sneaked into Zi Yan’s arm. Then it turned into that little black spot again.

Looking at the small mark like a tadpole, Zhang Han didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s like a mountain when it grows up. I didn’t expect it to be so small when it’s young.”

“There is this black symbol again. Can it not be black?” Zi Yan looked up at Zhang Han and asked.

As soon as she raised this question, the black mark on her arm suddenly turned red and moved into her head through her arm.

“Aye? I can still feel it.” Zi Yan was suddenly stunned and then looked at her arm. The mark dissipated, but she could feel that the little creature was still hidden there.

“Come out.”

The little creature came out again. “Coo, coo.”

“Go back!”

It went back into Zi Yan’s body.


“Go back!

“Ha ha ha, it’s so funny. I have a pet!”

After playing with the creature for a few times, Zi Yan turned to look at Zhang Han with excitement in her eyes.

“Well, your pet is super good, but have you found a problem?”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s awake now and living in your arm. If we’re in bed… It’s a disappointment when it comes out suddenly,” Zhang Han said hesitantly.

Zi Yan blushed. “You haven’t recovered yet. Don’t think about those things.”

“Ha.” Zhang Han smiled and leaned toward Zi Yan. “My wife is so beautiful that I can’t resist my desire.”


Zi Yan was actually happy. She asked, “Where shall we raise it? Shall we make it a house?”

“No, it’s very strong. Just raise it outside.”

“It looks like a little whale. We can’t let Mengmeng see it floating around outside,” Zi Yan said in confusion.

“It’s simple. It can deform and we can make it a penguin,” Zhang Han said casually.

“Good idea.”

Zi Yan asked the little creature out, found a picture of a penguin through her cell phone, and then ordered, “Turn into this animal.”

“Coo, Coo.”

The creature didn’t understand her words.

“You can turn into something like this with two little feet, and then…”

It took a long time for the little creature to understand a little bit of the order. Though it was a little reluctant, it shook its tail and suddenly turned into a fuzzy creature with two feet and a white belly.

“Ha ha ha.” Zi Yan smiled and touched its head. “Little guy, do you drink milk?”


They didn’t know if this was a positive answer or a refusal.

Zi Yan hurried into the kitchen, took a bottle of milk out, and handed it to the creature.

It even ate up the bottle.

Zi Yan looked slightly stiff, not knowing if it could taste the milk.

“It doesn’t eat these things. It grows by absorbing energy and awakening.” Zhang Han replied, “Let it go to the mountain. Dahei and Little Hei will be very happy to see it.”

What Zhang Han didn’t expect was that after getting familiar with Dahei and Little Hei, the Ancient Cursed Roc also ate meat every day, and it even couldn’t live without meat!

Zi Yan nodded after hearing Zhang Han’s words. “Little guy, I’d like to introduce you to two little brothers. You can play together. Eh, by the way, is it a male creature or a female one?”

“I’ll check it.” Zhang Han thought for a moment and picked up the creature. After checking the creature up and down, he got no answer to Zi Yan’s question.

“I have never heard of the Ancient Cursed Roc having a gender.” Zhang Han was a little confused. He carefully observed the creature and said, “Let’s recognize it as a female creature for the time being.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and then turned her gaze at the creature.

“Are you male or female?”

“Coo, Coo.”

All right.

Given its behavior, it basically didn’t understand anything.

“Let’s go.” Zhang Han took Zi Yan’s hand, and the little creature followed Zi Yan. It seemed that it didn’t like Zhang Han.

“I can’t imagine that the boat of curse is its shape. No wonder it dared to run into thunder spirit, which made me come back so late for so many days,” Zhang Han said.

“Humph, since you dared to bully my husband, I’ll punish you later!” Zi Yan threatened the creature.

Zhang Han couldn’t help laughing. “I agree.”

They came to the back mountain, talking and laughing. Seeing their hosts, Dahei and Little He quickly ran towards them.


Dahei was scared by the creature. “Woo woo woo woo?”

“What’s this?”

“Well, this is your new partner. Dahei and Little Hei, treat your friend well and don’t beat it too hard,” Zhang Han said with a slight cough.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Got it!”

Zi Yan thought they were joking, so she looked at the little thing and pointed to the front.

“See, these are your two big brothers. You’ll play with them later. Be good.”

“Coo, Coo.”

With Zi Yan’s gesture, the little creature seemed to understand her words. It was also curious as it saw Dahei and Little Hei. It felt that these two new playmates were of the same kind like it.

So it clumsily walked towards them.


As it approached, Dahei slapped it.

It didn’t exert much force, but Zi Yan was a little confused. “Dahei really hit it?”

Just as she was about to say something, Zhang Han stopped her and whispered, “It won’t get hurt. It’s OK. It’s good to hit it. Don’t forget the Dragon Bone Fish that I brought back at the beginning…”

When it came to the Dragon Bone Fish, Zi Yan’s eyes lit up as she also remembered that funny thing. Originally, Zhang Han planned to breed the Dragon Bone Fish, but as soon as he got it back, it was roasted by Dahei and Little Hei.

“They won’t bake this little thing, will they?”

Zi Yan was shocked. Instead of stopping them, she blinked her eyes and looked at the front.

Dahei tried to tease the newcomer, but the little penguin actually did not move.

“Ow ow ow. Ow ow ow!”

“I’ll try hard.”

When Dahei called, it looked at Zi Yan and Zhang Han. Seeing their acquiescence, Dahei tried again.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

“Wow, pretty good!”

Bang, bang, bang…

“d.a.m.n it. What’s it?”

Bang, bang…

“I can’t beat it.”


Finally, Dahei used 80% of its force and suddenly found that, though its hand hurt, the little penguin actually lay on the ground, seeming to be enjoying the ma.s.sage.


Dahei looked at Zhang Han, scratched its head, and then looked at Little Hei. “Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

“Second brother, bite him.”


Little Hei called in a low voice. Though it wanted to keep calm, it decided to ask about it first.

In the face of this scene, Zhang Han wanted to stop it cause the Ancient Cursed Roc would only be strong after it grew up. This little thing was newly born and fragile, and it would be bad if it was bitten by Little Hei. Although Zhang Han knew they couldn’t hurt it, he didn’t want to try it.

However, before Zhang Han could open his mouth, the next scene surprised him.

In the face of Little Hei with its mouth open, the little cursed roc stood up and looked at it. It opened its mouth and spat out a fruit.

Holy object!

“Coo, Coo.”

Given the expression of the little creature, it seemed to it that Little Hei was here to ask for food, so it treated Little Hei generously.

Little Hei immediately put away his tusks, threw out his big tongue, and looked at Zhang Han.

“Take it.” Zhang Han nodded.

Little Hei took over the fruit.


Dahei scratched its head and felt a little confused. “Where’s mine?”

“Coo, Coo.”

Seeing it spit out a sacred fruit, Dahei happily patted its chest.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei stretched out its palm, which was several times larger than the little cursed roc, to pat the latter’s head, and then took the fruit and threw it into its mouth.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…” Dahei pointed to the livestock area to one side.

“Good brother, you’re loyal and generous. Wait for a while, and big brother will take you to eat meat in the evening!”


The little cursed roc again spat out two kinds of holy objects and a pile of precious stones.

Looking at them, Zhang Han found something wrong. He took a glance at Zi Yan and pointed to the little cursed roc. “Why didn’t it give me a gift?”

“Haha…” Zi Yan couldn’t help laughing. “I didn’t have a gift either.”

“Maybe it thinks those two are playmates.”

Zhang Han smiled. “They get familiar with each other so quickly. This little cursed roc is amazing.”

After standing there for a while, they met several people pa.s.sing by.

They were w.a.n.g Zhanpeng, w.a.n.g Ming, and Chen Changqing.

They were all surprised at the little cursed roc.

“Brother Han, how did you get a penguin back?”

“It can act as Mengmeng’s companion.”

Zhang Han didn’t explain too much. Some things didn’t need to be explained.

Chen Changqing examined the penguin with his soul sense and suddenly found that it was not ordinary.

So he rushed to the side of Zhang Han, took him to the other side, and whispered, “What’s this?”

“It’s my wife’s pet,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“A pet? Penguin? I can’t examine it.” Chen Changqing was stunned.

“No.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly. “The boat of curse exists because of it.”

The boat of curse was not the little cursed roc, but the incantation it was born with. It absorbed a lot of energy and finally got the outline of a boat. Every time it made a subconscious behavior, it came out to look for food or ran into some relics. Frankly speaking, it appeared frequently because the little cursed roc was about to be born.

The previous boat of curse was so powerful that it could not be countered by Divine-Realm martial artists. However, the little cursed roc was newly born with no attack power. It had not yet awakened. However, Zhang Han knew that it would grow to be a great help for them to travel to the Cultivation World.


Chen Changqing almost bit his tongue.

He looked at the little cursed roc with disbelief. “Is this creature so powerful?”

“In the future, it must be more powerful than the boat of curse,” Zhang Han answered.

“Okay.” Chen Changqing took a long breath. “Come on, I’ll go for a walk with Feifei. Brother Han, are you better?”

“Almost. In a few days, I will be able to recover.”

“That’s good. I’m leaving.” Chen Changqing laughed and left for a walk with Zhou Fei.

“What are you whispering about?” Zi Yan came up and took Zhang Han’s arm.

“About the little cursed roc. He couldn’t examine it, either. So he asked me about it.”

“Oh, by the way, shall we give it a name? We can’t always call it little cursed roc.”

“Let’s pick up Mengmeng from school later and let her name it.”

Zhang Han smiled.

His lovely daughter had another little companion.

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