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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

Once the tortoise finished eating the white fruit, it crawled back to Wen Jing and was picked up by him. With some embarra.s.sment, Wen Jing said: "This tortoise has already not eaten for many days. Normally, it's not this gluttonous. Today, I owe you a favor for the white fruit. In the future, I'll definitely pay it back. This is my Jun s.h.i.+xiong's tortoise. You can find him if there's anything."

You Si smiled: "Favors, this kind of thing, naturally, the more people owe me, the better."

Wen Jing thought about the interactions that had happened between them before and said: "Last time, I luckily won. If there's a chance someday, we can compete again. However, the case of the demonic cultivator, will you continue to investigate?"

You Si nodded: "Of course, I'm going to investigate. Are you interested?"


You Si pondered and then smiled: "We can talk about it later."

Wen Jing thought that they were not very familiar with each other so him being on guard was very normal: "Okay, we'll talk about it later. I'll leave first."

The tortoise laid in Wen Jing's arms with its head in its sh.e.l.l, seeming to be asleep. Wen Jing carried it and flew to his residence, locking the door tightly, before he went to Tian Heng peak's main hall.

The main hall was halfway up the mountain, facing the cliff. There was a plaza of light green stone in front that had the capacity to hold up to a few hundred people.

Light green smoke swayed in the wind, as an old man with a long beard stood straight in the center while holding his sword. The bronze statue was of cultivator Ku Mu. Back in the days, cultivator Ku Mu washed the Xun Yang mountain range with blood hence becoming famous. Thus, the statue looked cold and was seeped in a desolate feeling.

Wen Jing walked to the front hall. The clouds floated around the halfway point of the mountain so it seemed as if one was walking on the clouds.

He was blocked by a disciple in front of the hall who said, in an unkind tone of voice: "Who are you? You're not allowed in."

"I'm a disciple of Hui s.h.i.+ peak. My Jun s.h.i.+xiong told me to come help."

That disciple was a big block head. Once he saw that Wen Jing gave off a gentle feeling, and his cultivation was lower than his, he started to get even more annoyed and wanted to drive him away. However, the disciple standing next to him quietly said: "That Jun YanZhi is currently in the limelight and has good prospects. We can't offend him now. How about we go in and ask?"

The other disciple felt indignant. He dawdled for awhile, expressing his unwillingness before he said: "Wait."

He jogged into the hall and then came right back out after awhile. His att.i.tude became slightly better: "Go in."

The hall was lined with numerous disciples. The silence and stillness was similar to one in a morgue. However, a wood fragrance gently floated around, without a single trace of the heaviness of death. Instead, it was vibrant and filled with life, making people feel refreshed.

Jun YanZhi stood at the innermost part of the hall, gently rubbing his wrist before sitting down.

With Zhu Jin and Wen RenMu as the center, around a dozen Foundation Building disciples stood together, watching Jun YanZhi from far away. Xi Fang, Lu ZhiShan, and Elder Lu sat on the platform in the hall, glancing down from above.

Those gazes held probing and speculation, but what those gazes held, even more, was expectation.

Whether he would succeed or not would determine the future of Qing Xu Sword sect.

Wen Jing stood at the entrance of the hall and suddenly felt that Jun YanZhi was someone completely out of reach.

And he could only look up from far away.

He didn't have an extraordinary appearance nor a cultivation level to be proud of.

Therefore, he could only watch.

But even so, he didn't feel the least bit of discomfort or unhappiness.

Jun YanZhi placed his hand on the disciple's foreheads, closed his eyes, and entered a concentrated state.

Time slowly pa.s.sed by. The hall was so silent that one couldn't hear a sound, watching as white air flew up from that disciple's head. Jun YanZhi sat on the ground without moving an inch, as beads of sweat appeared on his face.

Actually, if he wanted this disciple to regain reason, it was simply too easy. As long as he formed a thought, these disciples could become normal.

However, under everyone's gazes, he had to use the《Hundred Herbs Thousand Souls Method》. Fortunately, he didn't suffer any losses from using this method. Everytime that the faint light moved a cycle through his body, it rinsed the body once. Along with healing people, he could also cultivate at the same time. Once he had cultivated to the tenth level, the demonic Qi in his body could completely fade away.

After an unknown amount of time had pa.s.sed, that disciple twitched and a tiny blood bubble appeared on his forehead. Jun YanZhi opened his eyes and swiftly used a silver needle to pop the blood bubble. Shortly afterward, the dark red blood surged out. It almost seemed like the blood was impatient.

That disciple's head dropped and once again he fainted and stopped moving.

Jun YanZhi picked up a piece of clean white towel to wipe off the blood from that disciple's forehead. He took a glance at Wen Jing who stood about thirty or forty steps away: "The blood of the demonic cultivator has been forced out. You can take him away for some rest."

The expressions of a few of the Foundation Building disciples instantly relaxed. The hall was filled with quiet conversations. Zhu Jin ordered two people to come forward and carry the disciple away: "Carefully take care of these disciples. If there's even the slightest sign of losing reason, come and report it immediately.


Everyone relaxed except Xi Fang, who still held an expressionless face.

Jun YanZhi looked outside while thinking and instantly understood.

The white clouds had covered the setting sun. It was already dusk. He started treating that disciple in the morning. In other words, it took him 6-8 hours to heal one person……

With this speed, he could only save about twenty to thirty percent of the disciples before they died.

The air felt as oppressive and heavy as if a Golden Core elder released spiritual suppression. It was only after some time that Xi Fang asked: "Elder Lu, around how much more time do these disciples have?"

"At most half a month." Lu ZhiShan looked at Jun YanZhi with a complex gaze. Although he didn't directly say it, it could be seen that he was transmitting a message of "can it be done faster."

Jun YanZhi gave him a definite answer: "It was my first time using the technique so I wasn't very familiar with it. In the future, it should be faster."

Xi Fang turned to Lu ChangQing and said: "Put the remaining seventy-three Tian Heng peak disciples into order by talent, qualifications, and moral character."

With Xi Fang's character, those with high talent and qualifications would be saved while those with low talent and qualifications would be abandoned.

No one knew what he was feeling and thinking inside when he made this decision.

Lu ZhiShan not so elegantly spoke out: "I still have sixteen disciples under me, and seventeen Gu Jing sect disciples that need the Sword sect's Jun YanZhi to the rescue."

Xi Fang nodded: "If elder Lu could please place these thirty-three disciples in order, we can then discuss."

Lu ZhiShan: "……I guess there's no other way."

Xi Fang commanded people to bring a short and fat person in front of Jun YanZhi: "First save peak master Zhao."

Zhao Ning Tian's face was huge, smooth, and red similar to a pig's liver. His stomach bulged out like a tiny hill. The image was a bit comical and made it hard for people to imagine what his normal expressionless appearance looked like.

Lu ZhiShan: "From what I saw of him using the technique, it seems like he needs to first calm their heart demon and then lure out the demonic cultivator's blood. Peak master Zhao's heart demon is too strong. We won't necessarily be able to save him."

Xi Fang didn't add anything and only watched Jun YanZhi.

Lu ZhiShan was somewhat discontent: "Currently, every second is extremely precious. Why waste time to save a person that could have a hard time surviving?"

Xi Fang spoke one sentence: "Try and see."

Jun YanZhi immediately replied: "Disciple will give it a try."

Zhao NingTian was currently unconscious. Even if the heart demon had already calmed down, it was impossible to tell. However, if the heart demonic was not calm, then there would be no way to force out that tiny bit of blood from the demonic cultivator.

At this moment, Jun YanZhi didn't plan to cure Zhao NingTian yet. Therefore, no matter how he treated him, it wouldn't be effective.


Guys, someone started translating "The Villain Is Too Beautiful!" Yay! It seems really interesting (based on the first chapter which was the only chapter I read :P). You should check it out or maybe wait a little since only the first chapter is out. It's also a historical cultivation setting novel. ^^

I made a little theater of what was happening in my mind when I was translating:

Wen Jing: I feel that Jun s.h.i.+xiong to too far away from me. So far that I can't reach him…..

Jun YanZhi: It's okay! Don't feel sad. I…..

Wen Jing: That's okay though, because that just means that my Jun s.h.i.+xiong is the best.     (^o^)/ He's so far away that no one can match him! Hahaha! Hm? Jun s.h.i.+xiong, did you say something?

Jun YanZhi: Nothing…..

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