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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

He seriously treated him for six hours. Zhao NingTian didn't show the slightest movement; however, Jun YanZhi started to shake. His face slightly paled. He opened his eyes and looked at Wen Jing, who stood far away before looking towards Xi Fang once again.

Lu ZhiShan: "It doesn't work?"

Jun YanZhi: "It doesn't."

The lamps in the main hall were brightly lit. It was already well into the night. Continuing the treatment would be a waste of time, and it would consume Jun YanZhi's energy so Xi Fang stood up: "For now carry peak master Zhao away and bring another disciple."

Lu ZhiShan had already ordered people beforehand to carry Lu YunZhuo over. Jun YanZhi hadn't even had the time to say anything to Wen Jing when Lu YunZhuo was forcefully shoved in front of him. Whether or not other people were saved was secondary. His son must be saved first. Once people became old, their face[1] also became thicker. Lu ZhiShan was not scared of people cursing him. Stroking his beard and watching Jun YanZhi, his face was filled with righteousness and his expression was solemn. However, the look in his eyes meant "Stop wasting time. Hurry up and save my son."

Jun YanZhi lowered his head and sat down, starting another round of treatment.

This time, he used four hours. The sky had already brightened, and it was early morning again.

As soon as he opened his eyes, a small blood bubble appeared on Lu YunZhuo's forehead, as expected. It was neither small nor large as if he got bitten by a mosquito. Jun YanZhi swiftly took care of the blood bubble and said: "He's fine now and can be taken back for some rest."

Lu ZhiShan didn't say anything excessive and personally took his son out of the hall.

Jun YanZhi wiped the sweat on his forehead and hadn't recollected himself yet, when a tray with four spiritual pills appeared in front of him. They were round and rolled around on the tray. Zhu Jin stood next to Jun YanZhi, explaining materials without leaving out a single thing: "Four spiritual pills. One fasting pill, one mind clearing pill, one sensory clearing pill, and one pill for replenis.h.i.+ng spiritual energy."

In other words, continue working without eating, sleeping, slacking, or resting.

Jun YanZhi calmly received it. His gaze wandered over to Wen Jing. The youth was curled up in a corner, hugging his legs, with his chin resting on his knees. His gaze was somewhat weird. He silently watched him from far away.

Another body was thrust in front of him.

Jun YanZhi lowered his head and looked at the disciple. His lips pursed.

Zhu Jin: "Sect head Xi hopes that you can save two people before noon."

Jun YanZhi lowered his eyes: "I'll try my best."

In those days of treating people, Jun YanZhi was similar to a saddled horse with a whip on his back. Even half a second of rest was not allowed. Although Jun YanZhi didn't feel tired, he had other matters on his mind. Wen Jing was sometimes there and sometimes not, like a ghost. It was hard to track him. When he came, he sat in a corner of the hall, quietly watching. Sometimes he brought the tortoise. It made people feel that he was unpredictable.

Liu QianMo also came a few times, but he couldn't help. He was always blocking the way while standing in the hall. He felt extremely extra and also got eye rolled at, by the Tian Heng peak disciples. Finally, he awkwardly smiled a little and disappeared.

Jun YanZhi thought that he couldn't let down Wen Jing's expectations. As if on drugs, the speed at which he treated people lowered from four hours to two hours. This news spread like lightning. A rumor pa.s.sed around both within Tian Heng peak and outside that all the disciples could be saved!

When Wen Jing heard this news, he was currently in front of the Tian Heng peak hall. There were more and more disciples surrounding the area. A lot of people came from other peaks to join in for the ride. Everyone watched Jun YanZhi saving people from outside of the hall, but they didn't dare to stay too long. They watched for a while and then left.

This scene was written in《A Calamity for All Living Things》.

Jun YanZhi's appearance was elegant, and his temperament was outstanding. Most of the disciples in Qing Xu Sword sect whether male or female all had a favorable impression of him. The gazes contained envy, admiration, and also love. All coming to Tian Heng peak to watch. Even the most eccentric and strict people, once they thought how they might get themselves targeted by the demonic cultivator, didn't dare to say half a sentence of criticism.

This kind of scene, Wen Jing had already imagined for a long time. Now that he actually saw it, it couldn't be helped that he felt some excitement.

The five words "whether it's male or female" also let him feel slightly relieved. Jun s.h.i.+xiong was someone who killed both male and female[2]. He himself was only a small side character that was just one of those that admired him to the point of not being able to tell where north was. He didn't really count as anything.

After a few days, the disciples lying in the hall became less and less before finally, only a few people were left.

Zhu Jin: "There's only three people left. How about directly treating them all in one go, and then you can go back and rest."

Jun YanZhi nodded: "Let's hurry up."

After using the《Hundred Herbs Thousand Souls Method》for days on end, he seemed to have found the knack for it. He faintly had the feeling of entering the peak of the first level. The last three disciple's cultivation was the lowest and the treatment speed was also fast

Jun YanZhi used full force with an extremely heightened state of concentration.

The time when the last disciple was carried away was after four hours. Jun YanZhi stood up while ma.s.saging his wrist. A sliver of a smile was actually hanging on Zhu Jin's face: "It's been five days. Everyone's worked hard. Go back and get some sleep."

Jun YanZhi: "Okay."

Wen RenMu walked towards Jun YanZhi with a considerable bearing: "This half month has been hard on you."

His expression was very generous and also had the style coming from a big family, as if he didn't remember that he once had deep suspicions towards him or underhandedly stabbing him in the back with a sword. Jun YanZhi smiled: "It wasn't hard. It's what I should've done."

"I'll send you back?" His tone of voice was very courteous.

Jun YanZhi looked around and a sliver of disappointment arose. He smiled as he said: "It's not necessary. I'll go back by myself."

Wen Jing stood in front of the stone house like a stiff robot, continuously swinging a sword. This sword was extremely heavy. Definitely a full 300-400 kg (661-882 lb). Even if he used Qi, it still tired him out to the point where his wrists hurt.

Qing Xu Sword sect became famous through the sword. However, a disciple could only practice the sword after entering Foundation Building stage. The reason for it was unknown. Duan Xuan took a glance at Wen Jing a few days ago, left a sword, and briefly taught him a move.

Wen Jing fought and battled for a long time before he lifted the sword, which was made of who knows what kind of metal, off the ground before relaxing. Duan Xuan was not in rush. He just stood at one side watching silently. Wen Jing felt as if his soul wandered off. Under Duan Xuan's watch, he felt Burn! My little universe![3] However, he still decisively took a swing.

The result of his first time waving the sword was to □□ tumble down.[4]

Without a stable center of gravity, it was hard to control the force. Wen Jing tumbled with a not so beautiful cartwheel pose.

He crawled up from the ground, rubbing his hurt b.u.t.t. It truly was a relic of the immortals. It couldn't be judged with a mortal thought process.

Thus, he cautiously asked: "s.h.i.+fu, what number is this sword on the sword list? What's it called?"

Duan Xuan frowned: "It's just sc.r.a.p metal to practice the way of the sword with. It can't even considered low level, and it still has a name?"

Wen Jing: "Oh."

Duan Xuan gave a command: "Within five days, swing the sword 500 times."

Wen Jing: "……Oh"

As soon as his words fell, Duan Xuan left, coming and going like a shadow as usual. Wen Jing used his fingers and calculated. With a swing every five minutes, he could probably swing 100 times in a day with the eight hour working day schedule.

s.h.i.+fu was actually very reasonable.

Later on, he found out that his thought was too ideal as if he got pa pa pa slapped on the face by reality.


[1] It means that he's not as easily embarra.s.sed, ashamed, or shy, presumably compared to when he was younger.

Below is a more comprehensive explanation if you're interested:

Face is almost tied to their reputation and is a very versatile term that doesn't really have a English equivalent so I'll attempt to explain as best as I can. Calling people no face means they are shameless. Thin-faced people normally get embarra.s.sed, ashamed, and shy easily. The people with thicker faces are similar to those with no face but slightly better since they are only less easily embarra.s.sed and ashamed. Sometimes people also ask favors on their face/reputation saying something along the lines of “Just let it go on behalf of my thin face.”

[2] It does not mean that he actually killed them. It was that both men and women fell for him.

[3] This line "Burn! My little universe!" is from a show called Saint Seiya. I have never watched it so I can not give you guys any context.

[4] The □ were in the original. Based on the context, I'm guess that he's swearing right here. It's probably censored cause China tries to censor everything.

Some extra info that is not necessary, but if you want to know more about certain aspects of Daoism. The Qi that Wen Jing uses to swing the sword is something called true Qi or Zhen Qi. It is a form of life energy. It is commonly used in martial arts to complete things that push the human boundaries.


Jun YanZhi kept sneaking glances at Wen Jing. Stop trying to show off in front of the MC. You're being too cute. o(≧∇≦o)


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