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Chapter 1449: The Sly Holy Light of Creation

Translator: Sparrow Translations  Editor: Sparrow Translations

Underneath the umbrella, Yang Qing suddenly stood up. The White Tiger Grand Sage, who was next to him, stood up too, his eyes ablaze. Together, they looked at Lin Daohan.

They all looked at the mysterious talisman above Lin Daohan's head.

The talisman was exceptionally clear and one could clearly see it. There was no secret to be hidden in it and it was as if anyone could understand and observe it.

However, it gave off a dark, difficult aura. Invisible, mysterious, nameless and indescribable. Everyone felt as if their heads were clouded by it.

The two auras opposed each other diametrically. Yet, they slowly started to merge together. While the division between the two was clear and that they were opposites, they continued to merge together and complement each other.

The combination of the two auras formed the talisman. While it was easy to understand with a single glance, it also appeared extremely mysterious and unreadable

Looking at it carefully, the talisman was a single word, "Yi"!

From that word, there was no sorrow or joy. It was devoid of all emotions, but it sought to understand and comprehend everything.

This was Zhu Yi's Yi Daoist Talisman!

However, this talisman had disappeared from the top of Zhu Yi's head. Instead, it appeared above Lin Daohan's head.

Zhu Yi's powerful attack, the Greater Dao Dissemination, was able to provoke a shocking change between the heaven and earth. The streams of aura in the world appeared to have slowly died down at this moment. Before Lin Daohan, they became formless.

Lin Feng's Thunder Dragon Avatar looked at Lin Daohan and the light in his eyes flashed. He nodded his head and said, "Interesting."

Yang Qing continued to furrow his brows tightly. He turned and looked at Lin Feng, saying, "Master, can his Holy Light of Creation steal the attacks of others?"

After studying together for so many years, Yang Qing could tell instantly that Zhu Yi did not retract the powerful attack from his Book of Changes. Neither did it disappear under someone else's suppression. Simply put, it was as if he had lost it.

Lin Daohan was not just taking away spiritual energy, nor was he destroying Zhu Yi's Greater Dao Dissemination. Instead, he took Zhu Yi's attack for himself.

The spiritual energy and mana were different, but it still existed.

The cultivation of one's own attacks was derived from one's understanding of the mantra behind it. It was also from one's understanding of the heaven and earth, which was formed from many years of cultivation and practice.

For something like this, how could someone simply just take it away?

Right now, it was clear that Lin Daohan did not just try to copy the Zhu Yi's attack, but instead, he stole it completely.

At this moment, Lin Daohan had it, but not Zhu Yi.

When Yang Qing looked over, he noticed that Zhu Yi was frowning and he had a serious look on his face. The Yi Daoist Talisman no longer appeared.

What shocked Yang Qing even more was that unlike other spells, Zhu Yi's Book of Changes was derived from Zhu Yi's own understanding of the Dao. After it was forcefully taken away from Lin Daohan, Zhu Yi should have been able to make another one.

However, the spell was like a physical object. Once it was lost, it was almost impossible to find.

"Don't panic, don't panic," said Lin Feng after he observed it for a while. Lin Feng smiled slightly and said, "The power of his Holy Light of Creation is to temporarily steal something from others. It requires him to use his Holy Light of Creation all this while. When he retracts it, everything will return to normal."

"Hence, he can only steal one attack at a time."

"It takes a lot of energy to use the Holy Light of Creation and hence, he cannot sustain it for long," said Lin Feng with a smile. "The Holy Light of Creation is undoubtedly powerful and can allow him to temporarily take something that belongs to others. However, he won't understand the principles behind it. All he can do is to use it."

Lin Feng looked at Lin Daohan and smiled, "Eh, the principle of the Book of Changes is exactly the same as how Zhu Yi would wield it. Ultimately, this is Zhu Yi's spell. However, it has been distorted until it's like a physical object and it can only be used by someone else now."

The White Tiger Grand Sage looked at Lin Daohan and grunted, "He looks so proper but his Holy Light of Creation is so devious."

Lin Feng laughed, "The use of one's Holy Light of Creation has nothing to do with their personality. The Greater World is vast and it has many profound secrets."

Yang Qing did not relax. He said softly, "He has good taste."

As he knew Zhu Yi for many years, Yang Qing knew that the secret behind the increase in the strength of Zhu Yi's Virtual Ent.i.ty was because of Zhu Yi's cultivation of light and darkness, the unknown and the known. From it, he was able to form the powerful move using the Book of Changes.

The first manifestation of its power was the Yi Daoist Talisman.

While it looked ordinary, it was the foundation of his attacks. The Dao of the Way and the Greater Dao Dissemination all came from here.

With the Yi Daoist Talisman, Zhu Yi was able to see what others could not see and seize the initiative in attack. At the same time, this was why his strength could increase so much.

Afterward, as he cultivated other types of spells, the effort required would be greatly reduced. Then, success would be within reach and it would all be thanks to the Yi Daoist Talisman.

Lin Daohan's Holy Light of Creation, the Nether Plague Divine Light, could only have one target at any one time.

However, he did not choose to use it on the Greater Dao Dissemination. Instead, he targeted the Yi Daoist Talisman. This was evidence of his cunning.

It's one thing to possess the Nether Plague Divine Light, but it's also a skill to be able to wield it effectively.

Yang Qing turned to look at Lin Feng and said, "Master, can he use the power of any opponent?"

Lin Feng shook his head and laughed, "There are limits. If not, his target would have been me and not your Second Senior."

When Yang Qing and the White Tiger Grand Sage heard that, they smiled slightly and shook their heads.

"It should be dependent on his opponent's abilities. In terms of the strength of the spell, he probably can't take spells that are too offensive, such as Big Senior's Heaven Fire Lotus or Rise of Destruction…" Yang Qing looked at Lin Daohan coldly as he a.n.a.lyzed him.

The White Tiger Grand Sage too looked at Lin Daohan with judging eyes.

He had entered the Celestial Sect of Wonders for many years. All these years, he resided on Mount Yujing. Yet, his understanding of the human cultivation realm was deep.

The Great Void Sect was the most powerful human cultivator sect. It was hard to miss them out.

While the Celestial Sect of Wonders and the Great Void Sect did not get along well, they would not underestimate each other. Even after the War of the Two Worlds, when the Celestial Sect of Wonders overtook the Great Void Sect as the premier sect in the Divine Lands, they still held the Great Void Sect in high regard even as the latter went into a retreat.

Hence, they naturally had a deep understanding of the younger generation of the members of the Great Void Sect. Regardless whether it was Yan Mingyue, Pang Jie, or even s.h.i.+ Tianyi, they all knew that they were making fast progress.

s.h.i.+ Tianyi may have fallen for many years. However, he was able to obtain s.h.i.+ Tianhao's Natural Supreme Dao Foundation and combined it with his polycoria. With that, he shook the entire world. He was the brightest star among all cultivators in the Divine Lands. Had he not met with the mishap, he would have been a legendary person.

Even when s.h.i.+ Tianyi was no older than ten, he had already shown a great potential from his Foundation Establishment Stage to his Aurous Core Stage. This was something that everyone in the cultivation realm acknowledged.

He was not only the most powerful cultivator in the Great Qin Empire, but he also had the potential of becoming the top cultivator in his generation. While the Great Zhou Empire had the Marquis of Jinghuan, Liang An, he was still incomparable to s.h.i.+ Tianyi.

However, in the Great Void Sect, he was appraised as someone who may have the chance to challenge Lin Daohan for the top spot.

May have the chance.

It was because Lin Daohan kept such a low profile in the last ten years that caused others to underestimate him. Hence, no one knew what powers he had.

Lin Feng looked interestedly at Lin Daohan and said, "Other than s.h.i.+ Tianyi, the thief, the Great Void Sect sure lives up to its name with two cultivators with the Natural Supreme Dao Foundation and the Holy Light of Creation, the Tai Yi Holy Man and Lin Daohan."

In mid-air, Lin Daohan looked at Zhu Yi and said, "Zhu Yi, I am sorry to offend."

As he said that, he became cloaked in the Cheng Heaven Great Void Celestial Light and the Yi Daoist Talisman above his head started to s.h.i.+ne. His body turned and he counter-attacked.

Rays of golden thunder filled the sky, piercing through the clouds like roaring dragons.

This was the fifth spell of the Great Void Nine Heavenly Spells, the Hundred Day Cloud Dragon Royal Thunder Spell!

As thunder descended from the sky like rain, they landed on Zhu Yi's Higan Golden Bridge.

The Higan Golden Bridge started to s.h.i.+ne and a ray of rainbow pierced through the air. It covered the sky and at that moment, everything became clear and sunny. Rainclouds and thunder disappeared.

However, the talisman above Lin Daohan's head. He closed his two hands together and the thundercloud that was broken by the Higan Golden Bridge appeared in the sky once more. Then, he concentrated his attack on the Higan Golden Bridge.

Instantly, the situation became extremely perilous. It was as if the power of the Higan Golden Bridge would be overcome.

At the same time, Lin Daohan's Great Void Seal on the back of his hand shone with light. He continued his attack, which became more and more violent and fierce. It was completely different from the usual calm of Great Void Sect cultivators.

While this was because the time for him to use the Nether Plague Holy Light was limited, it was almost because this was the most suitable way to fight Zhu Yi.

Zhu Yi frowned and said, "Sect leader Lin, you surprise me."

"Your eyes are sharp indeed and you stole my Yi Daoist Talisman. However, it's not yours. If you can actually understand it, I'm sure you won't do that."

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