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Chapter 1356: Dragon

Lochlan was so furious that his body shook. He clenched his fists and raged, “Master Li do you know what you are doing? This is a coup!”

He pulled out the emperor sword and pointed at the Royal Army, Feather Guards and me and said, “Come, kill me and you can replace me!”


“Your Majesty!”

Lin Qiong knelt down on one knee and his eyes were filled with pain, “We didn’t want to but the Iron Cloak Guards infiltrated into the various armies. Tian Ling City’s generals are being monitored and it is worse than death. Gao Liancheng lied to gain your trust and is slowly gaining power. Didn’t you notice that?”

“I will use my eyes to see the truth.” Lochlan looked towards me, “Master Li you want to become emperor? Then I will fulfill it.”

He raised his emperor sword and sliced toward his throat.


Sparks flew and the emperor sword was knocked aside. b.u.t.terfly shot into the pillar behind and I retreated. I knelt down and said solemnly, “Lochlan, I have never wanted the throne but you must remember that these generals have done so much for the empire, you can’t let them down. You used the Iron Cloak Guards and even monitored me, that wasn’t a wise decision!”

Yan Zhao Warrior and Jing Yin all knelt down. I had never knelt down to NPCs so this was an accident.

Lochlan stood there and said, “What are you doing After killing Gao Liancheng all of you will recognise me?”

“You have always been the ruler, you just made a mistake.”

I paused and said, “Pearl is rebuilding Dragonslayer City and her only mission is to defend the north, she won’t fight for the throne with you. If you can’t even trust Pearl and I then how would you trust these soldiers that defend the land for you? Without their loyalty, how long will your rule last?”

Lochlan retreated and sat on the steps, “What does Master Li want to do with me, I will listen. I have no objections.“

I looked at him and said, “I will lead Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army to the north. Tian Ling City will be guarded by Situ Xin and Tan Taiyu so all the troops are still under your hands. You know how loyal they are. Once I am back, I will hand over all my troops. If you are worried, you can take away my t.i.tle as punishment for this.”

Situ Xin charged in with the other Guards Army troops and he looked at us. He asked, “General Li what are you all doing?”

“Nothing, his majesty’s protection is left to you.”


I turned around and brought Lin Qiong, Jing Yin, Han Yuan etc away.

At that moment, Lochlan said, “Master Li…”

I stopped and turned around, “Your Majesty why?”

Lochlan’s eyes were red and he muttered, “They all said… That you have a high status and have done so much, you are top in the world, if you wanted to be emperor no one could stop you. I am just your puppet, is that really the case?”

He was being honest.

I felt tired and said, “I have been fighting these years and have been tired. I want to get back to my old life… Being emperor is so lonely, I rather roam the world with friends. My personality is not suitable to be emperor too. You don’t need to listen to others. If I wanted your position, I wouldn’t have waited until today. I wouldn’t have waited until you relied on that Iron Cloak Camp.”

I spread my arm and b.u.t.terfly flew back from the pillar. I stabbed it into the ground, “In front of all the generals and friends I swear that I will never want to be emperor. Moreover, as long as I am alive, no one will take the throne from Lochlan. Whoever wants to replace Lochlan needs to walk across my corpse!”

Lochlan’s body shook and his tears fell, “Master Li, I am wrong… I am wrong…”

I nodded, “Wait for me to come back victorious.”


I waved my robe and left.

Lochlan ruled the world but in front of absolute power his heart wavered. He was young and it was natural for him to make mistakes. Moreover, he was the pure blood Tian Ling City ruler. Protecting him meant protecting the rule of the chinese region. I had to take the right step if not it would cause huge trouble.

Late at night, the cold wind of Tian Ling City caused one to tremble.

There weren’t many people on the path and one could only hear weapons and armor clas.h.i.+ng. Lin Qiong held his sword and followed me. After walking far he said, “Your Highness, are we really going to attack the Hybrid Demon Territory like this?”

“En, anything else?”

He was worried, “Our actions are similar to rebelling, I am worried… He will send Fire Dragon army, Xiayou Army, Guards Army to block us off and strand us north of Ice Spine Mountain. If that is the case then we will not be able to return…”

He was sad, “A throne makes so many people’s head fall.”

I didn’t say anything and continued to ride the horse forwards.

Yan Zhao Warrior said, “You don’t have to worry. I will defend Tian Ling City. Tan Taiyu and Qu Hu knows what they are doing. Even with the emperor’s orders they might not follow them. After all, Li Xiao Yao has done so much and no one will dare to kill you.”

I laughed, “It is tough to be a person. It is even tougher to retire. If I knew that it would be like this, I shouldn’t have accepted the t.i.tle and shouldn’t have suggested leading Royal Army north.”

Yan Zhao laughed, “The north isn’t bad, you just have to clean yourself off after. Don’t worry too much. Focus on settling the Hybrid Demon Territory. You are a major general, don’t worry about such small things okay?”


“Will the Zhan Long players head over with you?”

“Yes, when the battle starts I will send everyone a message for players who want to join in to come over. Who knows if it will trigger another quest?”

“Even if it doesn’t trigger a quest a few guilds will head over. Sif is just one person, if we kill her we would win.”

I looked towards the north and it was pitch black. I shook my head, “That is not something we can control. Let’s hope we can win, I do hope that Sif doesn’t die.”


“If Sif is alive, at least there are some restrictions. If Sif dies, Pearl would rule the north, honestly, Pearl is a girl with foresight. I am not sure if she would lead the Hybrid Demon Army to attack Tian Ling City. So I can only create balance so that Pearl and Lochlan defend south and north to deal with players and hybrid demons.”

Yan Zhao Warrior sucked in a deep breath and said, “While you were The Executor, you were probably worried about these kinds of stuff right?”

“Of course, it is a tough job!”

“Ha, so shameless!”

“Haha when will uncle come to Hangzhou, I will treat you to a meal.”

“Don’t, you come to Changsha. The girls here are so beautiful, if you come I will treat you to the whole package…”

Lin Qiong was shocked, “The Executor, what do you mean by the whole package?”

Yan Zhao Warrior touched his nose, “commander in chief, it is something in another world. That is something you probably won’t get…”

Lin Qiong frowned, “Scoff, our Tian Ling City has many things. The girls on the 4th floor have girls dancing, the 3rd is barbarian girls waving swords. How can you say such things.”

Yan Zhao Warrior laughed and didn’t argue. He gave me an expression like Lin Qiong was stupid.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and didn’t know what to say.


Night, torches lit up the sky. Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army left Tian Ling City and moved the Dragon Crystal Cannons and G.o.d Dragon Cannons towards Dragon City. Although the world was unified but the war still circled the skies of the empire. The north was a strong enemy. Apart from that, Sky Rose led the Americans to build a power northwest of Iron Skull City. Demon Mountain entered the East Ocean and found an island as a base and was resting up. What I was most worried about was Clear Black Eyes. Drunk Maple and her were getting stronger at Seven s.h.i.+ne City and absorbed the few small servers. As the number of players increased, the city developed and got bigger. There are around 90 million there and it was even larger than Tian Ling City. In the 4th country war, Seven s.h.i.+ne City would be a huge threat.

But that would be left to Yan Zhao. When the 4th country war comes, I would be at the border doing missions.

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