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Chapter 1357: Defending Dragonslayer Fortress

At dawn, most of the Royal Army troops had pa.s.sed Dragon City. Jing Yin followed behind and rode a white horse. She smiled, “Your Highness, what are our chances of winning this time?”

I looked towards the north and didn’t hide my thoughts, “We will definitely win!”

Jing Yin smiled, “Your Highness’s confidence isn’t lower than previously when you were The Executor.”

“Of course. Pearl’s troops don’t lose out much to Sif. Along with us and with Dragon crystal Cannons and G.o.d Dragon Cannons, it will be difficult to lose. Moreover, Dragon City is attacking alongside us.”



Not long later, we arrived at Dragonslayer Fortress. It was renamed Dragonslayer City. The traditional words Dragonslayer was written on the walls but in truth, it didn’t slay dragons. Instead, it was working closely with the dragonriders of Dragon City. Before I arrived, I saw dozens of dragonriders flying through the air. The one at the helm was Qing Luo. She smiled, “Sir Dragonrider you are finally here. Frost and Pearl have waited for a long time.”

“En, open the gates.”


Qing Luo shouted and the gates of the city slowly opened. Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army surged in. The moment we entered, we heard dense conch sounds from the west. Qing Luo’s expression changed, “Not good, hybrid demons are attacking again.”

“Do they come often?”

“There were a few waves these few days but only a few thousand came. They are just trying to disturb us, who knew where Sif learned such a tactic from.”

I smiled, “Let’s go take a look.”


We didn’t head to the administrative hall as Frost and Pearl had headed up the west wall. When I flew over, Pearl smiled, “Li Xiao Yao is here!”

I landed and saw a dense group. There were at least hundreds of thousands of hybrid demons. Moreover, not only them, but further behind were a bunch of players.

“Oh?” I smiled, “Clear Black Eyes is having thoughts about Dragonslayer City!”

Pearl frowned, “The adventurers that joined the hybrid demon faction want to attack Dragonslayer City? How did that happen? Do they not care about human survival?”

“In truth they don’t.” I couldn’t explain to him the player system so that was all I could say.

Frost stood in mid air, her hair dancing in the cold wind but her expression was really calm. It was as if nothing could affect her. Looking at the many enemies, she said, “Qing Luo, order the Dragon City soldiers to prepare to fight. Dragonslayer City has just been built, we can’t let it fall to their hands.”

“Yes Lady!”

I turned towards the Royal Army generals and said, “Go move the Dragon Crystal Cannons and G.o.d Dragon Cannons up. If they dare to get close then fire at them, don’t save on ammo.”

“Yes Your Highness!” Jing Yin cupped her fists.

We brought half of the ammo that Tian Ling City had so it was definitely enough. There was no need to save.

Right at that moment, a bell rang. As expected, with so many people here, it triggered a system quest, it was also a server quest---


System Notification: Players please note, Protect Dragonslayer City has officially begun. Players please enter and select your quest. Gain points from killing players and NPCs. The final MVP will obtain at least an Epic Weapon, if you can attack and take down their blood mountain range, rewards will double!


I was delighted, this was really a good thing. It was a chance to open up the gap with Seven s.h.i.+ne City. As long as we get enough points, then their levels and equipment won’t catch up at all.

I said in the Zhan Long guild chat, “Okay, there is a quest in Dragonslayer City, those online come over. Wake up the main people. If you want top gear then don’t be lazy. Defend Dragonslayer City and then attack!”

w.a.n.g Jian laughed, “Okay, Li Mu is so unlucky, he just went to bed. I will get Baiqi to wake him up!”

Song Han, “Coming right away… d.a.m.n, Old K and my hands have a cast and we still need to kill the enemy. I respect myself so much… Who, Xing Lie stop bringing girls to level, prepare to defend Dragonslayer City!”

Xing Lie, “I didn’t, they want me to add firepower…”

Yue Qing Qian smiled, “Don’t explain, explanation is covering. Moreover, you are in the airforce so why be embarra.s.sed? With your skills, many more girls want to chase you!”

“Really?” Xing Lie’s mouth was agape, “Then why am I still single…”

Lin Wan Er laughed, “Because you are too cold!”

Xing Lie understood, “Then I need to learn from boss, hug left and right…”

I opened my eyes wide, “d.a.m.n stop your nonsense, when did I ever do that!”

Song Han laughed, “Right Major General Brother, diss him back. You are 4 ranks higher than him, don’t be afraid!”

Yue Qing Qian smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao definitely looks good in his uniform right?”

“Really handsome…” Xing Lie admitted.

Dong Cheng Yue popped up and said, “Undescribably handsome, really Qing Qian, if you have a chance you should go see…”

Li Mu went online and laughed, “Beautiful Dong Cheng, is it so handsome that you can’t close your legs?”

Dong Cheng Yue, “Scram, I am not talking to you all!”

Li Mu raged, “d.a.m.n, Xiao Yao and I are only three years apart!” Everyone laughed.

Yue Qing Qian said, “Then once Brother Xiao Yao wears his uniform, remember to take a photo and post it for everyone to see. All of us want to take a look!”

Dong Cheng Yue nodded, “En, but I think the forums will really blow up. Top Destiny and China Region MVP, he actually is a major general in real life. That would be really hot!”

“En en!”

I was speechless, “Don’t talk about looks all you uniform addicts. Buy potions and come to Dragonslayer City. The Indians and Hybrid Demons are attacking, if you all don’t come then the city will be gone.”

“Here here…”


In the end, Lin Wan Er used her ident.i.ty as Flaming Cloud Infanta to teleport to Nine Heavens City and ordered the palace mages to build a teleportation formation. Very quickly, large amounts of Zhan Long players teleported from Nine Heavens City over. So smart. They knew how to use the main city advantage. In truth, with Tian Ling City, Nine Heavens City and Iron Skull City in our hands, we had the strongest cavalry, strongest airforce and also a teleportation map. What couldn’t we do?”

Smoke billowed and numerous hybrid demons swept over. At the front was the fastest Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen. Their weapons were sawtooth blades. It was good to slice at city walls and they were really quick. They pushed the battle line to under the walls。 Sif was really smart.

“Prepare the cannons!” Jing Yin raised a sword and shouted, “Fire!”

Cannons reverberated in the skies above and the entire west wall was shaking. A mushroom cloud rose up and under dense firings, numerous barbarian wolf cavalrymen turned into meat paste. When they got close, the Royal Army, Dragon City soldiers and Zhan Long archers and Mages fired back. The low health ones were killed before they could even touch the wall.

The Dragon Crystal Cannon and G.o.d Dragon Cannon fire were too dense. Tens of thousands of Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen were eaten by us before they could do anything. The Seven s.h.i.+ne City players at the back felt awkward. They couldn’t charge nor back off. Finally, a guild led them and hundreds of thousands of them charged toward Dragonslayer City. What faced them was naturally dense cannonfire!

Under mushroom clouds, the players died. Although I didn’t understand what the purpose of their deaths were.

The gap in strength was huge. Although Seven s.h.i.+ne City was a super city but their technology was far weaker than Tian Ling City. Not to mention the giant G.o.d Dragon Cannons. They didn’t even have cannons that could compare to Dragon Crystal Cannons. They only had some Hybrid Demon cannons which were like Fire Dragon Cannons. The damage to the city walls was just minute.

Players arrived quickly and they became targets. Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Mocha etc G.o.d grade players dove down to get points. If not the first place would be Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest or Xing Lie.

More and more players arrived on the walls. Not long later, Legend, Heroes Mound, Vanguard, Prague etc all appeared.

The strongest wave was when they sent the level 9 Thousand Hand Monsters. Thousands of monsters along with Spirit Flower Bugs started to attack the walls.

Unfortunately, Frost was there and one Star Chain caused tens of thousands of Spirit Flower Bugs to explode outside. The players were getting stronger and more substantial here. Dragonriders flew into the skies to kill the 20 thousand Thousand Hand Monsters. The Seven s.h.i.+ne City players sieged. 200 thousand of them got up but we forced them back.

After 4 hours, their siege failed. They left the corpses and started to back off.


The west gate rumbled as 7 doors opened and numerous cavalries chased the win.

We didn’t care about there being an ambush at all. No difference, we were going to chase to Blood Mountain Range to destroy Sif’s cave. Like that, the north would be calm. Moreover, our strength was far above theirs so even if we got ambushed it didn’t matter.

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