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Chapter 1688: Just Don’t Like The Way It Looks

The repair of the spell formation did not go as smoothly as they thought it would. Urien was already considered a really experienced spell formation master, but this spell formation was really too ancient, and a long period of research was needed before he could confirm what to do. Otherwise, a wrong interpretation of the spell formation and rash addition might cause the entire formation to collapse.

“I need some time, and I also need to find a few formation masters to do this with me,” Urien said in a low voice as he looked at the other three.

“The best formation master in Chaos City would be Novan. I can ask him to come,” said.

“Ashley is also one of the elves’ best formation masters. She should have done a lot of research on the elves’ ancient spell formations. I can get her to a.s.sist you,” Irina suggested.

The first person Mag thought of was Babla. Although she was not really trustworthy, and was also too young to be considered a formation master, she did mention more than once that she’d teleported herself over from the Moon Nation to Norland Continent by repairing an ancient teleportation portal.

There was almost no record of the Moon Nation on the Norland Continent, but the languages of these two worlds were very similar. That was as suspicious as the broken doc.u.mentation on the Great Old Ones. Perhaps the time the Moon Nation lost connection with the Norland Continent was similar to the period when the Great Old Ones existed?

If that was the case, the teleportation portal that Babla repaired might be from the same period as the spell formation at the altar. Maybe she might be able to understand the spell formation.

“In that case, we should leave first. I will use the Holy Light Technique to set up an isolation spell formation that can last around seven days so that the evil aura will not seep out anymore.” Irina picked six silverish-white stones from the materials taken out, and placed them at various parts around the altar. After that, she used her magic caster’s staff to carve some complicated lines and inscriptions between them.

Irina catalyzed the spell formation, and the six stones glowed with a faint golden light, forming six light screens and surrounding the entire altar.

The octopus monster, which was within the seal, stopped moving, only letting out an ambiguous low moan. The devilish low tone, which sounded like a strange mock, echoed around the cave.

“Lock your gaze and hold your breath. Don’t be bewitched by its sound. We have to leave this place right now!” Urien said in a very serious tone suddenly as he slapped a shot of frost magic at, who became dazed out. came back to his senses, and his expression changed slightly. He quickly followed behind Urien and left the cave. After that, he somewhat fearfully said, “This monster’s bewitching skill is really scary. I don’t even know when I fell into its trap.”

Mag held his longsword in one hand while he bit the tip of his tongue gently to keep himself awake. He held Irina’s hand in his other hand, and dashed out of the cave.

Around five minutes later, they all escaped from the cave.


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Firstly, it was because the air underground was indeed a little dirty. Secondly, it was because they felt as though they’d made a narrow escape.

Mag was still fine, and did not feel any strong emotions.

However, it was not the same for Urien and After all, they were the legends that stood at their peak for years. It was inevitable that they would be in a little disbelief when they suddenly realized that something way stronger than them actually existed.

“I think there is a need to keep this matter a secret. If someone with an ulterior motive breaks the seal and releases that fellow, it won’t be easy for us to lock it up again,” Mag told everyone.

“You can never satisfy greed. We cannot guarantee that others will be able to withstand his temptation. We can’t even guarantee if we will be able to withstand it, so it’s best if fewer people know about the existence of this place.” Urien nodded.

“I agree too. Other than the spell formation masters we need to repair the spell formation, no one else must know about this at the moment.” Irina nodded.

“I have no opinion. If you guys say no, I won’t talk about it.” nodded.

“Then what do we do with this tentacle?” Mag asked as he raised the sword with the tentacle still sticking on it.

The thick tentacle was covered with a layer of greenish-black sticky liquid. The dead eyes looked creepy and disgusting.

“Why don’t we roast it for supper? I’m a little hungry,” suggested.

“Should we dig the eyes out to roast? Then we won’t have to waste more pig’s eyes,” Irina suggested thoughtfully.

Urien glanced at the tentacle as he raised his brow, and said, “You guys can go ahead. I’m not eating that.”

“I think we should preserve it so that we can use this as evidence for the existence of the Great Old Ones,” Mag said with a shake of his head. It was not that he was afraid to cut it up, but rather whether this octopus tentacle was edible depended on the system’s test results. No one could guarantee what would happen after eating an old octopus that had been around for numerous years, and he did not intend to test it himself.

“That’s fine too.” Urien nodded. With a wave of his hand, a layer of frost appeared on the octopus tentacle, sealing it up solidly.

Mag whistled, and Ah Zi, who had been circling around in the sky for a long time, dashed down in the form of a flash of purple lightning, and landed gently in front of them.

“What about those fellows we knocked out?” Irina asked.

“Seal the entrance of the cave temporarily, and let the Gray Temple come to do a ma.s.s cleanup. They’re more professional.” Mag carried the three unconscious kids over, and placed them gently on Ah Zi’s back.

“That’s not a bad idea. It’s too much of a ha.s.sle to bring so many people back.” Irina’s eyes lit up as she jumped onto the griffin’s back with a smile.

Urien waved his hand and sealed the entrance of the cave with ice. At the same time, he used some snow and frost so that it would be difficult for an ordinary person to see anything special about the place.

The griffin flapped its wings and quickly disappeared on the horizon of the Thunderstorm Mountains.

Back at Chaos City, Mag handed the three children over to the city lord’s castle. The city lord’s castle might be able to help them find their families, and even if they weren’t able to do so, the kids could stay in the orphanage. and Urien went to look for Novan, while Mag and Irina told Michael what happened at the Thunderstorm Mountains so that the Gray Temple could go over to clear things up.

“Er…” Michael was shocked after hearing from Mag, and was speechless when he saw the section of the octopus tentacle.

However, as the city lord, he could calm down very quickly. He looked at Mag, and said, “Alright. I’ll go over personally to look for Rolan and gather all the spell formation masters in Chaos City so Urien can choose whom needs.”

“Alright.” Mag nodded. Michael had always been a trustworthy partner. At the same time, he was also someone who could provide them with a lot of help.

“In that case, we’ll leave first.” Michael bade his farewell as he left with Irina.

After leaving the city lord’s castle, Irina teleported her and Mag straight back to the first floor of the restaurant.

Mag removed his mask and went into the kitchen to wash his hands before pouring two of red wine.

Whatever happened tonight was too thrilling. It was like dancing on knives. I have to drink a little to calm my nerves.

Irina received the gla.s.s of wine with a smile, and asked Mag, “Why did you insist on cutting it just now?”

Mag raised his gla.s.s, and took a sip before replying, “I just don’t like the way it looks.”

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